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thelukestar619 11-02-2012 09:59 AM

Offical wwe 14 Ideas and suggestions thread
Hello guys decied to make a thread and see what people would want in the next game and what could be improved here is an idea from another forum not me a user called Carlito85 on ign boards

A Career Mode that could destroy the Universe

WWE Universe, that is

So I went back and revised my Career Mode ideas, to go even more in-depth than I did originally. It's quite a long read, I know, but it's worth it when you have a good vision ~o)

I've always loved the idea of my CAW starting out as a trainee in the developmental territories, and this should be in the place of Career Mode tbh so it can be never-ending (and text-based for more variety), rather than a 3 month-run in RTWM. Basically it's the concept of creating your own world of wrestling database, on a console with your friends, ideally rather than having to play a management game alone (or as we currently have, RTWM format).

Universe is marginally on the right track but offers nowhere near enough in my opinion. However I'm a bit of a perfectionist, as you'll see if you read this lol. It allows us to edit what shows we want, and choose the logos etc but that's about it. My idea is for them to finally give us what they so wrongly taglined SVR2010: Our own world.

So, for my 1500th post...



# of Players: 1-4
Time-span: Never-ending
CAW would require 100 - 200 slots, which we should have by now anyway

Upon entering the mode you are presented with the following Create / Edit options:

- Create a Company
- Create a Brand
- Create a Feeder Brand
- Create a Manager (This will be explained)
- Create a General Manager
- Create a Referee (This will also be explained)
- Edit Starting Rosters


- Company Name (Can be changed at the end of a calendar year within the mode)
- Company Logo (Can be changed at any time within the mode)
- Company Owner (Assign a CAW as the owner) NOTE: The owner would be there to negotiate your contract
- Company Popularity Level (Local, State-Wide, National, Global. This will tie in with their finances, i.e. production values and pulling power for talent.)
- Company's Monthly PPVs (Also match concepts for each one, if any. The PPVs and concepts can also be changed at the end of each calendar year as part of a revising period.)
- Company-Specific Matches (Choose all of them if you want, but for the likes of WCW and ECW you may want to do things accurately so the option would be there.)
- Company-Specific Arenas (Can be changed at any time throughout the mode if you feel you want to upgrade)

CREATE A BRAND (3 Maximum per company)

- Brand Name (Can be changed at the end of the calendar year)
- Brand Logo (Can be changed at the end of the calendar year)
- Brand's General Manager (This can be anybody of your choosing and can be changed at the end of the calendar year)
- Brand's Championships (From most popular to least popular, i.e. like in Universe Mode)
- Brand Arena (Can be changed at any time throughout the mode if you feel you want to upgrade)
- # of matches per show (5-8. There will always be a combination of 10 matches / segments on each show, i.e. 50/50 or 60/40 matches etc)

CREATE A FEEDER BRAND (1 Maximum per company)

- Brand Name (Can be changed at any time)
- Brand Logo (Can be changed at any time)
- Brand Arena (Can be changed at any time)

NOTE: Feeder Brands will have 5 matches per show and 5 segments.


This will allow you to select a real, or created superstar and make them a licenced manager, with their own unique manager traits. These traits wouldn't just be important inside the ring but also outside of it, i.e. negotiating a new contract for you, or trying to sweet-talk you up to the GM so you can be entered for big opportunities (Royal Rumble match, KOTR, #1 Contender matches, qualifying matches for PPV main events such as Elimination Chambers or Championship Scrambles etc). The list of traits would be as follows with a slider from 1-10 for high or low frequency:

- Negotiating
- Distracting
- Motivating
- Determination
- Hands-on Approach (Do they talk for you in segments? Would they prefer to negotiate your contract with management?)
- Recruitment (Are they old school? Do they like to manage a number of different clients?)

NOTE: You could only align yourself with someone who is a licenced manager, but you can change who is licenced at any time if you wish. All divas would be licenced managers as well as wrestling, but there would also be an option to switch whether licenced managers wrestle on or off at any time.


As mentioned this could be anybody of your choosing. However they would need to be moved into this section so that they can also work as a GM in addition to being a wrestler or manager. They would also have their own seperate GM traits, with a slider from 1-10 for high or low frequency:

- Negotiating (Will they give in to your demands or play hard ball?)
- Safety Awareness (The higher the number, the more likely they are to constantly put their talent in dangerous matches with risk of injury)
- Trigger Happy (How often will they make champions defend their titles?)
- Favouritism (Do they favour faces or heels, if any?

NOTE: This is basically the revival of GM Mode. You and 3 friends could all be GM's if you wish.


This would be a seperate mode to Create a Superstar and we would be given 10-20 slots to create our own referees, as well as using the real in-game refs. They would then be assigned to an existing or created company in the game. Like managers, they would have their own personality traits which would play out in matches, giving you either an advantage or disadvantage. The list of traits would be as follows with a range of 1-10 for high or low frequency:

- Counting Style (1 = Slow / 10 = Fast)
- Distractions (1 = Very easily distracted / 10 = Very tough to distract)
- Authority (1 = Lenient / 10 = Strict) - This would cover how quickly they would call for DQ's, or ban someone from ringside, or even take weapons off you.
- Favouritism (Do they favour faces or heels, if any?)


Upon entering this option, as you'd imagine you'll be presented with all of the characters in the game, which can be sorted between real wrestlers / divas and CAWs, and assigned to whichever company you please. If for example you wanted to put a CAW of Hollywood Hogan on the main roster instead of him having to go through the chosen company's Feeder Brand, then you can do that if you wish, and should you choose Hogan then you'd control him on the main roster.

In order to keep things fresh within the Feeder Brands of each company, the game would randomly generate an even amount of male and female CAWs at the start of each calendar year to fill the feeder rosters, as well as the ones you've assigned in there (most likely original CAWs of your own or wrestlers who are currently in the likes of OVW or FCW).

NOTE: New people can be added to a brand at any time in the game (considering you made / downloaded more CAWs or a DLC pack came out).



So once all the creating and editing is done, you now have to decide how many human players will take part, and which superstars will be controlled by the human player(s). The game would always begin at the start of the calendar year (this way if you're playing in the Feeder Brand, you won't be waiting the rest of the year to get back up to the roster)

However should you enter your CAW into a company's Feeder Brand, you'd begin training in the territories for 3 months (January - March) trying to get as high a ranking as you can. Once the 3 months are up you are called into Titan Towers and thus evaluated by management (Vice President of Talent Relations, perhaps ^_^), and if you are ranked in the top 10, you are called into WWE. You are now given a choice:

(1-player season choices)
- To either compete on NXT (with the winner receiving a guaranteed title shot), but if you lose it's back down to the territories until you get another evaluation in November
- If you are ranked in the Feeder Brand's top 3, jump straight into the roster

(Multi-player season choices)
- Compete against one-another on NXT, with each of you being randomly assigned your own pros. This would add a bit of a competitive nature to the mode as each pro could have their own advantages and disadvantages. One winner will receive a full-time contract and a guaranteed title shot at the next PPV (May's PPV as NXT would last 1 month)
- Choose to form a tag team, create a gimmick and new attires if you want, and jump straight into the main roster.
- Choose to form a stable and jump straight into the main roster.
- Jump into the main roster in the lower card (4 players could go on NXT or jump into the main roster if they wished, but it's a gamble for the losers)

NOTE: NXT would feature in every company that is created for the risk / reward reasons, but if you choose not to take part in NXT and instead jump into the main roster it won't effect your game in any way (unless you're a champion having to later defend your belt against NXT's winner of course).

Finally, once we've made our choice, we could be called into Vince McMahon's office (Or the owner of a created company's office) and be given a choice of options asking how we want to debut (or who our Pro will be on NXT, should you choose the NXT option).

NOTE: Should you choose to work in the Feeder Brand, your overall will be set to Default (Attributes wouldn't however). Should your final overall be between 95-100 you would receive a list of options on how to debut. Let's say you choose to wrestle on RAW for example, you could:

- Have a hyped debut where you compete in the main event in a #1 Contenders match for the World Championship
- Have a hyped build-up over a number of weeks towards your debut
- Interfere in RAW's main event to cost Cena the World Championship
- Interfere in RAW's main event to help Cena win/defend the World Championship
- Make your first appearance in RAW's main event as the special guest referee
- Make your first appearance in RAW's main event, teaming with the top face(s) or heel(s) in a tag match
- Make your first appearance in RAW's main event, facing the top face or heel in a singles match
- Cut a backstage or in-ring promo on RAW's main event scene
- Make your first appearance on RAW by interrupting someone's promo in the ring (Y2J style)

NOTE: If you're just joining the company a year or two in from another company, or if you're leaving WWE to go elsewhere you would have the same options or less, depending on your overall when joining the company.

Now following your choice, we either get a nice, polished cut-scene of you carrying out your chosen action, or playing out the match yourself depending on what you choose. The lower down the card you are, the less flashy your choices would be, i.e. you can choose who your first opponent is your best choice if you're a midcarder.



NXT would have 2 shows per week and run for 1 month from April-May, and then November-December (4 weeks, featuring one show for men and one show for divas). The competition would be held twice a year as so the roster doesn't get over-crowded. This is also because the winner will receive a world title shot or a divas title shot in the main event at the May PPV, and the main event of the RAW / Smackdown (or any other company's shows) following December's PPV each year.

The NXT competition would feature in the format of Singles / Tag /6 man or diva tag matches, with 1 mini-game in between matches (so you end up doing a match and a few mini-games each week). Your aim would be to accumulate as many points as possible from winning matches and mini-games, and 2 people from 10 being cut each week (The 2 with the least amount of points). In week 4 with the final 4 on the show, 2 will be cut, followed by the final 2 contestants competing in the main event of NXT for the WWE contract.

NOTE: With NXT ending in the last week of April / November, the build-up to the May / December PPV's would focus on your title match being hyped up and building a feud with the champion.



At the beginning of each event on the calendar (House shows can be switched on or off in the options at any time), you will find yourself in the main corridor backstage. On the wall would be a whiteboard or a note sheet, displaying the schedule for that show for the night. This would display a combination of matches, segments and in-ring or backstage interviews that are to take place and at what time. You will be able to select each one and choose whether or not you wish to do anything. For example you could choose to interfere in a match that will take place (once only per show). Also for interviews or in-ring segments you could set a marker that will text your superstar's phone when the segment is about to take place.

Whilst backstage you would be able to interact with other superstars / divas / managers, roam out into the hallways, buy energy drinks to replenish health etc. You would also be able to interrupt backstage interviews (in a friendly or hostile manner - it's your choice), storm into the GM's office and demand something, go and train in the gym, wander around the boiler room, parking lot, concession stands, or even out through the streets and to the nearest bar to watch the show if you're not on the card (The Hardcore Champion, or even a few other wrestlers may be in here quite often).

NOTE: The Hardcore Championship's 24/7 rule would be able to be switched On or Off at any time during the game for backstage roaming (24/7 rule could also be an option when creating a Championship if they ever put it back in).

NOTE: You will only be able to interact with people in your division or lower until your Overall begins to rise. However all divas and managers would be available at all times.

The possibility of having a sandbox arena (GTA style), as well as a few different backstage layouts for different arenas would be nice so that we could interfere through the crowd, or walk through the Gorilla position for our entrance - but that's a whole other topic in itself.



Depending on how many dates you're working each month, you'd be slowly gaining fatigue and making yourself more vulnerable to injuring yourself in the ring or during training.

For example if you were in training there could be weight-lifting mini-games that have a risk / reward feature, such as lifting a heavier weight will boost your attributes more, however if you fail the mini-game you could pull, or even tear a muscle depending on your fatigue levels. Broken bones would also play a part if you're really fatigued, with your match suddenly being cut short and a cut-scene playing of you being stretchered out. These injuries would last between 1 month and 1 year depending on the severity of the injury.

Upon receiving an injury some of your attributes will take a hit, how much they take a hit would again depend on the severity of the injury.

From here you would be constantly in training to build yourself back up, with a personal trainer by your side. You'd receive well-wishes from superstars and staff to boost your morale and working relationships, as well as being able to read articles on the company's website about the incident and the progress on your road to recovery.

When you are set to return, much like your debut in the company you'll be called into management's office and be presented with a list of things you would like to do upon your return

NOTE: An X-Ray effect would show up for injuries, displaying the area that has been injured.

NOTE: Playing longer matches every week, or if you're attacked backstage etc, these would all contribute.



Now I know all of this so far is a long shot, but this is where it gets interesting; You would have a contract set to expire that you signed when you first came into the WWE for example from the Feeder Brand, or in fact if you're a few years in and have joined from somewhere else. The time has come to renegotiate your contract. You would receive an email once a week in the last month of your contract reminding you that you need to negotiate a new deal, or you'll be out the door and into the free agent pool with time passing you by once it expires.

The more you raise your image in the WWE or WCW, or ECW, or anywhere else for that matter, the more you'll get the big rivals taking notice of you. Some companies may be more financially better off than others, some may be willing to offer you a main event spot and perks that your current company won't, some may be able to match the WWE and be willing to meet your contractual demands (Yes, there are demands besides money that could feature). These demands wouldn't just be money, but money would still feature so you can buy unlockables or upgrade your training / skills etc.

The more important aspects of your contract negotations would be:

- How many title shots you're entitled to per year
- Skip qualifying matches for PPV matches such as Royal Rumble, KOTR, Elimination Chamber or Championship Scramble and automatically get a spot
- Control over certain aspects of your character (i.e. your gimmick and entrance theme, in which editing would be locked until you get this stipulation into your contract)
- Who you align yourself with or feud with (By this you would be given more freedom to rise up the card instead of only encountering mid-carders backstage when roaming)
- How many dates you work per month (The less you work per month, the less tired you become and increase your chances of avoiding injury which could put you out of action)

If you're in the position where you have an officially licenced manager aligned with you, you can talk with them backstage and get them to renegotiate a deal for you. This can be a bit of a risk however if their bargaining skills aren't the best and you may end up working more dates or losing out on a few clauses.

Within the final month of your contract and upon your contract expiring, you'll begin to receive offers to jump ship, as well as offers from your current employers to sign a new deal.



If none of this appeals to you, then maybe general management would be more to your liking. Upon entering the mode you would be able to choose whether or not you control a wrestler, or take control of the General Manager of a show. If management is your preferred route then you would be taking on daily schedules such as:

- Building match cards
- Dealing with a wrestler's demands
- Dealing with a wrestler / tag team's contract (Tag teams would negotiate their contracts together so they aren't split up)
- Beating rival companies in the ratings
- Working within a budget (You can't offer everybody the best contract in the world)
- Gambling with the introduction of new ideas (i.e. new PPV concepts, or using a more in-depth match creator to create the likes of War Games)
- Acquiring new talent (whether it be talent from the Feeder Brand, a rival brand within the same company, or talent from a rival company)
- Future Endeavouring talent / letting their contract expire

Much like the wrestlers are in the Feeder Brand, you would find yourself being evaluated by upper management (Vice President of Talent Relations ;D) at the end of the calendar year. If things are going well and they like what they see then you will be offered a new 12-month contract to keep running things as you see fit. However if you are losing to rivals in the ratings and are 'losing the locker room' by not keeping the roster happy then you will be 'future endeavoured' and fall into the free agent pool until a job with a rival brand or company pops up.

NOTE: There would be a talent pool for each company that can be viewed, as well as their contract information and standing within their company. This way you can be prepared to poach talent or make sure nobody poaches your own.




- When aligning yourself with a manager, you would have to sign a mini contract with them. This would contain how long you remain together for, as well as 1 of 3 options regarding contract negotiations (They do it, You do it, Optional). Also much like someone mentioned a while back (Dr_Who, I believe), Managers would instruct you to do certain moves during matches in order to build a good working relationship. If you ignore them your relationship meter will lower, causing tension between you and the manager. At this point they may decide they've had enough of you and in old school fashion 'sell your contract', and offload you onto someone else.

- This would be similar if you're in a tag team match with your partner and they want you to tag them in. If you do then you will begin to build an understanding with each other, whereas you will most likely create tension if you ignore them.

- Working relationships would allow the AI to recognise their allies when in matches where they have to compete with each other, thus they would work together (with the odd back-stabbing here and there).

- If you find you're not on a card for the night, you can go straight to your car and leave the show (this would be the equivalent to skipping forward to the next show).

- You would be able to create / edit stables at any time but not including yourself. If you wish to start or join a stable you would have to interact with the people you wish to team with and get things going that way.

- You may add new wrestlers / divas, managers and referees into the database at any time.

- Drafts will only apply if a company has more than 1 brand, but there will be an option to switch multiple rosters, as well as the draft On / Off. Some may wish to revert to the Attitude Era and have 1 roster on 2 brand shows (RAW & Smackdown from 1999 - 2002)

- PPVs with concepts such as Royal Rumble, Elimination Chamber, KOTR or Championship Scramble would automatically have qualifying matches on the shows leading up to the PPV that month.


Happy reading, fella!
I think this is a really great idea what do you guys think should be in the next game

Patrick Bateman 11-02-2012 10:09 AM

Re: Offical wwe 14 Ideas and suggestions thread
What beautiful points you have. So fine, so smooth.

Coolquip 11-02-2012 10:17 AM

Re: Offical wwe 14 Ideas and suggestions thread
WWE 13's been out for three days and were already talking sequel?

thelukestar619 11-02-2012 10:19 AM

Re: Offical wwe 14 Ideas and suggestions thread
there already devolping the sequel

thelukestar619 11-02-2012 10:39 AM

Re: Offical wwe 14 Ideas and suggestions thread
Heres another one from the same thread by the user MaeYoung seems a bit like stealing now but these are great ideas and will be the last one i do


Great ideas. I love the idea of building one character from the ground up starting from a territory to going to NXT and being paired with a Pro. I like the idea of the CAW being able to pick who their Pro is with all the different pros and cons listed for that Pro but I would take this two steps further by making it longer and having it help the CAW develop their attributes: Strike Power, Grapple Power, Submission, Strike Defense, Grapple, Speed, Agility, Adrenaline, Recovery, Toughness, Charisma, and Tag Team. So for example, there are 8 Pros available, Big Show, Rey Mysterio, the Miz, Daniel Bryan, William Regal, Mark Henry, Kofi Kingston, and Christian. Each Pro would have their own strengths to add to your attributes. I would bring back the Smackdown vs. Raw 2008 fighting styles for this feature which were high-flyer, hardcore, submission artist, powerhouse, showman, brawler, dirty and technical. As for the fighting styles, you do not have to have two. You can just have one. I think it would be a good idea to implement the fighting styles at this section of the game to help develop your CAW.

Picking Regal or Bryan as a Pro
So for example, if you want your CAW to be a submission specialist, you would pick either Regal or Bryan to be your Pro. And you would improve this skill by winning matches via Submission. Reversing Signatures and Finishers would improve your Strike Defense as well. So going forward, your Submission, Grapple and Strike Defense would be pretty high once entering the main roster. Submission artist and technical would be the fighting style choices available.

Picking Kofi Kingston or Rey Mysterio as a Pro
Seeing these two names next to each other, you already know that this individual is a high-flyer. Doing moves from off the top ropes and doing spring boards and diving outside the ring would improve your speed and agility with each winning match. Jumping off of ladders and off the steel cage would improve the Adrenaline. High-Flyer and Hardcore would be the fighting style choices available.

Picking The Big Show and Mark Henry as a Pro
You either going to be a brute force of strength like Big Show or a powerhouse like Mark Henry. Doing Grappling moves and using plenty of strikes will see a raise in your Strike Power and Grapple Power. Taking a beating and winning matches will improve your Recovery. Under these two, you could end up with the Powerhouse and Brawler fighting style.

Picking the Miz and Christian as a Pro
These two men were both in some very successful tag teams and they can be pretty cocky at times so picking these men will help boost your Tag Team and Charisma. So I encourage you to taunt a lot and when doing tag team matches, you're tagging your partner and doing tag team moves to increase those attributes. And winning matches with Hot Tag would help improve your Toughness after taking a beating. Under these two, you could end up with the Showman or Dirty fighting style.

Now that you have chosen your Pro. You can either let the CPU generate the other 7 Nxt contenders or you can create them yourselves. During NXT, the 8 competitors would cover different match types - single, tag, 6 man tag, battle royals, steel cage, ladder, first blood, etc. So Week 1, every NXT competitor would be in a one on one match with your Pro and their Pro at ringside.Week Two would be a Tag Team match. You're teaming with your Pro. Then Week 3, you go into a specialty match like the Steel Cage. And you get a match with the Legend of Steel Cage matches - Jimmy Snuka. Each week, you win and you get a point. People get eliminated. You win NXT after X amount weeks. Instead of getting a title shot, I would tweak it. You get to wrestle either on RAW or Smackdown or whatever brand for that matter.

After winning NXT, you get to pick which brand you want and it is here where you get to choose whether you are a Good Guy or a Heel. Each one leading your CAW down a different path.

Being the Good Guy
- Go at it solo
- Form a Tag Team with your Pro
- Form a Stable with other NXT guys
- Go at it solo with a Manager

You get to choose when you debut
- Debut on RAW
- Debut at Royal Rumble
- Even the odds and help your Pro out whose in a 2 on 1 situation
- The Santino Treatment - Be picked from the crowd and win

Being the Bad Guy
- Go at it Solo
- Form a Tag Team with your Pro
- Form a Stable with other NXT guys
- Go at it solo with a Manager

You get to choose when you debut
- Debut on Smackdown
- Debut at Royal Rumble
- Cost your Pro an important match (# 1 Contender or title match)
- The Rikishi Treatment - I did it for (The Rock) my Pro

While going at it solo, you will find yourself in a feud with your Pro. Forming a Tag Team with your Pro - if you're a Good guy, your Pro will turn his back on you. If you're the Heel, you will turn your back on your Pro. I could go on but I'll stop now. LOL

Ziggler Mark 11-02-2012 11:28 AM

Re: Offical wwe 14 Ideas and suggestions thread

Originally Posted by Coolquip (Post 12218114)
WWE 13's been out for three days and were already talking sequel?

uh, you're aware that basic marketing states that you dont release a product to the masses unless you have begun development on a successor. It's the most basic of marketing principles.

A$AP 11-02-2012 11:32 AM

Re: Offical wwe 14 Ideas and suggestions thread
Port No Mercy for 360 and rename it WWE 14. Fuck yeah.

Ziggler Mark 11-02-2012 11:53 AM

Re: Offical wwe 14 Ideas and suggestions thread

Originally Posted by A$AP (Post 12218348)
Port No Mercy for 360 and rename it WWE 14. Fuck yeah.

port it, upgrade the graphics, and add complete CAW and CAA...end of story.

Coolquip 11-02-2012 12:55 PM

Re: Offical wwe 14 Ideas and suggestions thread

Originally Posted by Ziggler Mark (Post 12218333)
uh, you're aware that basic marketing states that you dont release a product to the masses unless you have begun development on a successor. It's the most basic of marketing principles.

Ummm yeah, we're you? I'm just saying that we haven't even given the game a week and were already speculating? Seems a bit early but OK. Speaking of early, it's only the 2nd and youre PMSing already? I swear you're more anal than a Karate kid villain :p (awaits Stephen A facepalm response)


Anyway, like the NXT idea. To improve Universe, an idea I had would be to let the player set the matches for the next PPV and then have the game play out the rivalries over the course of a month.

WeaverOfNightmares 11-02-2012 02:22 PM

Re: Offical wwe 14 Ideas and suggestions thread
Attitude Era Mode 2.0 - April 1999-April 1, 2001(WrestleMania X-Seven)

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