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Re: Your First WWE Game

Would probably be WM 2000 for N64 or Smackdown on PS1 as far as WWE games go. I also traded a friend for his WWF Attitude on N64 after it had already been out for a year (The game art of Austin made it look like a badass wrestling game lol), I thought it sucked and hated the overly complicated controls compared to WCW vs NWO Revenge which was the only other wrestling game that I actually owned at the time and didn't just rent from the local video store over and over. You would think my parents would just buy No mercy after I rented it about 15 consecutive times lol. I guess used games of good titles were hard to find back in the late 90's/earl 00's, sure there were a bunch of loose carts of 4 year old sports games for 2 dollars at the video store that were too outdated to rent out to people but if you wanted a good game like No Mercy you had to go to Toys R Us or Target and pay full price for a new one.

I miss taking N64 boxes out of the shrink wrap

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Where are the Lebron memes now?

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Re: Your First WWE Game

First one I actually owned was Super Wrestlemania for the SNES. Loved it, and featured a whopping roster of TEN wrestlers! I can reel them all off to this day:
Randy Savage, Ted Dibiase, Hulk Hogan, The Undertaker, Hawk, Animal, Earthquake, Typhoon, Jake Roberts and Sid Justice.

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Re: Your First WWE Game

Originally Posted by 777 View Post
this. loved this game so much. graphics look hilarious to me now when i look it up

And that's the bottom line.
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Re: Your First WWE Game

wwf royal rumble and wrestlmania on sega x

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Re: Your First WWE Game

Looking back, it wasn't so great but I played the hell out of this, as a kid, me and my bros literally gave blood, sweat and tears to this game lol. Years later, the soundtrack is still the best of any wrestling game since. Bullet With a Name, Alive and Kicking, Forgive Me.... I still listen to these songs, they bring up strong feelings of nostalgia and remind me of the very early Saturday mornings where I'd say fuck the cartoons, just me, a bowl of fruit loops and Finlay, Lashley, Matt Hardy, Johnny Nitro and whoever else in a MITB Ladder match.
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Re: Your First WWE Game

I fucking loved this game.

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Re: Your First WWE Game

All these boxarts is making me hurt with nostalgia.
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Re: Your First WWE Game

them finishing moves...

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Re: Your First WWE Game

While WCW/nWo Revenge was my first wrestling game, My first WWE Game was Smackdown 2 for Playstation. I used to spend hours daily with Create a PPV mode until some stupid glitch happened that makes the game lock up with random letters and numbers and stuff appearing on the screen after the PPV gets rated.

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Re: Your First WWE Game

Smackdown 1
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