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Re: Best WWE games for each console?

Super Nintendo

1) WWF WrestleMania: The Arcade Game: I remember this game was fun for it's time. Lots of cool little screen tricks. It reminded me of Mortal Kombat but in a wrestling ring.
2)WWF RAW: Similar to WWF Wrestlemania but not as good.

1)WWF No Mercy: Perhaps the best wrestling game to date. I had countless and countless hours of fun with this game. It practically had every superstar on the roster and had TLC matches. You could edit the current superstars and create mode was fun.
2)WWF Wrestlemania 2000:Good game, but No Mercy blew it out of the water.


1)Smackdown 2: Best playstation wrestling game. I still have a copy of this game and play it here and there for nostalgia. Hell in a Cell matches, backstage environments, TLC, casket matches, I quit matches..etc it had it all.

2)Smackdown: An incredible upgrade from WWF Attitude, and it brought a more user friendly arcade like style which made it really fun.

3)WWF ATTITUDE: Classic PS1 game that basically was an updated Warzone game. It introduced unique entrances and unique themes which made it really cool. Plus it had about 30 wrestlers.

Playstation 2

1)Here Comes the Pain: Incredible game and one of the funnest to play. It introduced the Elimination Chamber match and the roster was very good. The backstage environments were awesome as well.

2)Smackdown vs RAW 2006: Incredible graphics and season mode. I remember seeing the screenshots on of this game and they were amazing. The health meter changed and the match experience improved. I wish I still has my copy of this game.

Playstation 3:

1)WWE13: I think it might be the nostalgia from the Attitude Era in the game. But I enjoyed going through Attitude mode. Although this game is very similar to WWE12 if it wasn't for the Attitude Era stuff. The physics for the games are improving every year as well as create a wrestler mode. Good CAW makes can literally make jaw dropping CAWs. The online stuff still needs improvement though. I wish they would introduce free roaming backstage environments for matches. But yeah the wrestling games have come a long way.

2)WWE12: Felt really realistic, the match experience is crazy becoming similar and similar to TV matches.

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Re: Best WWE games for each console?

The only one I can really be certain of is No Mercy 64 is king of the Nintendo 64.
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Re: Best WWE games for each console?

Thanks for all the replies.

I've never played Smackdown vs Raw 2006, but it seems like I should get that game on ebay or somethin since most of you think it was really good. That seems to be the one gem wrestling game I'm missing.

The whole Smackdown series was the most impressive for their times imo. Not many of those games felt like they sucked when they came out.
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Re: Best WWE games for each console?

Yeah definitely get SVR 06, well worth the pennies you can probably pick it up for on ebay and shit lol.

For me the SVR series started going downhill once 07 came out. I didn't like the new control system for one (the old way was AWESOME so why change it? At least they've mostly gone back to it now), and the game didn't feel much fun any more. 08 I felt was terrible (and the Wii version... oh god), 09 was more of the same (Wii version was actually quite good), then '10, '11 and '12 felt the same. '13 is still the same in a lot of ways but feels more polished overall. Sucks that they had to go through like 3 games first to get to where it is now. And its still not as good as older games . I still want DOR 3 dammit .
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Re: Best WWE games for each console?

Just got Smackdown vs Raw 2006 on ebay in "Like New" condition for a dollar.

Smackdown: Bring the Pain is on there for like $3-5 too.

Anyone interested in those won't have to pay shit for 'em. You can get both for like $10 total, lol.

Well worth the price imo.
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Re: Best WWE games for each console?

I'm going to rank the games by the consoles I have owned.


Smackdown 2
Smackdown 1
WCW Mayhem

One thing about Smackdown 2 that I dislike is the career mode. The loading times, battle meters and the inaccuracies. E.g. if you win the King of the Ring or Royal Rumble, you don't get a title shot. The game was cool for its time though.


Here Comes The Pain
Shut Your Mouth
SVR 2006

Here comes the Pain was just awesome. The last WWE game that had exciting and fun backstage options such as the parking lot and the times square. Not to mention the great career mode that allowed the player to take control of his wrestler's career. For instance, you can decide what show to be on, demand title shots, make new friends/enemies and so on. Shut Your Mouth was also fun at the time with a roster that I didn't expect to see. Almost everyone from that period was there, even Shawn Stasiak!

PS3/Xbox 360

WWE 13
SVR 07 - I played this on Xbox 360 but still way better than SVR 09.
SVR 09

I think WWE 13 is the best wrestling game since SVR 2006. The AE mode, the huge roster (apprantly the largest ever), better universe mode and more options within the game such as create a championship, arena, story, moves, wrestler and so on. I know other games had this but WWE 13 just improves them. SVR 7 is my second choice. SVR 09 and SVR 2010 are really similar but the only difference is that SVR 09 has a better Road 2 Wrestlemania storylines. Chris Jericho's and Undertaker's Road 2 Wrestlemania are great.

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Re: Best WWE games for each console?

I have on PS2, all the SVR games minus 08 and now on PS3, WWE 12.

Out of the bunch, my favorite is SVR 2006. Such a fun game. Not too easy, lots of things to do, great story mode, great gameplay (controls are a bit hard to get used to since I worked my way backwards from 11) and awesome roster. The "Legend" challenges are really frustrating, though. For me, the only big problem is the fact I own the Japanese version of it, so some things are hard to comprehend.
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Re: Best WWE games for each console?

Gameboy- wwf superstars
Arcade- wwf wrestlefest
Nintendo- WWF Wrestlemania steel cage challenge
Super Nintendo- wwf Royal Rumble/wwf raw
Sega Genisis- Wwf Wrestlemania Arcade Game/wwf royal rumble
Sega Saturn/CD- wwf Rage in the Cage
Playstation- wwf smackdown 2
N64- wwf no mercy/wcw-nwo revenge
Gamecube- wwe DOR/DOR2
Ps2- wwe HCTP
xbox- wwe raw 2
Wii- wwe all-stars
xbox360- Wrestle Kingdom(japan)
Ps3- wwe 13

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Re: Best WWE games for each console?

PS2: SmackDown vs. RAW 2006 + Here Comes The Pain
Xbox 360: WWE 13 + WWE12

I chose the consoles that I played them on, I left out PS1 and shit like that 'cause I have a bad memory and I can't remember if I even bought their games back then lol.

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Re: Best WWE games for each console?

Been playing Smackdown: Here Comes the Pain. . .

I can't stand fighting Undertaker. I have no idea why, but the programmers made his moves uncounterable or something. No matter how high my superstar points are and my technical skill is, I can hammer the counter button hundreds upon hundreds of times and get ZERO counters while the Undertaker slowly does whatever he wants on offense.

What the fuck? He's the only character I can't counter. I can counter him maybe 10% of the time tops. Everyone else who has maxed or near maxed technical skill, I've had no problems countering even with around 7.5-8 technical. It's JUST Undertaker.

I'm going to remove him from season mode every time I play in the future because the game stops being fun whenever he's invovled in a match. It prevents me from even playing the game unless I do nothing but running attacks and fast ground grapples before he recovers enough for his 100% counter rate and 90% grapple success rate.
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