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Re: Nostalgia-filled old wrestling video game thread.

Smack down 1 or 2 carear mode... if I'd pratice real wresling that much I'd been world champ of WWE Tna Roh and called king of japan

(What I used to tell my self)

I HATTED the simulation of maths how ever, nothing worse then your "guy" having fully green the other guy a small bit and then bam smack bam as yours gose all the way down SLOWLY I did not know murphys law yet but now, I blame it.
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Re: Nostalgia-filled old wrestling video game thread.

Originally Posted by KingCal View Post
I liked going outside on SD 2 and throwing someone into the road when a car went past
Haha yeah, i remember that. That was so ridiculous but massive amound of fun stuff like that. I remember we used to go in the what looked like a giant foyer, go up the stairs and just try and throw each other off. You could literally Awesome bomb someone off a balcony. Ridiculously fun. Thinking about it now I know why it's not in current games haha.
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Re: Nostalgia-filled old wrestling video game thread.

I loved the running powerbomb/awesome bomb in SD 2. Great fun to eliminate people from a RR match with it, or throwing them off the top of the cell . We need more moves that can throw people over the ropes in current games, because we have what, none now (not including those "finishers")?

You could also get in a fork lift backstage and drive around and into people too, right? Might go play the game later .
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Re: Nostalgia-filled old wrestling video game thread.

reading all these just makes me want to go play them again
wish I still had my ps1


found this and thought I would post it, wwe's website is looking back at old wwe video games, thought it might be a bit of a nostalgic trip for some of you

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Re: Nostalgia-filled old wrestling video game thread.

Awwww SNAP!

WWF Smackdown! 2: Know Your Role:
I loved the structure and free-travel of their Hardcore/FCA matches I would take opponent into the locker room and throw him through the wall which opened up the bathroom and take a shower before beating him up again. Making opponents quit in I quit matches before the microphone even touches them. I also loved the PPV creation mode and ridiculously unreal deep CAW customization. I don't think THQ will ever touch that level of customization within their games again. SYM, SvR2006 and DoR came close though.

WWF Smackdown! Just Bring It:
Just the hilariously awesome commentary, I tried modding it into the newer games but it didn't work. I also remember how much space this game's save file took up smh. Still the only game to allow up to 8 players at once, thought at the time it would become a standard.

WWE Smackdown! Shut Your Mouth
Oh crap where to begin. Throwing people off titantrons, slamming people on exploding cars, riding the subway to Times Square, throwing snowballs at your opponents (during winter), and this is all in one match. An outlandish yet deep CAW mode complete with 5 CAT modes on top of huge roster. Creating a roster full of CAWs and forming your own promotion within the game's awesome season mode. Not to mention that the environment interactions in this game were ahead of its time and still is for a wrestling game. The only thing this game didn't have was exhibition title matches.

WWE Smackdown vs. RAW (OG):
Despite the shitty CAW system, this was a great game. I actually liked their implementation of the clean/dirty dynamic. The gameplay was a cross between HCTP and later WWE titles, easy to pickup and play yet still rewarding to master. This game also bought back Create-A-PPV complete with main event video packages which was fun as hell. I also enjoyed the season mode, lots of diversity within it and it flowed more smoothly here than it did in later titles.

WWE Smackdown vs. RAW 2006:
The models, graphics and overall presentation were and are still superb. The customization was nuts (talking CAW, CAB, Your Locker Room *though 07's is better*, The first CAE) Not to mention the long demanded return of exhibition title matches. The Gameplay here was largely retained from SvR-OG which is a plus however the stamina system fucking sucked hard glad it was an optional feature. They also had damn near every match type ever created up to that time period in the game.

*huff huff* got all that out of my system and I didn't even do the Gamecube games

I for Matt Hardy (A Matt Hardy guy since '99):

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Re: Nostalgia-filled old wrestling video game thread.

I remember when No Mercy was out I was in middle school, me amd my friends had CAWs of ourselves amd we also created our teachers...if they pissed us off during school we would mercilessly beat the hell out of them in the game lol
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Re: Nostalgia-filled old wrestling video game thread.

The two games that probably give me the most nostalgia would have to be WWF WarZone and WWF Attitude for N64. I played a decent amount of WWF Royal Rumble for SNES(Anyone remember this one?) and I also played a lot of No Mercy and it's undoubtedly the best wrestling game to date but WarZone and Attitude were released when I was into wrestling the most and I have nothing but fond memories of those games. To this day I remember the exact day I got Attitude.

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Smackdown 2, Shut your Mouth and Here comes the pain are probably my favourites.

Simple but effective game play, great career modes and awesome rosters

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Re: Nostalgia-filled old wrestling video game thread.

I basically had nothing but wrestling games on my PS1. Attitude was huge for its time, and I remember the ECW game that came out about the same time was a disappointment, mainly because it was Attitude's engine with ECW characters painted on.

WCW Nitro and Thunder always pissed me off. Thankfully someone got those for me for my birthday, so I didn't spend money. I think just about every wrestler had the same few moves, so like Juvi could powerbomb Kevin Nash or shit. Though, I do remember being able to use a jug of milk as a weapon in one of them.

Smackdown had such mind-blowingly awesome graphics when it came out, even though the CAW sucked ass. I think this was one of the first games in which the wrestlers had fingers.
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Re: Nostalgia-filled old wrestling video game thread.

wcw/nwo revenge i always felt was classic same engine as no mercy just not as good.

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