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Learning to break kayfabe
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Didn't know where else to put this.

We're a new fed that just open up a short time ago. My name is Arch and I
ran a fed created by someone else and it ran rather smoothly. But, I
had to say goodbye to something that was not my own, creating a new fed
with my own ideas and shows. A fresh start may not always be the best
when it comes to the WWE games community, but I think we've got this
going at a great pace. We've got 19 users in under 24 hours, and there
are still a ton of in-game characters to choose from.

Crowning Kings Pro Wrestling is a little bit of my original idea, mixed
with that from indie and Japanese style companies. ROH and iMPACT are
trademark companies in real life, but using their shows as brands makes
it easier for us to apply logos and more bookings for active stars.

The name "Crowning Kings" comes from the idea of the championship belts
referred to as "Crowns." Each title is given to a holder of a belt as
either "Champion" or "King" for true to the name reasons. Think of a
belt as a symbol of a throne. Upon the many wrestlers on the roster
beside you, you stand atop of them. The rest of the roster is either
forced to bow to you in defeat, or rebel against and fight for that very
crown. Special match names will be given to stipulations when they are
presented. We'll have a list in the very same Help Desk for more
information. Again, the shows are taken from actual companies, but
underneath is some originality brought to life.

We are a real wrestler only fed with a large roster for the taking. We
accept all applications of wrestlers from indies, Japan, and wherever
else you'd like. CAWs off the CC of guys like Kevin Steen, Hallowicked,
KENTA, Tyson Kidd, Teddy Hart, La Parka and more are always welcome;
just so long as their movesets and appearance are realistic to the
wrestler. We have Two shows at the moment! Monday Night Ring Of Honor
and Friday Night iMPACT. Two shows under two different GMs, meaning you
get to pick up to two of your favorite wrestlers on two separate shows.

In CKPW, you'll be able to promo, wrestle, and become your wrestlers.
We've got custom match type names to keep it fresh. Fair opportunities
for our active roster on Shows and iPPVs. Weekly promos keep your
characters in the light. Story lines are free to spark from whenever,
wherever, and can last as long as you like -- just so long us admins can
see its something truly well thought out and fun. Join with a friend
and form a tag team from the start! We currently have vacant belts, so
the more teams we get, the more we can get that rollin'. We are both
competitive and fun. Losing too much to some people a little better?
Playing online with us off the card will make it so you can get a grip
on how each of us play. Just send an invite if we're on.

I hope this post has given some explanation for the choice in name.
We've been at this for a short time and I think this is an amazing
start. Look forward to taking this as far as it can with our...

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