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Re: Official WWE 2K14 Thread

Does the online not work at all anymore?

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Re: Official WWE 2K14 Thread

Question regarding Universe Mode:

Does any title ever change hands when you simulate the match? I'm not talking about simulating matches from the menu/calendar screen; I'm talking when you simulate all the matches from a show and hit "Next Show." When I go back to the menu screen the title never seems to change hands.

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Re: Official WWE 2K14 Thread

Tag team matches fucking suck and go on for too long. Every fucking pin gets broken up!

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Re: Official WWE 2K14 Thread

That's been one of my biggest complaints in regards to WWE games for a very long time. I usually let my tag team partner knock the opponent off of the apron before I go for a pin, knock him off myself or go for a submission.
That said, I'm still having a ton of fun with WWE 2K14. Just entered 1987 in my Universe, getting everything set up for Wrestlemania III.

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Re: Official WWE 2K14 Thread

I know this thread is pretty much dead, but does anybody wanna help me out with the online matches trophy? The online play in general is fucking atrocious and has been since SVR back in 04. Lag, shitty players, etc.

I'm on PS3 and my ID is Scars728. I'll gladly help if anybody needs the same trophy as well. It's my last one and I'll finally platinum it.


EDIT: Never mind, done

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Re: Official WWE 2K14 Thread

the beat the streak trophy can suck a big bag'o dicks... stupid 'taker.

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Re: Official WWE 2K14 Thread

can any one please please tell me the short cut to unlock all the stars in the game 2k14 on ps3?? please tell me


WWE Backlash is be posted. Please read it and if you like then drop a review. Thanks. Here is the link.

Who ever reviews my show,i will review back. Its Review for review.

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I know, it's been a while.
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Re: Official WWE 2K14 Thread

Just started playing this again today.

Fed up of waiting for FIFA I've restarted the game, im going to re-create myself in universe mode and give myself a push.

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Re: Official WWE 2K14 Thread

Okay guys..might need a separate thread for this but... I wanna do an ECW PPV on WWE 14...but not just any PPV. I wanna do dream ECW matches that never happened for one reason or another...say...Psychosis vs Tajiri, etc. Givde me your input and I'll do ther best seven matches. I have almost everyone from the 1994-2001 roster. Keep em coming!

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Re: Official WWE 2K14 Thread

Sorry for the bump but, I am getting this game soon for my birthday (2K15 on 360 doesn't interest me without MyCareer) and I just had a few questions.

First, does the online still work, and two, if it does work, does anyone from here still play it? Cause I would like some friends to play the game with?

If anyone does, you can add me at PortlyLlama80; I'll hopefully have the game by Saturday at the latest.

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