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Re: What do you want in WWE 13?

Season Mode
Play as a WWE Superstar or yourself through a year of WWE.

Special Referee Mode
Just like you, I miss it too.

Boiler Room and Bar Room brawls.
Always loved those matches.

Title History
Agreed with you.

Create a PPV
Create a Title Belt

Also in Story Mode, I'd love to see it as like Vince makes you the GM but you don't impress him enough so at Summerslam, it is -

- You vs. Vince Mcmahan.
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Re: Official WWE 13 Thread

General Manager Mode would be cool or atleast universe mode with the ki playing a diffrent brand so you have some competition.
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Re: WWE 13 - Early News

Originally Posted by The Rebel View Post
I HATE having the old characters in the game, in fact when Im close to unlocking them I turn the game off.
My OCD kicks in, and I can't stand when I see them on my menu screen.

I just like to play my Universe mode with the current roster, I don't want Arn Anderson coming out and attacking CM Punk, it ruins my game!

Just my opinion of course

I half agree with you. I hate it when they put the likes of Roddy Piper in there and design them like they were in their prime, but I don't mind when they put in guys who could legitimately come back to the company, eg. Road Dogg.
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Re: RTWM May Be Dropped From WWE13

Originally Posted by [atticus] View Post
I think they should focus their efforts on the Universe mode, and let the players further customize it. I like that some of the hidden wrestlers appear after Universe Mode matches in WWE 12. I wasn't expecting that. But what I'd really love is to be able to fully edit each program, or add shows on off-days (like, say, Thunder or Impact or whatever) and keep the rosters separate, the champions in line, and maybe add an element or three of booking beyond simming the match, playing it yourself, or interfering. Perhaps a hybrid of the failed GM Mode from previous games.
This would be really awesome. The thing with RTWM is that it has so little replayablitity, whereas Universe mode is very addictive and never really gets boring due to community creations and the other creation modes. I'd like it to be a bit more in-depth though.

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Re: Official WWE 13 Thread

Miz on the cover would be great

Not Removing Until

[X]Christian wins a match:Instead he won a TITLE.WOW
[X]Zack Ryder wins a title:TLC 2011! Woo Woo Woo You know It!
[X]Layla returns:Extreme Rules 2012
[ ]JTG is released
[X]Daniel Bryan wins a title:TLC 2011! Finally!
[X]Alberto Del Rio loses the WWE title: Survivor Series 2011 Finally!
[X]Curt Hawkins wins a match:NXT December 21 2011
[X]The Miz wins a championship again:IC Title BABY!
[X]Sheamus loses a match:SmackDown! 20/1/12 Finally he lost!
[X]The Miz wins a match:RAW vs Zack Ryder! HE WON! I can't believe it

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Re: Official WWE 13 Thread

I think rather than falling into their "pre-order and get Miz with a t-shirt" shit this year I'll wait until the game's been out a while and see if the basics actually work this year.

WWE'12 had so much potential, not touched it in months now.

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Re: RTWM May Be Dropped From WWE13

The old season mode from games like HTCP and SYM was way better than anything they every done in any RTWM. The linearity and stupidity of stories never ceases to amaze me. I stopped the WWE 12 RTWM right after my 4th backstage brawl in 4 consecutive Raw episodes (and because I had no desire to play as Sheamus or HHH).
The older games had stories ripped from real WWE but it was way cooler to be confronted by the nWo or be part of the Flair/Vince draft and being able to choose sides or wrestlers play as... than to be a part of the annual "Phenom" storyline or the John Cena & Tony love affair.
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Re: Official WWE 13 Thread

I'm sure somewhere, there's 1 idea that'd make WWE games last so much longer. Look at sports games, there's no story modes or anything, you don't even need to play online either cause there's so much other in depth stuff like franchise mode, and career mode type stuff with your created character.

I think voiceovers have ruined some video games(like wwe). RTWM cut scenes have guys talking and stuff, but it'd be better if they just added multiple diff scenarios and just used text for the guys talking.

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Re: Official WWE 13 Thread

I like Universe mode, I just wish they could make it more customizable. They should have more logos for shows, WCW PPV's for example, and fix the create-an-arena floor because it looks all patchy and weird. Also, why the hell do they have every PPV logo for the last few years apart from No Way Out? I wanted to create the schedule for 2012 but there was no No Way Out logo and all the created logos are too small and really shitty.

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Re: WWE 13 - Early News

Originally Posted by Fraggle View Post
During the THQ/ WWE Games Superstar Challange, Creative Director for WWE Games Cory Ledesma let it slip that 6 divas will be able to be in the ring at the same time!
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