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Re: Your First WWE Game

Originally Posted by WWE Jaiden DBZ View Post
The first WWE game I purchased was Wrestlemania XIX for the Nintendo Gamecube.
Forgive me if you have fond memories but that game was a trainwreck. The main mode of the game was guys brawling on, like, an oil rig or something.

It was however probably the most epic roster ever in a wrestling game. Hogan, Goldberg, Steiner, a bunch of other guys you never saw in WWE games before or since.
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Re: Your First WWE Game


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Re: Your First WWE Game

I bought WCW/NWO Revenge for N64 from blockbuster when I was a young kid for like 5$. My first wrestling game and it was truly an outstanding game for it's time and is still fun to mess around with today. That got me into wrestling as a whole and I started watching WCW Nitro to see Sting. Then when the attitude era hit in the WWF I started watching RAW and fell in love with the vibe the show had going on. That brought about more N64 games I used to play with freinds like WWF Attitude, WM 2000, and my personal favorite WWF No Mercy. I still remember playing a friend of mine in a cage match for the first time in WM 2000, Bossman vs Undertaker. Also had epic ladder matches in No Mercy, I was always Jeff Hardy for the swanton off a ladder!

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Re: Your First WWE Game

WWF Royal Rumble snes, epic game!

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Re: Your First WWE Game

First I ever remember playing was WWF Royal Rumble on the SNES.

Played it before and after school every day. Think got the Royal Rumble down to winning it in less than 20 seconds, using the suplex and hip toss to throw the others out the ring variously.

First I owned myself that wasn't an older brother hand-me-down was WWF Warzone. Loved it and played it all the time, didn't enjoy Attitude at all sadly.
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Re: Your First WWE Game

WWF Superstars on the original GameBoy. 5 wrestlers IIRC, Mr Perfect, Ted Dibiase, Macho Man, Warrior and Hogan. Sucked.

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WWF Royal Rumble for Sega Genesis. Played the shit out of that game. My controllers were a bit fucked, so the only finishers I could do were Savage's elbow drop and Bret's Sharpshooter.

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Re: Your First WWE Game

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Re: Your First WWE Game

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Re: Your First WWE Game

Can't really remember which was the first I ever played. Probably one of the ones in the arcade, or on the Nintendo systems. The first that I actually owned, though, was Wrestlemania 2000 for the N64. Fucking brilliant game. I much preferred them to the WWE games that Acclaim were making.

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