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Re: WWE 2K14 - Realistic Improvements Thread

online features that actually function. that's all.
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Re: WWE 2K14 - Realistic Improvements Thread

~ Decent Online Servers that don't crash every other day

~ Fully customisable Create a Finisher. I want to be able to control every part of the finisher from the way my CAW stands to small things like how he moves his arms/legs during the finisher..

~ The ability to actually Chain Wrestle or do Power Moves that actually look like they inflict different amounts of damage depending on the size of the user.

~ Special Intros for certain events. Kinda like the Hooded Taker from WWE '12, but more updated. (This Wrestlemania's Taker Entrance please)

~ A Career Mode. I want to have to build myself as a young Prodigy from scratch and go through NXT building up my Overness on the way before getting called up to the main roster. Struggling through Interviews and promos until my created wrestler starts gaining experience and popularity and then getting an occasional Title shot here and there as I really get going. The whole objective being to become the so called 'Face of the WWE'. If that's too much though, I'd settle for another GM Mode!

~ Better script for the Commentators to go by, or even Mix&Match commentators. JBL, Cole, Lawler, JR and possibly Regal/Dawson from NXT. Whatever way, I just don't want to hear the same 20 Corny lines every damn match from Cole/Lawler.

~ Smarter Reversal System. I'm hoping that I don't have to see someone counter my Dropkick with a Drop Toe Hold or moronic counters like that again this year..
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Re: WWE 2K14 - Realistic Improvements Thread

1. Bring back the create a title belt mode.
2. Better crowd reactions.
3. Better commentary.
4. Ability to actually change a superstar's attire rather than just the colour.

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1. Sasha Banks
2. Sami Zayn
3. AJ Styles
4. Kevin Owens
5. Shinsuke Nakamura
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Re: WWE 2K14 - Realistic Improvements Thread

To be honest I can't help but feel this years game is just going to be a write off.

I'm looking forward to 2K15 when they'll be forced to build a new engine for next gen.
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Re: WWE 2K14 - Realistic Improvements Thread

One thing I'd like to introduce is the ability to set the type of Wrestler. By this I mean you could set them as Grappler/Brawler/High flyer. Use like a % system that way you can tune it to a specific setting and we get no more Mysterio & Sin Cara keep doing grappling moves like back body drops

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Re: WWE 2K14 - Realistic Improvements Thread

1. Better AI: The AI in the THQ games is shit and its to easy to win matches. The AI will have a finisher stored and then never use it. I want to AI to be smart and actually act like the wrestler in facing. So If im facing Rock I want him to act like the Rock and not some random thing acting all weird.

2. Graphics: Im no graphic whore but NBA 2K13 looked fucking great for a late gen release and they need to give WWE graphics along them lines.

3. MyCareer: Staple of 2K Sports is My Player/Carer and I want to have something along the lines of this in WWE. Create a wrestler and take him NXT up to the main roster working your way up to the WWE title an main event status. Have realistic moves in terms of the card. I shouldn't be seeing Santino moving up to the WWE title picutre during a carer.

4. Universe: Make this a form of GM mode with aspects of Assoctiation Mode from NBA 2K. Let us have full control and not to be hindered by the CPU needing to make matches that set up feuds. If the idea is we are in charge than we should be able to make our own god damn feuds and have to wait for the CPU to do it for us. Also dynamic updates so we can have new attires and any physical changes to make it look up to date. WWE game are always out of date upon release and its BS. 2K does well keeping NBA 2K updated with roster changes and gear updates and WWE should be the same.

5. WWE Today: Same as NBA today with updated commentary based off of real life events as you play each weeks show cards similar to NBA today playing the days NBA games.

6. 2K Share: Fuck Community Creations off and having to have Xbox Live Gold to use it. 2K Share is awesome and WWE would really benefit from this with the ability to make wrestlers, arenas and hell even custom rosters for specific eras for Universe Mode.

7. Announcing: NBA 2K with Kevin Harlan, Clark Kellog and Steve Kerr feels authentic and not just the same shitty lines used over and over. They talk about whats going on in your season and carer. WWE games have the same 15 lines rehashed every year and its really fucking old. Have new anounce teams and make it feel dynamic like it is on TV.

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Re: WWE 2K14 - Realistic Improvements Thread

I could list a lot of things but my biggest gripe is the inconsistency with cut-scenes in Universe mode. In WWE 12 they were way too common and now they are way too rare and complicated to get. WWE 2K14 needs to find some middle ground with cut-scenes.

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Paige debuts on main roster
Christopher Daniels is TNA World Champion
An Indy alumni headlines WrestleMania
Antonio Cesaro does a no-hand airplane spin
WWE signs Kevin Steen
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Re: WWE 2K14 - Realistic Improvements Thread

A MyPlayer/MyCareer mode is a must, single player offerings in the WWE games have been woeful since HTCP. I want to be able to build my Cap from a youngster into a Cena-eating machine.

The commentary needs to be removed and completely redone, fortunately 2k have a history of impressive dynamic commentary. Even their red-headed stepchild the MLB series has amazing commentary.
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Re: WWE 2K14 - Realistic Improvements Thread

I haven't bought a WWE game in years and that will continue until they fix the many issues.

- The recovery time is way too short. If I do a finisher or push someone of a ladder, they should stay down for a while.
- CPU kicking out at one every time you make a pin. I don't know if this is some sort of glitch or not but its annoying.
- Fix the weapon physics. They were pretty good in the older games but the newer ones are terrible.
- Character models are abysmal. Smackdown vs Raw 2007 looks better than WWE 13. That should tell you something right there.

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Agreed with above the 07 graphics are pretty good

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