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Re: Randy Orton 24's Sim- The Road to Wrestlemania 29

WWE.com news

We have a update on the injury of Triple H that he suffered at King of the Ring. He suffered a pulled back muscle from being backdrop off the stage and crashing through tables. Here is words from Triple H.

"JBL might have took my WWE Championship but he didn't injure me. I will be at WWE Draft and I will be in action against my good friend Sheamus and I will win RAW a draft pick but Bradshaw, dont think I forgot about what you did. I am still hunting you down."

Triple H will not be on RAW this week but he will be in action at WWE Draft.

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Re: Randy Orton 24's Sim- The Road to Wrestlemania 29

Just a reminder that you guys have until tomorrow night to get roleplays in.

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Re: Randy Orton 24's Sim- The Road to Wrestlemania 29

After a gruesome Pay-Per-View at King of the Ring last night, RAW opens up with it's usual pyro and theme song. The crowd is pumped up as we cut to the announcing table where we see Michael Cole and Jerry 'The King' Lawler. They talk about the fantastic Pay-Per-View that was King of the Ring. We get to see some highlights from the show, Brodus Clay capturing the United States title by defeating The Miz, Deuce and Domino retaining their Tag Team titles, Kurt Angle retaining his World Heavyweight title the great matches leading up to the final of the King of the Ring tournament which ended in Wade Barrett becoming King of the Ring winning a shot against the World Heavyweight Champion, Kurt Angle, at Money in the Bank. The final highlight is the gruesome match for the WWE title between the challenger JBL and the champion Triple H, fought in a Last Man Standing match. We see Triple H falling down the ramp into couple of tables and the ref counting to ten. Last thing we see before cutting back to the announcers is JBL barely being able to stand holding onto his new WWE title.

The Longhorn sounds, signaling the arrival of the new WWE Champion, John Bradshaw Layfield. The crowd boo loudly as they await for the champion who finally shows up, not in his limousine though. JBL comes out from the titantron, with his new title on his shoulders, being assisted by an anonymous person which we cannot see clearly who is. Once the two arrive to the ramp, the person helping JBL walk due to his bloody match last week, it is revealed that the person is none other than the Cabinet's former Chief of Staff, Orlando Jordan. The crowd boo loudly as the two get closer to the ring. JBL is wearing his normal suit with his white hat, Jordan is also wearing a suit. Jordan seems to be smiling, knowing JBL won the title last night. Jordan isn't empty handed as he is holding a briefcase. JBL walks up the steel steps with some help from Orlando Jordan and the two enter the ring. JBL takes off his hat, revealing a bandage on his forehead, hands the hat to Jordan who in return, hands him the briefcase. JBL is given a microphone by Lillian Garcia begins to talk while the crowd's boo die down.

John Bradshaw Layfield

Seven years..seven years I've been waiting for this moment. For seven years I've been working my ass off every day to get to this point. Seven years it took me to get back what I treasure so much. The WWE title is finally back on JBL's shoulder.

JBL smirks as the crowd boo loudly.

Triple H, you put up a hell of a fight, but when you step into the ring with greatness, you're bound to end up losing. The difference between me and you is the desire I have, the drive to achieve things. It's the reason why I'm a business phenomenon and the WWE Champion. I always get what I want and if it means getting personal, I will get personal. Some people might call me cheap or a cheat. I call myself the WWE Champion and that's the only thing that matters when it comes right down to it. Now that I have finally gotten my hands back on what has always been mine, the WWE Championship, it's time for a little makeover.

JBL pulls his title off his shoulders, puts the briefcase down on the mat and holds the title in-front of him, staring at it.

This title used to represent something. It used to be an achievement, it used to mean you were the top dog in this company. Look at this thing. Look what John Cena and other clowns have done to this title. It's a damn disgrace is what it is now. It's time to change this title back into what it was in the past. This thing needs to go.

JBL hands Jordan the WWE title and a WWE employee comes down the ramp holding a trashcan. Jordan gives him the title which the employee proceeds to dump it into the trashcan. The staff member walks back up the ramp with the trashcan. Jordan turns to JBL who grabs the briefcase and opens it.

We're going back to becoming a respectable company but to become what the WWE once was, we need a respectable title. Something that represents the WWE for what it is. A wrestling company, not a circus. This is what our new WWE title looks like.

JBL opens up the briefcase and takes out a new WWE title that looks exactly like the old title, he used to have. JBL throws the briefcase to the side and holds up the WWE title.

This is the glorious title I once wore back when I was champion and this is what I will wear now as champion. Say hello to the new WWE title!

The crowd boo as Orlando Jordan claps his hands in approval and smiles to JBL. JBL hands him the title and Jordan helps put it onto JBL's waist.

I wore this title back when I was in SmackDown and I became the longest reigning champion in SmackDown history with it. Now it's time for RAW to experience a real champion and once again I will break all records and become the longest reigning WWE Champion in RAW history. Now, many of you might be asking yourselves, what is my old friend Orlando Jordan doing with me again. Well, I'll answer that for you. You see, in the RAW locker room there are a lot of scum crawling around. Being a champion makes me a target for many of those people. To not only ensure my own survival but their own survival from me, I met up with Orlando Jordan and asked him if he wanted to once again become a part of the greatness that is my championship reign. Orlando is here to ensure there is no one taking my title away with cheap tricks. Orlando, welcome aboard the team and congratulations on being apart of this greatness.

The crowd boo as Orlando Jordan smiles and JBL and him shake hands.

Now, tonight I'll be facing The Rock as my first opponent as champion. Rock, you've done some amazing things in your career. I'll admit that. You are one of the most talented people in the business. And when I mean business, I mean the movie business. Dwayne, you know deep inside your heart you're not here for the fans, you're here for the money. I'm a business man Dwayne, I didn't become a genius in one night. I know when I see successful people, and you Dwayne could be the greatest movie star in America. Stepping into the ring with the Wrestling God will make you look like a jackass and futher put to shame your wrestling career. Go back to acting kid. It's all you're good at. The people don't give a damn about you. I know that from experience. None of you people out here tonight want me to succeed and none of the people back in 2005 wanted me to succeed, but I did anyway Dwayne. These people are idiots, following trends that come and go. I'm warning you Dwayne, come out here later tonight and I promise you I will be ready. Even after a match like the one I had last night, I will be ready. Because I am a Wrestling God. I thrive under any and all circumstances, all you are is a tooth fairy. Go back to doing that Dwayne. Nothing can stop me now after I've become WWE Champion and with Orlando by my side. Nothing will stop me from becoming the greatest WWE Champion RAW has ever seen. Tonight and for weeks to come..Raw is JBL.

JBL smirks as the crowd boo loudly. Orlando Jordan smiles as well and helps the champion out of the ring. They walk up the ramp together but stop at the top of the ramp. JBL turns around, lifts up his new WWE title as RAW cuts to commercials.

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Re: Randy Orton 24's Sim- The Road to Wrestlemania 29

*After a house show match between RAW and King of the Ring.*

*Mason Ryan hits JBL with a full nelson slam.*

Micheal Cole:Mason Ryan just hit JBL with the Full Force of Honor (Full Nelson Slam).

Mason:JBL you broke the code of honor again and I didn't want to have to attack you like this but desperate and dramatic times cause for desperate,dramatic and drastic measures.I thought you learned from our match I guess I didn't hit you hard enough.You see you won the battle but not the war.With Mason Ryan you never win the war.I guess someone forgot to tell you.All this clothes,all these servants,your little cabinet you don't deserve any of it.You don't deserve that limo you own.You certainly don't deserve this title.

*Mason picks up the title.*

Mason:Come see me when you really earned this.

*Mason leaves with the crowd chanting his name.*
____________________________________________________________________________________________________ ________________________
WWE.COM Interview

Mason:See this title here.It belongs to a real man.Your champion JBL isn't even a shadow of that.I still have your title JBL.On RAW I will still be holding your title.Come the Money in the Bank PPV I will still be holding your title.You want your title back so bad fight me for it.

*Josh Mathews joins the interview.*

Josh:Mason why exactly did you take JBL's title?

Mason:Josh I was tired of his constant cheating and lying and arrogance.I want to show JBL the true way to fight.He is a talented man I will give him that.But that doesn't change the fact I want to kick his ass.

Josh:Yes but didn't you lose to him at Extreme Rules?

Mason(Annoyed):Yes but that was then and this is now.I have become stronger since then.Their is no man with more determination then Mason Ryan and I am determined to end JBL as we all know him.

Josh:What do you plan to do with JBL's title belt?

Mason:I plan to bring back veneration to it.Something that title hasn't had ever since JBL started holding it.But he won't for long because I plan on taking it from him for good whenever he decides to fight me.

Josh any last words for JBL?

Mason:Yes if JBL wants this title so bad then he can come and get me.

Not Removing until:
[]Tyson Kidd wins a singles title.
[X]Punk Main events a PPV. NOC 2012
[]Trent Baretta wins any title.
[]Mason Ryan wins any title.
[]Barrett wins a world title.
[]Swagger gets fired.
[X]Miz turns face.Surivor Series and it's buildup

^Read this or

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Re: Randy Orton 24's Sim- The Road to Wrestlemania 29

*Justin Gabriel and Matt Hardy come out.*
Justin:Barrett nice win yesterday.Cheap but nice.I got to tell you though I don't think you would of won if I had just broken a record and pulled of an upset.

Matt:So here is the deal you fight the tag team that will not die.Yeah Barrett I'm talking to you and your washed up buddy Regal.We meet tonight at the draft.I promise you that even if you cheat WE WILL NOT DIE.But their wont be any cheating because every superstar is banned from ringside and so is your masked buddy.

Not Removing until:
[]Tyson Kidd wins a singles title.
[X]Punk Main events a PPV. NOC 2012
[]Trent Baretta wins any title.
[]Mason Ryan wins any title.
[]Barrett wins a world title.
[]Swagger gets fired.
[X]Miz turns face.Surivor Series and it's buildup

^Read this or
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Re: Randy Orton 24's Sim- The Road to Wrestlemania 29


WWE.com back with another exclusive breaking news headline! Just hours after a spectacular King of The Ring Pay-Per-View WWE.com can reveal that the newly crowned King of The WWE Wade Barrett and his mentor William Regal are planning a lavish King of The Ring celebration on Friday Night SmackDown!

Confirmed for SmackDown’s royal celebration is Wade Barrett’s first public appearance since winning the King of The Ring. Wade is thought to be addressing his “loyal subjects” as well as stating his intentions heading into his match with Kurt Angle for the World Heavyweight Championship at Money In The Bank in just a few short weeks.

With celebration on the horizon this Friday Night the question on everybody’s lips is will the masked man make an appearance on SmackDown! and if he does will he be the “guest of honour?”


Date; Friday 14th June 2012
Time; 8:16PM
Location; Cleveland, Ohio
Event; Friday Night SmackDown!

Friday Night SmackDown! returns from a short commercial break promoting WWE’s next Pay-Per-View Money In The Bank. As the commercial fades away a video package highlighting the events of King of The Ring are shown.

The video package shows a brief highlight of each match in the tournament before reaching the finale; Justin Gabriel verses Wade Barrett. The video package shows both Superstars getting the best of each other during the match before showing the finish, the masked man helping Wade Barrett beat his former stable member and thus becoming King of The Ring.

As the video package fades away we return back inside the arena as the WWE backstage crew are putting the final touches to the set for Wade Barrett’s King of The Ring celebration. Two WWE crew members quickly roll out the lavish red carpet as another two crew members get the throne set in the right place at the top of the stage.

After a couple of moments of the backstage crew members shuffling around with the numerous props they’re finished ready for Barrett to make his appearance when suddenly......

The deafening tone of the brass horns startles some of the WWE universe. As “Regality” resonates through the audience’s ears. Upon hearing William Regal’s entrance music the WWE Universe burst out into a chorus of boos as “The English Gentleman” emerges from behind the curtain.

“Master” Regal stands tall at the top of the stage as he looks to his right at the throne for his protégé Wade Barrett. A huge toothy grin spreads across his face as he daydreams about his time winning the King of The Ring.

The loud boos continue but this doesn’t bother Regal as he simply raises his right hand high up in the air to try and lower the tone of boos. This act doesn’t work but Regal doesn’t mind as he is just too happy to give a damn about what the WWE Universe think at this present moment.

William slowly raises the microphone up to his lips as a chant of “You Suck!” begins to break.

William Regal
My “loyal subjects” please allow me to welcome you to a once in a life time sceptical..... a moment in time that will forever be etched into the anneals of WWE history..... the official coronation ceremony of the “Crown Jewel” of the WWE....... the man whom “single handily” defeated Superstars from RAW and SmackDown to become the King of the WWE....... ladies and gentlemen please get up..... stand up and welcome your King......Wade Barrett!

Regal lowers the microphone as he begins to clap his hands, still with a huge toothy grin plastered across his face. The WWE Universe begin to boo even louder as Regal begins to repeatedly shout “All hail King Barrett”.

The lights in the arena dim down as “End of Days” begins to play. The WWE Universe again begin to chant “You Suck!” as “The Bare Knuckle Brawler” appears from behind the curtain. Barrett looks extremely smug and proud of himself as he did exactly what he claimed he would, win the King of The Ring.

Wade looks over to his right as he sees his “teacher” Regal clapping whilst still proclaiming Barrett’s greatness, this only makes Wade even more jubilant. Barrett walks over to his fellow Englishman and extends his hand out to shake Regal’s. The two men are extremely pleased with the way thing have turned out. Once both Barrett and Regal exchanged pleasantries Wade makes his way over to the throne and sits down comfortably in it as Regal hands him the microphone.

Wade Barrett
Welcome “my loyal subjects”...... welcome to the dawn of a new era....... be under no illusions this isn’t the return of the Attitude Era you all loved..... no...... this isn’t the “Age of Orton” or the God awful John Cena "Never Give Up" era....... no....... ladies and gentlemen we’re entering the beginning of an era that will overshadow all else....... this coronation marks the beginning of the Iron Era....... it marks the beginning of an Empire....... the British Empire........

The WWE Universe begin to boo even louder now.

You see this was what myself and “Master” Regal envisaged all those weeks ago..... you take out the figureheads, the competition...... Randy Orton..... Edge.... and what do you have left? Absolutely nothing..... SmackDown! is in great need of change...... and with me winning the King of The Ring this past Sunday, this is only the beginning of the changes SmackDown! has in store.

Barrett takes a brief pause as he takes the time to watch the WWE Universe with a power hungry grin etched into his face.

SmackDown! is no longer the “safe haven” it once was...... not under our dictatorship. If you plan on staying on my brand you will prove your worth........ that rule applies to each and everyone in the back...... even the SmackDown! General Manager Stone Cold Steve Austin! SmackDown! is no longer a democracy...... I run this show...... this company with an iron fist, so from this point on...... our either with us! Or against us!

A villainous smirk runs along Barrett’s face as he passes the microphone to William Regal for a moment.

Your King has spoken....... and he employs you the SmackDown! Superstars to do what is expected of you..... win your matches at WWE’s annual Draft Pay-Per-View this Sunday and you can live peacefully knowing you’ve served your King...... however if you lose you better hope and pray you get drafted over to Monday Night RAW! Your King will not accept anything less than greatness..... SmackDown! from now onwards will be seen as the land of the bold, the wise and the courageous...... these are all qualities your King has and IF you follow your noble ruler you too will be enlightened.

Regal’s words are stern but they are heartfelt. William hands the microphone back to King Wade Barrett as he looks to move onto addressing other matters at hand.

As I stated before SmackDown! is no longer a democracy, anybody whom wishes to “make a name” for himself off of our backs will be punished accordingly...... that brings me to Justin Gabriel and his tag team partner Matt Hardy.

Wade takes a pauses as he smiles thinking of a suitable punishment for Justin’s apparent challenge of authority.

Justin, Matthew, are you familiar with the quote “Whenever the invisible hand isn’t operating the Iron Fist is”....... to put that quotation into words you will understand it basically means that the powers that be, in this case General Manager Stone Cold Steve Austin cannot possibly see, hear or control everything at one given time where as the Iron Fist...... that’s me and Master Regal........ we operate above the law....... after all a King answer to no man..... let alone mere peasant such as yourselves......

A sense of arrogance washes over Barrett as he continues.

If you wish to step up to your King you first must pass the “Gate Keeper”........

Barrett gives a quick signal within a few moments the masked man who debuted at King of The Ring appears in the crowd. The masked man climbs over the barrier and immediately climbs up onto the ramp to stand right next to the King.

Justin, Matthew if you want to get to your King you first must prove your worth..... next week on SmackDown! if you can beat Master William Regal and our associate then you can get a match with me..... however should you lose your tag team match however and I’ll have you both banished from SmackDown! altogether! The ball is in your court.......

It looks as though the King is now getting to throw his weight around but he isn’t finished yet as he continues with his power hungry rave with both William Regal and the masked man watching on.

Now to get to the final and most prominent part of my speech...... at Money In The Bank I’ll face Kurt Angle for the World Heavyweight Championship...... I’m going to make my intensions clear from the offset...... next week on SmackDown! I’m giving Kurt the ultimate opportunity....... Kurt you have the opportunity to do something you’ve never done in your career....... get on your knees acknowledge that I am your superior and relinquish the World Heavyweight Championship to me....... if you chose not to bow down to your King you WILL learn what it means to fall on your on sword!

With Barrett’s final words he rests back into the throne as the masked man picks up the King of The Ring crown from a small table and hands it to Master Regal. William raises the crown up to show the WWE Universe as they boo loudly. Regal places the crown on Barrett’s head as both men beam from ear to ear with huge toothy smiles.

The masked man then picks up a royal red robe and hands it carefully to Regal. The 2008 King of The Ring winner asks his protégé to stand as he places the robe over Wade’s shoulders.

The scene ends with all three men linked hand to hand arms raised in royal celebration. The last “insult to injury” comes as confetti starts to fall this only enrages the WWE Universe more. SmackDown! fades away to another commercial break.

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Re: Randy Orton 24's Sim- The Road to Wrestlemania 29

The three count and the bell rings. Highlights of the match we just saw are shown and we cut to the announcing table where our commentators talk for a brief moment. We are told Carlito is backstage. Camera cuts to backstage where we see Carlito with his Intercontinental Title on his shoulders and an apple in his hand. Carlito doesn't look very pleased. Carlito begins to talk.

Carlito Caribbean Cool

For weeks now, Carlito has been making a mockery of the SmackDown roster. Carlito has defeated every single superstar in the locker room. But still Carlito doesn't get the credit he deserves. Carlito isn't even booked to wrestle at King of the Ring last night? I defeated the current World Heavyweight Champion, Kurt Angle one on one but I'm not even booked to wrestle? I'm the Intercontinental Champion. Carlito is SmackDown. I shouldn't have to buy my own ticket. That's not cool. While we are on the subject of not cool, Kennedy, what you did last night to Carlito was disgusting. Carlito is the Intercontinental Champion, show him some respect for god sake. I feel bad for Kennedy though, he's so forgettable in the ring that he needs to remind the WWE Universe who he is. Poor guy. Carlito doesn't need to remind people who he is. Carlito eats people like you for breakfast and spits in their face. That's the reason why I'm the champion. I show no remorse. It's the reason why Carlito will become the longest reigning Intercontinental Champion in history. And that's cool.

Scene fades away.

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Re: Randy Orton 24's Sim- The Road to Wrestlemania 29

Kennedy: Carlito thats just weird you eat people?! Talk about not cool! I didnt have to remind the people who MRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR Kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeennnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnneeeeeeeeeee eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeedddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy is. You see you were boring the hell out of the crowd and nobody else would do it so i volentered to shut you the hell up! And when i get my chance to face you well your looking at the new intercontinental champion!

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Re: Randy Orton 24's Sim- The Road to Wrestlemania 29

Times up, any roleplay that comes after this message will not count.

The shows will be up Tuesday.

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Re: Randy Orton 24's Sim- The Road to Wrestlemania 29



We get a recap of King of the Ring mainly showing JBL winning the WWE Championship. Video then aired of JBL bringing back the original WWE Championship that he held in 2004.

The RAW video play as people inside the arena is going nuts.

Michael Cole: Welcome to WWE Monday Night RAW. Last night at King of the Ring, JBL was crowned the new WWE Champion after a brutal match against The King of Kings. Speaking of kings, Smackdown’s Wade Barrett won the King of the Ring Tournament but more on that this Friday night on Smackdown.

CM Punk/Mason Ryan vs Bully Ray/Chris Jericho
The finish comes when all hell breaks loose. Mason Ryan fights with Bully Ray outside the ring. CM Punk grabs Chris Jericho, picks him up and does The GTS to him. Punk covers Y2J for the win.

Michael Cole: What a win by the new Internet Champion, CM Punk and Mason Ryan. This Sunday on the preshow for WWE Draft, CM Punk will defend that Internet Championship against Mr. Kennedy and it is also a Draft Pick Match. Coming up later tonight, we have a interview done with Triple H who is at home resting after his match with JBL last night at King of the Ring.

Backstage we see Bradshaw in front of a camera with Orlando Jordan standing behind him.

JBL: I told you all that I would do it and I did. Not only that but as all of you know now, I got rid of that awful John Cena Championship for a good respectable Championship. The WWE Championship should look decent, not some bling to use in a stupid rap video. Enough about that though, I want to talk to one person. Mick Foley. Mick, I want you to name a new number one contender. I don’t care who it is. I want to bring back good wrestling to these people. Triple H don’t deserve another match. The Rock, John Cena, CM Punk, hell, Mason Ryan, the steroids junkie who think he can beat me don’t deserve a championship match either. Only one man in this entire company deserve to face me for my WWE Championship. That man is the man that just returned to the company and is already one of the best in the history of the WWE. That man is the man standing right by me, the undefeated since he returned, Orlando Jordan. Mick, there is no one that deserve it more than The Big O. So, Mick, make JBL vs Orlando Jordan for the WWE Championship in the future on pay per view and I promise that you would get buyrates like you never seen before. You would get UFC buys if you know what I mean. So Mick, there is only one person who is man enough to challenge JBL for the WWE Championship, that man is Orlando Jordan.

JBL walks off as Orlando follows him.


Eve Torres vs Brie Bella
The finish comes when Eve plants Brie Bella with a DDT. Eve goes to the top rope and does a moonsault to Bella. Eve covers Brie for the win.

Michael Cole: This Sunday at WWE Draft, Eve Torres will take on AJ in a Draft Match but also the winner will challenge Katilyn for the WWE Diva’s Championship at Money In The Bank.

We get a video showing the debut of Dean Ambrose as he faces John Cena tonight on RAW.


We get a video of Brodus Clay beating The Miz in a Bodyslam Match to win the WWE United States Championship last night at King of the Ring.

United States Championship
Falls Count Anywhere Match
Brodus Clay© vs The Miz

The finish comes when The Miz and Brodus Clay fight outside the ring. The Miz tries to pick Clay up trying to prove that he can bodyslam Clay. Brodus smiles and start jiggling and then he headbutts The Miz. The Miz falls on his back knocked out. Brodus runs and jumps and plants The Miz with a splash outside the ring. Clay covers Miz there and wins the match.

Michael Cole: I really hate that guy. Anyways, it will be Champion taking on Champion this Sunday at WWE Draft as Brodus Clay takes on Carlito.


Before the next match starts between Kane and Santino Marella, Mick Foley appears on the screen.

Mick Foley: This was not my idea as it was more Brodus Clay’s idea but the winner of this next match will be a United States Championship Match next week on Monday Night RAW, bang bang.

Mick Foley smiles as Kane and Santino likes that announcement.

Number 1 Contendership for the United States Championship
Santino Marella vs Kane

The finish comes when Kane grabs Santino Marella by his neck. Just then Miz enters the ring with a chair and hits Santino in the back first. The ref calls for the bell.

Michael Cole: Santino Marella wins by DQ and he will face Brodus Clay for the US Championship next week on RAW.

Miz also hits Kane with the chair over and over. Miz pulls Kane up and plants him with a Skull Crushing Finale. Miz also does the same thing to Santino Marella. Miz walks over and grabs a mic as the fans boo him.

The Miz: Go ahead and boo me but you are wasting your time because I am the most must see Superstar in the history of the WWE and this is your once in a lifetime chance to see me live and you boo me? Really? Really? You see these two losers laying on the mat, they want to be the United States Champion? Really? They are nothing, I deserve another match against Fatty Clay and Fatty Foley, if you don’t give me one, this show will not continue. I will sit out here in the middle of the ring unless Mick Foley give me what I want, no, what I deserve. So Mick......

Mick Foley is shown once again on the screen.

Mick Foley: Miz, I will give you one more chance to earn a US Championship Match. Next week on RAW, the very first match on RAW will be you taking on Kane. The winner will go to face Brodus Clay and Santino Marella for the United States Championship in a triple threat match later that night. Have A Nice Day Miz.

Miz don’t look too happy about having to face Kane. Miz turns around and Kane picks him up and plants him with a chokeslam.

Michael Cole: That is not fair. Miz have to go through hell to get a title shot at the United States Championship.


We are back live on RAW and we see a young cocky looking guy in the ring with a mic.

Dean Ambrose: My name is Dean Ambrose. I am here in the WWE for one reason and one reason only, to change it. Sure, JBL the old WWE Champion says he is going to change the WWE but for real, he is the one that we need to change. He goes around backstage being a bully for years to the younger generation and I am sick of it. But enough about JBL, the man that I am going to change tonight is Mr. John Cena. Cena, for years, you keep getting your superman powers and beating guys left and right. You beat guys every week with your five moves of doom. Lets see what are those five movies? Oh wait, I said movies, well, you have not been in five movies because your first two absolutely sucked. Now lets look at your five movies shall we? First move is a punch which is weak as butter. Second movie is a kick which would not even hurt a spider that you step on. The third movie is a weak ass looking suplex that looks like it hurts Cena more than it does whoever he is facing. The forth is The Five Knuckle Shuffle, which is just about as useless as The People’s Elbow. His fifth move is The Attitude Adjustment which is just a fireman’s carry slam. I would include the STF but he don’t know how to do it and trust me, I been told it don’t hurt either. So my point is that Johnny Boy, we are sick and tired of you and tonight, I end you once and for all. We are entering a new era, a new revolution, the revolution of Ambrose.

Dean Ambrose dropped the mic.

Dean Ambrose vs John Cena
The finish comes when John Cena goes for The AA but Dean slides off him and rolls him up for the shocking three count.

Michael Cole: Oh my god, Dean Ambrose just defeated John Cena. Coming up next the WWE Champion, JBL will be in action against The Rock.


JBL vs The Rock
The finish comes when Orlando Jordan gets on the ring apron and distract The Rock. The Rock runs over and hits Jordan off the apron. Rock turns around and into a hard Clothesline From Hell by JBL. JBL covers The Rock for the win.

Michael Cole: JBL just defeated the biggest Hollywood actor there is in that ring tonight.

Mick Foley comes out on the stage with a mic.

Mick Foley: Congrats, John on defeating my good buddy, The Rock tonight. Now, I heard your plea to have you face Orlando Jordan for the WWE Championship, and while Orlando might put up a challenge, you know, the challenge of laying flat on his back while another guy pins him one, two, three, might be fair and all to you but the WWE Universe deserve so much more from a WWE Championship Match. So no, Orlando Jordan is not getting a WWE Title Match anytime in the future. But as I was thinking about who you should face, it dawn on me that you should defend your WWE Championship at Money in the Bank in five weeks against this man.

“Time To Play The Game” plays and Triple H comes out wearing a leather jacket, and blue jeans, and holding a sledgehammer in his hand. He runs down the ramp and enters the ring as JBL and Orlando Jordan leave the ring and exit through the crowd.

Mick Foley: JBL, one more thing, at WWE Monday in the Bank, you will defend the WWE Championship against Triple H inside Hell in a Cell.

The crowd cheers as JBL is standing in the crowd looking shocked. Triple H is in the ring pointing at JBL as RAW goes off the air.


We go straight into the arena where William Regal is standing by a throne.

William Regal: Everyone please welcome the man that beat three other people to become King of the Ring and the man that will sit out here and oversee Smackdown all night tonight. Everyone All Hail King Barrett.

Wade Barrett comes out wearing his crown and his cape. He walks down the ramp as he is in action first but William Regal keeps chanting “All Hail King Barrett” over and over again as Barrett enters the ring to boos.

Michael Cole: Wade Barrett, our king, will join us out here all night watching the show from his royal throne. He will be in action though first against Rob Van Dam. In our main event for tonight, Sheamus will team with Randy Orton to take on Edge and the World Heavyweight Champion, Kurt Angle.

King Barrett vs Rob Van Dam
The finish comes when Wade Barrett picks RVD up and plants him with a hard Wasteland. Barrett smiles as he covers RVD for the three.

Once again, William Regal starts chanting “All Hail King Barrett”.

Josh Mathews: Wade Barrett will get a World Championship Match against Kurt Angle at Money in the Bank.
Michael Cole: Look at King Barrett, he is going back to sit on his throne. Bow you pheasant, bow for our king.

Wade Barrett sits down as the crowd boos him.


We get a video showing Mr. Kennedy returning to the WWE and attacking Carlito at King of the Ring.

Carlito vs Drew McIntyre
The finish comes when Drew goes for a DDT but Carlito spins him around and plants him with a quick Back Stabber. Carlito covers McIntyre for the win.

Josh Mathews: A great win by the Intercon....

Just then Mr. Kennedy enters the ring. Carlito turns around and Mr. Kennedy plants him with The Mic Check. Mr. Kennedy leaves the ring as Wade Barrett is shown watching the whole thing from his throne.


Backstage we see Mr. Kennedy running down the hall when he bumps into the Smackdown General Manager, Stone Cold Steve Austin.

Stone Cold Steve Austin: Excuse me.

Mr. Kennedy turns around and sees Stone Cold was the man he bumped into.

Mr. Kennedy: Your excuse.

Stone Cold smiles and takes a drink of his beer he is holding.

Stone Cold Steve Austin: That’s funny, Kennedy. You know what, I am making a match. Next week on Smackdown, don’t matter what happens with the Draft, if you get drafted to RAW this match will still take place. It will be you, Mister Kennedy..............Kennedy against Carlito for the Intercontinental Championship.

Steve Austin walks off leaving Mr. Kennedy with a grin on his face.

WWE Tag Team Championship
Deuce N’ Domino© vs Justin Gabriel/Matt Hardy

The finish comes when Matt Hardy plants The Twist of Fate on Domino. Matt tags in Justin who goes to the top rope. Justin Gabriel jumps and plants a picture perfect 450 Splash. Justin covers Domino for the win.

Josh Mathews: Justin Gabriel and Matt Hardy are the new WWE Tag Team Champions.

Justin Gabriel and Matt Hardy celebrate but they still focus on Wade Barrett sitting on his throne.

Michael Cole: I am being told that next week on Smackdown, it will be Matt Hardy and Justin Gabriel taking on William Regal and the mystery masked man that been hanging around King Barrett. If Matt and Justin wins, they will get a match with The King himself.


Mr. Kennedy vs The Big Show
The finish comes when Carlito runs out and attacks Mr. Kennedy. The ref calls for the bell. Mr. Kennedy wins by DQ.

Josh Mathews: Carlito is getting revenge from earlier tonight.

Carlito does The Back Stabber to Mr. Kennedy. Carlito goes over and picks up his apple. He takes and bite out of it and spits it in Mr. Kennedy’s face. Carlito leaves the ring as Mr. Kennedy lay there in Carlito’s spitted apple.


Kaitlyn vs AJ
Halfway during the match, King Barrett sends William Regal to stop this match as it was “awful”. The finish comes when William Regal gets on the apron but Kaitlyn runs over and slaps him. AJ runs over and rolls Kaitlyn up for the three.

Josh Mathews: How is it that King Barrett thinks because he is The King that he can run Smackdown and decide what matches takes place?

William Regal gets in the ring as he looks pissed at Kaitlyn.

Wade Barrett: William, don’t hurt her. She’s not even worth your time as we know she is nothing but a worthless slut just like most American women are.

The crowd boos and chants “Barrett Sucks”.

Wade Barrett: Keep chanting that all you want. I am The King of this company and I am in charge as the ruler of Smackdown. Since I am in charge, I want you all to stay tune for after this so called main event as I, your King Barrett, will present a Royal Bash that will have to be seen to believe and I invite all of you pheasants to be there to see your King celebrate.

William Regal who is now back up on top of the stage chants once again “All Hail King Barrett”.


Kurt Angle/Edge vs Sheamus/Randy Orton
The finish comes when Kurt Angle does The Angle Slam to Sheamus. Kurt Angle makes the cover for the three.

Michael Cole: A great win by our World Hevayweight Champion, Kurt Angle and Edge.

We hear William Regal’s voice.

William Regal: Get these people our of our King’s ring as we are having our celebration next.


We are back and the throne is in the middle of the ring. We see they are drinking stuff and William Regal tries to get the crowd to quiet down but they are chanting “You Suck” loud.

King Barrett: All of you be quiet, we are trying to have a celebration to honor your King. Now this celebration is going to kick off in style. We are drinking our English tea and for the first time ever, we are going to bring to you free, the entire King of the Ring Tournament, right now on TV. Roll the footage.

Instead of the matches playing, Glass breaks and Stone Cold Steve Austin comes out with a mic. He enters the ring and stares at King Barrett who is sitting down on his throne.

Stone Cold Steve Austin: Wade, who the hell do you think you are son? First you sit all night up here like you’re a big shot and then you try to stop a match from happening? Then you demand us to lose money by showing the entire King of the Ring. Was you dropped on your head in England or was you just born that stupid? You know, you only been King for five days and Stone Cold is already sick and damn tired of you. So you have three seconds to wrap this stupid celebration up before I do it for you.

Wade Barrett gets up from his throne as William Regal stands next to him. Barrett and Austin start mouthing each other. Just then the masked man enters the ring with a pipe and hits Austin in the back of his neck with the pipe. Stone Cold falls to the mat holding his neck as the masked man and William Regal start kicking and hitting Austin on his neck. Stone Cold Steve Austin pulls himself up and start fighting back against William Regal and The Masked Man. Wade Barrett picks up the pipe and hits Austin in the neck. Austin is knocked out as he hits the mat hard.

Josh Mathews: This is un call for.

The masked man picked Austin up and plants him with a hard DDT. William Regal smiles as he pulls Austin’s limp body up. The Masked Man held Austin while Regal runs and plants Austin with The Knee Tumbler. Wade Barrett pulls Austin up and plants him with a Wasteland.

Smackdown goes off with The King standing over Stone Cold Steve Austin.

WWE.com News

After Smakdown, doctors came to the conclusion that Steve Austin have been injured with a neck problem. We are being told that Vince Mcmahon will be on Smackdown this week to announce a Interim General Manager until Stone Cold Steve Austin can come back to the job.



Champion vs Champion
Winner Gets Two Draft Picks

JBL(RAW) vs Kurt Angle(SD)

Champion vs Champion
Brodus Clay(RAW) vs Carlito(SD)

Elimination Match
Winner Gets Two Picks

Chris Jericho(RAW) vs The Rock(RAW) vs Edge(SD) vs Daniel Bryan(SD)

Triple H(RAW) vs Sheamus(SD)

Mason Ryan(RAW) vs Drew McIntyre(SD)

Hardcore Match
Raven(RAW) vs Mike Bennett(SD)

John Cena(RAW) vs King Barrett(SD)

The Miz(RAW) vs The Big Show(SD)

Primo/Epico(RAW) vs Deuce N’ Domino(SD)

Brock Lesnar(RAW) vs Matt Hardy(SD)

Zack Ryder(RAW) vs Justin Gabriel(SD)

Number 1 Contendership for the Diva’s Championship
Eve Torres(RAW) vs AJ(SD)


Internet Championship
CM Punk©(RAW) vs Mr. Kennedy(SD)

You guys have until Sunday night to get roleplays in for WWE Draft.

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