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Learning to break kayfabe
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Exclamation WWE '13 Universe SIM! (TWF Gold Standard - This Saturday!)

Hello WWE Games fans. Welcome to the very first thread for this new series i am bringing to you! In this signup thread, i will have everyone sign up and give there comments on the idea. As we all know WWE '13 is on it's way soon and Universe Mode has finally been changed! You can now make a match and save it to the match card. Which will allow me to make a simulation league!

What im going to do, is have all of you choose a superstar from the entire WWE '13 Roster, including Attitude Era superstars and PG Era Superstars, Choose their allignment and also give a vote on which RAW/Smackdown arena's i shall use. Each Monday and Friday i will simulate the matches ive created by choice (im the GM) and post the results on here. It's pretty much some fun and a fun way to follow your favourite superstar virtually. So, let's get right into the superstars you can choose from. If you sign up, check back to this opening post and see if your username has popped up next to you superstar of choices name!

- No double's of superstars (so, if someone has chosen DX Triple H, you are not eligible to choose Hunter or PG Era Triple H. The others will be removed from the list after one is chosen. Same goes with Foley's faces, The Rock and the other multiples)
- Once your superstar is selected, there is no going back
- Want to make a tag team? Well, your welcome to choose TWO superstars and form a Tag Team. Make sure, in your post, you choose the two stars and give me a TAG TEAM NAME in the process (both stars on the Tag Team MUST be on the same brand)
- You can of course choose a DIVA
- Managers that are playable not included (Johnny Ace, Paul Baerer, Paul Heyman) - AJ Lee is playable)
- DLC Superstars who don't come out on release date CAN be chosen, but they will debut when they are released)

(not in alphabetical order)

RAW Superstars and Divas
Attitude Era Chris Jericho - TyRanT6 - (TEAM w/PG Mark Henry)
Attitude Era Lita - Dunk20 - (TEAM w/Eve Torres)
X-Pac Rikers10 - (TEAM w/ AE Kane)
PG ERA Mark Henry - TyRanT6 - (TEAM w/AE Chris Jericho)
H H. Helmsley - Malkore - (TEAM w/Shane McMahon)
Attitude Era The Rock - YoungGun UK
The Miz - RmpG
Shawn Michaels - Ether
Sin Cara - Wicked
Rey Mysterio - AirTroublein619
Shane McMahon - Malkore - (TEAM w/Hunter Hearst Helmsley)
R-Truth - Twillis
Road Dogg - Dan0191 - (TEAM w/Billy Gun)
Kofi Kingston - N-Zone
Kevin Nash - Hank Scorpio
Ken Shamrock - Coolquip
Attitude Era Kane - Rikers10 - (TEAM w/X-Pac)
Justin Gabriel - Daiko
John Cena - Revolver Snake
Hawk - MichiganCT - (TEAM w/Animal)
Eve Torres - Dunk20 - (TEAM w/AE Lita)
Edge - ZigglerMark
Dolph Ziggler - humannature - (TEAM w/Cody Rhodes)
Daniel Bryan - Cloverleaf - (TEAM w/DDP)
Bret Hart - Camille Punk - (TEAM w/Stone Cold)
Animal - MichiganCT - (TEAM w/Hawk)
Stone Cold - Camille Punk - (TEAM w/Bret Hart)
Mankind - OrangesofDeath - (TEAM w/Paul Wight)
CM Punk - CoolQuip
DDP - Cloverleaf - (TEAM w/DanielBryan)
Paul Wight - OrangesofDeath - (TEAM w/Mankind)
Brian Pillman - Fid
Ryback - Cloverleaf
Gangrel - WeaverOfNightmares
Vader - lolo012990
Billy Gun - Dan0191 - (TEAM w/Road Dogg)
Attitude Era Undertaker - Aegon Targaryen
Cody Rhodes - humannature - (TEAM w/Dolph Ziggler]
Trish Stratus - thegreatone15
Layla - AutoBot
Attitude Era Christian - Ian Collins

Heath Slater
Brodus Clay
David Otunga
AJ Lee
Chainsaw Charlie
Beth Phoenix
Mike Tyson
Big Bossman
Jack Swagger
Kelly Kelly
Steph McMahon

(Smackdown Superstars & Divas)
JBL - Cruz Control
Wade Barrett - The Lizard
Zack Ryder - R.K.O Peep
Randy Orton - CoolQuip
Jinder Mahal - Crimson 3:16
Christian - AwSmash
The Godfather - ZigglerMark - (TEAM w/Val Venis)
Attitude Era Eddie Guerrero - kyhoopsgoat - (TEAM w/Alberto Del Rio)
Damien Sandow - STANDBY (CANT USE)
Alberto Del Rio - kyhoopsgoat - (TEAM w/AE Eddie Guerrero)
Goldust - MrMeki - (TEAM w/Booker T)
Antonio Cesaro - HeelKris
Drew Mcintyre - ZankmanJack
Grandmaster Sexay - Shoe213 - (TEAM w/Scotty 2 Hotty)
Scotty 2 Hotty - Shoe 213 - (TEAM w/Grandmaster Sexay)
Ted Dibiase - Obby
Brock Lesnar - Legendmaker2
Booker T - MrMeki - (TEAM w/Goldust)
Val Venis - ZigglerMark - (TEAM w/The Godfather)
Sheamus - thegreatone15
Natalya - AutoBot
Brie Bella - AutoBot
Nikki Bella - AutoBot

Alicia Fox
Yoshi Tatsu
Jimmy Uso
Jey Uso
Santino Marella
The Great Khali

TAG TEAMS - BLUE Color = Smackdown Team, RED Color = RAW Team
1. Dunk20 - AE Lita & Eve Torres
2. Dan0191 - Road Dogg & Billy Gun - The New Age Outlaws
3. Humannature - Dolph Ziggler & Cody Rhodes - Dashing Show-Off's
4. Cloverleaf - Daniel Bryan & DDP - The American Diamonds
5. Camille Punk - Stone Cold & Bret Hart
6. ZigglerMark - Val Venis & The Godfather - Red Light District
7. TyRanT6 - AE Chris Jericho & Mark Henry - The Wall of Pain
8. OrangesofDeath - Paul Wight & Mankind - The Union
9. Shoe 213 - Scotty 2 Hotty & Grandmaster Sexay - Too Cool
10. Malkore - Hunter Hearst Helmsley & Shane McMahon - McMahon & Helmsley Faction
11. kyhoopsgoat - AE Eddie Guerrero & Alberto Del Rio - La Familia
12. MichiganCT - Animal & Hawk - The Legion of Doom
13. Rikers10 - AE Kane & X-Pac
14. MrMeki - Booker T & Goldust

YES, the RAW roster is bigger, but that's how it's going to be! Please choose a superstar from the list above. Now, if you want a tag team, choose two superstars, but they must be from ONE brand. Make sure you give them a TAG TEAM NAME too! Finally, i will give you a list of RAW and Smackdown arena's to choose from, give me one RAW and one Smackdown Arena and i will tally the votes. The winning RAW/SD! arena's will be used in the simulation.


Smackdown 1999 - Oval Tron - 7 Votes - READ NOTE BELOW
Smackdown 2003 - Silver Fist - 7 Votes - READ NOTE BELOW

SMACKDOWN Arena's are level on votes, I am going to make a match ASAP on WWE '13 and have one guy represent OVALTRON and the other FISTTRON. Whichever wins, is the Arena ill use!

MAJOR UPDATE!!! - APPLICATIONS NOW CLOSED! - Thankyou to those who have applied, it's been a terrific show of support for my custom universe mode simulation. If you want to sign up still, PERSONAL MESSAGE me, and i MIGHT be able to organize a late Debut for you. The only reason im allowing this, is because the debut might fit perfectly for a fued/storyline. Thanks again for applying everyone, we will begin in the near future, follow this thread and you will find out when

RESULTS/MATCHCARDS will now be done on my YOUTUBE CHANNEL, make sure you come subscribe to get all the results!

youtube username is : WWEDownUnder

The Road to Wrestlemania XXX
Wrestlemania Ticket: [x]
Wrestlemania Axxess Ticket: [x]
Travel Package Accommodation: [x]
WWE Raw Ticket: [x]
WWE Hall of Fame Ticket: [x]
$50 French Quarter Voucher: [x]
Flights: [ ]
Miami Accommodation: [ ]
New York Accommodation: [ ]
Los Angeles Accommodation: [ ]

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Re: WWE '13 Universe Sim! (JOIN TODAY!)

what's the point of picking a wrestler?

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The Sundance Kid
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Re: WWE '13 Universe Sim! (JOIN TODAY!)

Stone Cold & Bret Hart as a tag team please.

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Fire and Blood
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Re: WWE '13 Universe Sim! (JOIN TODAY!)

Attitude era Undertaker please
RAW IS WAR arena

edit: for choosing the arenas, would you not be better setting up a poll ?

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Re: WWE '13 Universe Sim! (JOIN TODAY!)

'Attitude' Rock

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Learning to break kayfabe
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Re: WWE '13 Universe Sim! (JOIN TODAY!)

Attitude Era Chris Jericho.

RAW arena.
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Re: WWE '13 Universe Sim! (JOIN TODAY!)

CM Punk and Randy Orton
Raw Is War
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Re: WWE '13 Universe Sim! (JOIN TODAY!)

Ted Dibiase(face)

Halftime Heat arena for Smackdown.

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Learning to break kayfabe
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Re: WWE '13 Universe Sim! (JOIN TODAY!)

Originally Posted by Cloverleaf View Post
what's the point of picking a wrestler?
It's for a fun game mate. It's like your watching the WWE weekly, but on a virtual video game. I'm even thinking of making weekly videos and posting them on my youtube channel instead..

Will update all superstars now for those who chose them!
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Learning to break kayfabe
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Re: WWE '13 Universe Sim! (JOIN TODAY!)

UPDATE: Please go subscribe to my youtube channel: /WWEDownUnder

All the weekly RAW/Smackdown results will be posted through videos!
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