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What would you want to see in a new TNA video game?

If TNA does have a new game come out, what do you want to see in it?

-A better story mode, the plot sucked in the first one. Maybe just do something like a 24/7 mode where it never stops, just add hundreds of possibilities that could happen. Or maybe be completely different. up to them.

-A LOT of more game modes, all the WWE games completely blow this out of the water. There hundreds of possibilities, in TNA's there are 10. there is so much they can add.

-Have a mode besides story mode to play, something like a GM mode, not the actually mode, but basically having more to the game. or you could to GM mode with something like X-Plosion becoming its own show and splitting the roster. Then do more than WWE ever has with GM mode. Making your own PPVs and stories and such.

-Better CAW mode. Theres so much more you can do that they did. Have something like Community Creations. If you can create people as good as you can in WWE and you can share them, AND have better servers. You might win people over on Better servers for online.

-Have league's, have people be able to create a league they can play in, winning champion's, teaming with other people and such.

-Maybe have another league where people can each form promotions to battle it out for ratings and such. Maybe instead of going solely off over all you can use CAW's and have Two 95 Overall's. three 90 overalls and so on. Just too balance.

-Have an actual create-A-Arena where you can design the look of the stage yourself, thats what i always imagined for create-a-arena. But they didnt do anything like that.

-New kick out system, its literally the reason i only play Ultimate x, As soon as you get pinned the first time you cant kick out, its impossible.

Thats all i got for now. What would you want to see?


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Re: What would you want to see in a new TNA video game?

Longer entrances
Bigger move sets
More customisable clothing/gear
More ppv arenas
Bound for glory series mode
More matches, kotm,cage match, monsters ball
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Re: What would you want to see in a new TNA video game?

a story mode like the no mercy game choose a championship & go on a at least 4 month (6 for TNA Championship) storyline & you choose your character

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Re: What would you want to see in a new TNA video game?

no arcadey wrestling...better matches, more moves. Make it overall more realistic

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Re: What would you want to see in a new TNA video game?

Huge movesets for any wrestling game.

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