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Re: Pro Wrestling X is Released! Kind of...

Originally Posted by Ziggler Mark View Post
I dont get the hype around this game. Now, don't get me wrong and mistake that for me saying "OMG THIS GAME SUCKS", because chances are it's probably not all that bad.

I'm NEVER one to say that graphics make the game, because they dont. But in today's market, how is a WWF No Mercy (for the N64) rip off supposed to be taken seriously? Why wouldnt I just fire up my N64 emulator and play that? The visuals really dont do anything for me, and in a wrestling game, that's about 75% of its value.

These are serious questions. Someone want to fill me in on what makes this game worth the hype?
Though I bashed it in a previous post, I will attempt to play Devil's Advocate here:

- It's for PC and the developers fully support modding. For example, someone has already created a CM Punk mod (with GTS) and while the sounds and the gameplay itself lend a lot to be desired, the model itself looks fairly good (in terms of the N64 style). So rather than be stuck with the 6 characters given to us and the one match type, etc., possibilities are opened up to expand these options as the community (ideally) grows.

- The major selling point, as you alluded to, is that it's trying to capture the No Mercy feel. It's undeniable that No Mercy is considered to probably be the greatest wrestling game ever (though I personally think SYM/HCTP is the best). And subsequently, it can be debated as to the quality of wrestling games since release--there are some people out there who think the SD/WWE series is crap and there hasn't been a decent game since No Mercy. Like you said, why wouldn't you just play No Mercy then? Besides the fact that it's for PC, I couldn't tell you. There also exist some pretty great mods for No Mercy emulators, so even that's a tough sell.

- The developers, being such a small number, are pretty active in the PWX community. This isn't like THQ where if you have legitimate complaints they'll just toss you in the bin and tell you it's your fault, ignore you completely, or give you an incredible vague "patch eventually coming" notice. If you have an idea or complaint, chances are Dave (the lead designer/programmer) will actually take note and do what he can to utilize your feedback. Even though I would call the game awful at this stage, I do trust that the developers are constantly making steps to improve it.

- It's a wrestling game made by wrestling fans in 2012/2013, besides throwing down $60 for THQ's WWE series, what else do we really have in the way of wrestling games? Yeah, there's Wrestling mPire, but while fun, hardly lends itself to being taken seriously (and from what I've gathered, the developer has pushed away from PC and is moving towards mobile).

...that's all I've got for you right now.

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