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iPad Game Review: Wrestling Manager

I've been a fan of wrestling sims for a long time and I was really pumped to hear about Wrestling Manager last year. When the game finally came out, I bought it day 1. It was 6.99 which I thought was insane for an iOS game but then I compared it to TEW and it didn't seem so unreasonable, besides, it's not like there was any decent wrestling games on iOS at the time, so I figured what the hell? At first I was over the moon. It looked great, it was "easy to play hard to master" like the devs said it would be and it was crazy addictive. It's got quite a cool feeling about it, like one day you're starting out with a really bad roster putting on shows in bingo halls and if you're good at being a wrestling promoter you can build your way up to putting on shows at Madison Square Garden and sign TV deals. Then like three hours in, it went crazy! It started crashing every time I tried to run an event, the graphics started falling to pieces and the game was basically unplayable. I was PISSED! Sure, I'd spent three hours playing an iPad game which is more than any other iPad game I've ever played but I was loving the game and it totally broke on me.

A month goes by and a patch finally came out and sure some of the problems were fixed but not all of them. It was starting to get really annoying. So I wrote the developers to see what was going on. To their credit, they were quick to respond (within an hour of me sending it) and they were really helpful. The guy explained that they were having some teething issues and because the game is so big (which to be fair, it is a lot bigger than your average app) it was taking up a lot of memory and that's why it was crashing. He promised that the team were working on it and that a fix would be out soon. What more, he promised that the team would "MORE THAN" make up for the early problems.

Well, I'm here to say the guy kept his word. Not only did they fix all of the bugs (I've not had a bug in over two months), they've given us 2 lots of free in game currency (worth 3.99 each) and more importantly they've given us an absolute ton of new features over the last year. Update 1.7 came out last month and I've not been able to put the game down since. It's got full mod tools for every character in the game be modified, they added achievements in the last update and tweaked a ton of stuff so it feels like a new game.

It's a shame it started so badly because the devs have been brill and the game itself is now one of the best management sims I've ever played. It's not too complicated like some of the TEW games but it's not too simple either. The only real let down is that theres no real match engine so you can't watch a wrestling match but to be honest, the game doesn't need that.

I give it a solid 8/10 and the devs have promised that they will keep supporting it for a long time to come so it's only going to keep getting better.
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Re: iPad Game Review: Wrestling Manager

I was going to make a thread but then I found this in a search and thought I would bump it.

I've recently found this game and it is awesome. Well worth the 6.99.

handy dandy link so you can check it out.
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Re: iPad Game Review: Wrestling Manager

Downloaded the free trainer today, liked it. Seems like there's a lot to it as well, in terms of an iPad game.

How much is the proper game in the app store? 4 is it? Bargain as it sounds like it's worth it!
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