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Re: Randy Orton 24's Sim- The Road to Wrestlemania 29

Times up, any roleplay that comes after this message will not count.

The shows will be up Friday.

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Re: Randy Orton 24's Sim- The Road to Wrestlemania 29

Sorry for not getting the Cena RP out, only managed the Jericho one, too much full time work unfortunately.

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Re: Randy Orton 24's Sim- The Road to Wrestlemania 29

The following people have one week to reply or roleplay or they will lose their superstars.

Terry Gyimah
Little Jimmy95

Like I said, if I dont hear a reply from them by next Thursday, the superstars they have will be open again.

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Re: Randy Orton 24's Sim- The Road to Wrestlemania 29



We start off RAW with Chris Jericho already in the ring and we can tell me been talking on the mic for a long time already.

Chris Jericho: And then, after I left the airport, I can still hear the fans screaming my name. Go Jericho Go, over and over again as I left the airport to enter this crappy city here tonight. That’s ok though, there is still hope for you left because, I, Chris Jericho is here as your savior and........

Just then Mick Foley appears on the screen.

Mick Foley: Chris, would you please shut the hell up. You been talking for over fifteen minutes now way before RAW came on the air. So Jericho, if you don’t shut up and wrestle right now, I am taking you out of the King of the Ring tournament. Have a Nice Day.

Chris Jericho looks pissed but he agrees and throws the mic outside the ring.

King of the Ring Qualifying Match
Chris Jericho vs The Miz

The finish comes when The Miz goes for The Skull Crushing Finale but Y2J rolls through. Miz turns around and walks right into a hard Code Breaker from Jericho. Chris Jericho covers The Miz for the three count.

Michael Cole: Chris Jericho is moving onto the King of the Ring tournament.


Backstage we see JBL in front of the camera.

JBL: I was going to be interviewed but I think that my words speak louder than some stupid person asking me questions. Tonight, I face that thug John Cena one on one in that very ring. John, what I am going to do to you tonight in that ring will only be a taste of what I am going to do to Triple H at King of the Ring. Not only do I get to beat the living hell out of two of the poster boys for the WWE, but I will get to do it in style as I, JBL, The Wrestling God, will beat Cena tonight and then he will become the new WWE Champion.

JBL takes a deep breath, smiles, and walks away.

Kaitlyn vs Brie Bella
The finish comes when Kaitlyn rolls Brie Bella up for the three.

Michael Cole: The Diva’s Champion defeated a Bella Twin here tonight on Monday Night RAW.


John Cena vs JBL
The finish comes when John Cena picks JBL up for The AA but JBL pokes Cena in his eye. JBL gets off of Cena and runs and plants John Cena with The Clothesline From Hell. JBL covers Cena for the three.

Michael Cole: What a win for JBL. Wait, why is Mick Foley out here?

We see Mick Foley standing on the stage.

Mick Foley: JBL, you did what you said you were going to do and that was beat John Cena. I am out here because I just had a talk to Triple H backstage. He wanted your match against him to be special and he told me what kind of match he wants. I told him that I would make the match but only on one condition. Between now and next Sunday, you guys can’t touch each other because if you do, you will be fired. We can’t have you two beating the living hell out of each other until your match at King of the Ring. Speaking of your match, the match that Triple H wanted and one that I agree to and your match with him will now be a Last Man Standing Match. Have a Nice Day.

JBL looks pissed that he have to wrestle a pissed off Triple H in a Last Man Standing Match at King of the Ring for the WWE Championship.


We see a video from last week’s Extreme Rules showing Deuce N’ Domino becoming the new WWE Tag Team Champions.

Number 1 Contendership for the WWE Tag Team Championship
Primo/Epico vs Raven/Zack Ryder

The finish comes when Epico takes Raven out, outside the ring with a dive over the top rope. Inside the ring, Primo grabs Zack Ryder and plants him with The Back Stabber. Primo covers Ryder for the win.

Michael Cole: We are being told that Primo and Epico will get their Tag Team Championship Match at King of the Ring next Sunday night against Deuce N’ Domino.


King of the Ring Qualifying Match
Kane vs Bully Ray

The finish comes when Kane picks Bully Ray up and plants him with a chokeslam. Kane covers Bully for the three.

Michael Cole: Kane advances to the King of the Ring Tournament. After last week, the following two matches we know will happen at King of the Ring Quarter-Final Matches. Mason Ryan will take on Mike Bennett, and Briley Peirce will take on Justin Gabriel. Who will Kane and Chris Jericho face? Find out this Friday in Smackdown.

Backstage we see CM Punk walking down the hallway getting ready for his match against Triple H when Mick Foley walks up to him.

Mick Foley: Hey Punker.

CM Punk: Hey, Mick.

Mick Foley: As you know, you are facing Triple H next and well, we both know you don’t have a match at King of the Ring so this is what I am going to do. You are RAW’s pick to face Mike Bennett on the King of the Ring Preshow for the Internet Championship.

Mick Foley pats CM Punk on the back and walks off as Punk gets a smile on his face.


Triple H vs CM Punk
The finish comes when Triple H sets CM Punk up for The Pedigree but JBL’s music plays. Triple H drops CM Punk and waits for Bradshaw to enter. We see JBL long white limo pull up alongside the stage but he don’t come out. Triple H turns around and CM Punk picks HHH up and plants him with The GTS. CM Punk covers the WWE Champion for the three count.

Michael Cole: Wow, CM Punk just pinned the WWE Champion.

After the match, Triple H gets up and runs up toward JBL’s limo. The limo starts to leave but Triple H punches the driver’s side window and pull the driver out. Triple H goes to open the back door but it wont open. HHH punches the window but it don’t break. Triple H smiles and goes backstage. He is going for a few seconds but he returns with his sledgehammer.

Just then we see JBL on the screen standing in a room in front of a camera.

JBL: Triple H, don’t you dare break another of my windows do you know how much that cost me.

JBL smiles and thinks about it.

JBL: Actually go ahead, there is a surprise inside the limo for you.

Triple H looks at the window and slams the hammer into it shattering it into pieces. Triple H reaches in the limo and unlocks the door. He reaches in and pulls out a cell phone.

JBL: Hunter, go ahead and listen to the voice recording.

Triple H puts it up to his hear and listen. His face quickly changes and he drops the phone and runs to the back.

JBL is shown laughing in a evil tone.

JBL: To let you, the WWE Universe understand what is going on. I did something that I was not suppose to do. You see, I want that WWE Championship so bad that I will do anything to get it. I can’t lay a finger on Triple H or else I don’t get it but I can get in his head. Which is why, I did this.

JBL moves out of the way and we see Stephanie Mcmahon ducked taped and tied to a chair.

JBL: Triple H, come and find me, come and lay a finger on me and I will become the new WWE Champion without lifting a finger of my own.

Michael Cole: Oh My God! JBL have kidnaped Stephanie Mcmahon.

RAW goes off with a up close shot of JBL laughing.


The Smackdown Video plays follow by fireworks inside the arena.

Josh Mathews: Welcome to Friday Night Smackdown. After what happened on RAW this week with Triple H, JBL, and Stephanie Mcmahon, we will have a interview with Mick Foley concerning the situation. We are kicking things off with a Qualifying Match for King of the Ring.

King of the Ring Qualifying Match
Edge vs Yoshi Tatsu

The finish comes when Edge plants Tatsu with a hard spear. Edge covers Yoshi for the three.

Michael Cole: What a easy victory for The Rated R Superst.....

Just then glass breaks and Stone Cold Steve Austin comes out onto the stage with the mic in one hand and a beer in the other.

Stone Cold Steve Austin: Edge, when good ole Stone Cold Steve Austin said that you would be in a qualifying match, sure, I picked Yoshi as your opponent but I did with two other guys as well. I guess I was too drunk last week to mention that your King of the Ring Qualifying Match was a Gauntlet Match. You are going to face two more men and if one of them beat you, they move onto the King of the Ring Tournament. Say hello to match number 2.

Ezekiel Jackson comes out as Edge looks pissed off.

Match 2
Edge vs Ezekiel Jackson

The finish comes when Jackson picks Edge up for The Torture Rack but Edge slips out of it and rolls Jackson up and hook the tights for the three.

Michael Cole: Edge have survived match 2. Who is he going to face in the final match?

Just then The Great Khali’s music plays as he walks out as Edge looks pissed off.

Match 3
Edge vs The Great Khali

The finish comes when Edge plants Khali with a spear. Edge covers Khali for the three.

Michael Cole: Edge is going to The King of the Ring Quarter-Final Match. He will take on Chris Jericho at the Pay Per View.


Carlito vs Justin Gabriel
The finish comes when Justin goes to the top rope and goes for The 450 Splash but Carlito moves and Gabriel hits the mat hard. Carlito pulls Justin up and plants him with The Back Stabber. Carlito covers Justin for the three.

Michael Cole: What a win by the Intercontinental Champion, Justin Gabriel.

We get a video showing Sheamus attacking Kurt Angle and costing him the match against Carlito last week on Smackdown.


Backstage Matt Striker is standing by with Sheamus.

Matt Striker: I am standing by with Number One Contender, Sheamus. Sheamus, why did you attack Kurt Angle during his match with Carlito last Friday night on Smackdown?

Sheamus: Fella, I did last week was to prove a point and that is that Kurt Angle might be the greatest wrestler in the world, but fella, nothing can stop me from kicking his head off his neck. I wanted to prove that he could use all his submission moves but it will only take one kick for me to become the new World Heavyweight Champion. Like my great uncle, Farley once said, it is better to show your marbles now then get stuck later holding your balls.

Sheamus smiles as he walks away.

Mike Bennett vs Sin Cara
The finish comes when Mike Bennett dominates Sin Cara and finish him off with The Box Office Smash. He cover Sin Cara for the three.

After the match, Mike Bennett screams “CM Punk, your next”.

Michael Cole: The preshow before King of the Ring will feature Mike Bennett defending the Internet Championship against CM Punk. Not only that but if Mike Bennett wins King of the Ring, he would of wrestled four times that same night.


Backstage we see Justin Gabriel sitting down looking upset when Stone Cold Steve Austin walks up to him.

Stone Cold Steve Austin: What’s wrong kid?

Justin Gabriel: I try so hard to do good around here but I keep losing. I don’t know what to do. I was so close from beating Carlito tonight. If I was a few seconds faster, I could of nailed that 450 splash and beat him but I didn’t.

Stone Cold Steve Austin: You know, I feel sorry for you so this is what Stone Cold is going to do for you. Next week on Smackdown, you will get a rematch against Carlito this time it will be for the Intercontinental Championship. This time though, the match will be a ladder match.

Steve Austin walks off as Justin Gabriel smiles knowing he have one more chance.

Number 1 Contendership for the Diva’s Championship
Layla El vs Alicia Fox

The finish comes when Layla El does The Lay Out neckbreaker to Fox. Layla covers for the three.

Josh Mathews: We are being told that next week on Smackdown, Kaitlyn will defend the Diva’s Championship against Layla. Coming up next is Michael Cole’s interview with RAW’s General Manager, Mick Foley.


We are back and we see live via satellite Mick Foley sitting at his desk.

Michael Cole: Mick, thanks for joining us tonight. After what JBL did this past week on RAW, what is the update on Stephanie Mcmahon?

Mick Foley: Stephanie Mcmahon is fine. Triple H found her in a hotel room up the road from the arena unharmed but JBL was no where to be found. After talking to the Board of Directors about the incident, I decided that I am going to fire JBL.

Michael Cole: Wait, what? JBL is fired?

Mick Foley: Well, I was going to fire JBL until Triple H talked be out of it. You see, Triple H wants JBL in that Last Man Standing Match so he can do whatever he wants to do to him. Now JBL is not going to get off easy, you see, I am fining him half a million dollars. Now, I am also banning him from RAW next week because if I didn’t he, he might not make it to King of the Ring in one piece.

Mick Foley smiles as the camera fades.

King of the Ring Qualifying Match
Wade Barrett vs Randy Orton

The finish comes when Randy Orton goes for a RKO but Barrett shoves Orton into the ropes. Randy bounces off and Wade Barrett picks him up and plants him with The Wasteland. Barrett covers Orton for the three.

Josh Mathews: We are being told that Wade Barrett will take on Kane at King of the Ring on Pay Per View.

After the match, Wade Barrett picks Randy Orton up and plants him with a second Wasteland. Wade Barrett points for “one more” when William Regal runs down the ramp with brass knuckles on his hand. He tells Barrett to back off. Wade Barrett backs into a corner while William Regal checks on Randy Orton. William pulls Randy Orton up and punches him in the jaw with the brass knuckles. Both Barrett and Regal start kicking Orton on the mat. Barrett and Regal shakes hands as the crowd boo them loud.

Josh Mathews: What the hell was that?


Kurt Angle/Mark Henry/Christian vs Sheamus/Matt Hardy/The Big Show
The finish comes when all hell breaks loose. Sheamus and Kurt Angle fights by the announce desk. Inside the ring, Mark Henry goes for The World’s Strongest Slam on Matt Hardy but Big Show plants him with the WMD. Matt Hardy falls on top of Mark Henry and the ref counts to three. Sheamus, Matt Hardy, and The Big Show wins the match.

After the match, Kurt Angle and Sheamus are still fighting outside the ring. Sheamus backs up and runs and plants a Brogue Kick to Kurt Angle. Kurt Angle from the force of the kick, falls back and over the announce table and to the floor.

Josh Mathews: Kurt Angle is knocked out at our feet. For the second week in a row, Sheamus have knocked out Kurt Angle with The Brogue Kick.

Smackdown goes off with Sheamus standing by the table looking at Kurt Angle.

Updated King of the Ring Card

Quarter-Final Matches
Mason Ryan vs Mike Bennett

Briley Peirce vs Justin Gabriel

Kane vs Wade Barrett

Chris Jericho vs Edge

Semi-Final Matches
??? vs ???

??? vs ???

Final Match
??? vs ???

WWE Championship
Last Man Standing Match

Triple H© vs JBL

World Heavyweight Championship
Kurt Angle© vs Sheamus

WWE Tag Team Championship
Deuce N’ Domino© vs Primo/Epico

Note- No more matches for the PPV.


Internet Championship
Mike Bennett(Smackdown) vs CM Punk(RAW)



Triple H vs John Cena

Mason Ryan/Kane vs Chris Jericho/Briley Pierce

United States Championship
Elimination Match

Dolph Ziggler© vs Bully Ray vs The Miz vs Raven

CM Punk vs Alberto Del Rio

Primo/Epico vs Tyler Reks/Curt Hawkins

Eve Torres vs Nikki Bella


Kurt Angle vs Randy Orton

Wade Barrett vs Edge

Intercontinental Championship
Ladder Match

Carlito© vs Justin Gabriel

Sheamus vs Mike Bennett

Matt Hardy vs Yoshi Tatsu

Diva’s Championship
Kaitlyn© vs Layla El

You guys have until Monday Night to get roleplays in for Week 7A.


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Re: Randy Orton 24's Sim- The Road to Wrestlemania 29

WWE.com News

We have just learned that WWE have signed five new WWE Superstars to the rosters. They are Lord Tensai, John Morrison, MVP, Mickie James, and Rob Van Dam.

Lord Tensai, Mickie James, and John Morrison will be on RAW while MVP and RVD will be on Smackdown.

There are five new Superstars that you guys can be now. I'm just trying to give the rosters more in depth. btw, you guys have until Monday Night to get roleplays in for Week 7A.

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Re: Randy Orton 24's Sim- The Road to Wrestlemania 29

*Eve Music Hits*
Please Welcome:Eve Torres!
Eve:Hello Denver Colorado!..Remember me?!Ha I bet you do.All of you men in the audience want to have me dont you?That's not gonna happen.Are you still mad.
Eve:Hey,Shut Up.Im no longer the girl-next door.The Girl for everything.The nice one.Not Anymore.Now Everyone is talking about me!.Me.Not Nikki Bella.Me!.Me!.Me!.Me!Get Over it.I'm the Top Diva in the WWE.I'm the next Divas Champion.Kaitlyn has finally met her match when she steps in the ring with me.Kaitlyn you can't run from me forever.I'm coming for something that BELONGS to me.And that is The Divas Title.I'm more popular,hotter and smarter than Kaitlyn.I'm the total package.I've been pretty under-utiliezd which is a mistake.People PAY money to see me.They do it.
Eve:I didn't ask for your opinion morons.Nikki Bella you're a joke of a wrestler.You're not even half as good as me.Nobody is.I'm the perfect Diva.I am Divas Champ material.Be careful Nikki.You're gonna find out why why im the BEST diva on the Roster!..
Jerry:Eve does not have a lack of confidence that's for sure!

Not Removing Until

[X]Christian wins a match:Instead he won a TITLE.WOW
[X]Zack Ryder wins a title:TLC 2011! Woo Woo Woo You know It!
[X]Layla returns:Extreme Rules 2012
[ ]JTG is released
[X]Daniel Bryan wins a title:TLC 2011! Finally!
[X]Alberto Del Rio loses the WWE title: Survivor Series 2011 Finally!
[X]Curt Hawkins wins a match:NXT December 21 2011
[X]The Miz wins a championship again:IC Title BABY!
[X]Sheamus loses a match:SmackDown! 20/1/12 Finally he lost!
[X]The Miz wins a match:RAW vs Zack Ryder! HE WON! I can't believe it

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Re: Randy Orton 24's Sim- The Road to Wrestlemania 29

can i please have Drew McIntyre and the Funkasauras

IM Looking for a GFXer to help me on my btb graphics message for info!

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Re: Randy Orton 24's Sim- The Road to Wrestlemania 29

SmackDown returns on air following a commercial for World Wrestling Entertainment’s next Pay-Per-View King of the Ring. This year marks a unique change to the King of the Ring of old, instead of a televised three hour extravaganza the King of the Ring tournament returns live on Pay-Per-View.

The official “catchphrase” for this year’s King of the Ring is “Are you the next heir to the throne?” As the days draw closer to the bestowed tournament every WWE Superstar truly believes that they are indeed destined to stand triumphant and be crowned King of the WWE.

The deafening tone of the brass horns startles some of the WWE universe. As “Regality” resonates through the audience’s ears the lights in the Ford Center are submerged into the effervescent orange & red strobe-lighting. The WWE universe immediately recognise who is about to walk out from behind the curtain and they aren’t pleased to see him. As the WWE universe let out a huge chorus of boos as “The English Gentleman” emerges from behind the curtain.

Regal stands tall at the top of the stage as he “drinks” in the reaction he receives from the WWE. Regal simply lets out a disappointed sigh as he firmly stands his ground. It’s clear William isn’t impressed with the way the WWE universe are “welcoming” him. “The English Gentleman” waits for the boos to settle as he patiently readjusts his tie whilst slowly raising the microphone up to his lips.

William Regal
You know, ever since last week on SmackDown I’ve received thousands upon thousands of texts, tweets and emails all asking the same question, “Why Regal? Why? For awhile I felt as though I owed you, the WWE universe an explanation..... no....... an apology for my actions, but then I had an epiphany..... I thought to myself, where were you when I was sitting at home waiting for a call from one of the WWE agents asking me to make a televised appearance? Where were you when I was told this company doesn’t have room for a man of my “age” to compete? I’ll tell you where you were, you all were too busy on your social media campaigning for your over tanned buffoon Zack Ryder to get more TV time. You were cheering for your imbecile Italian underdog Santino Marrella to get a United States Championship match. You all weren’t there when I needed you!

Regal’s voice trembles with anger and rage as he looks around the Ford Center. The 2008 King of The Ring winner slowly begins to walk down the ramp as he continues his rant.

William Regal
Over the years I’ve risked life and limb for your entrainment and what have I got to show for it? Besides the countless hospitals trips, the tedious working hours and the total lack of respect for what I do..... you people have given me ABSOLUTELY NOTHING! I’ve sacrificed too much to just get thrown to the side like some unwanted toy, but I suppose I should have known better, a wise man once told me you can’t rely on anybody in this business besides yourself...... one minute the fans will love you..... the next you’re yesterday’s news.

William finally reaches the end of the ramp as he edges ever closer to the ring. Regal takes a deep breath in as he grasps hold of the middle rope pulling himself up onto the ring apron. The Englishman carries out his traditional ring entrance, wiping his feet on the ring apron before entering the ring to continue his rage driven speech.

William Regal
It’s true, you people are fickle.... but it’s not your fault.....no..... time after time this “machine” you call the WWE has given into your every desire, your social media campaigns, your undying support for the “underdogs” but in the end it all fails.....in the end you people turn your back on them, just as quickly as you turned your back on me! I’m not back here in the WWE for myself.....no......I returned for a “higher propose”......I’m here to turn SmackDown......no.......the entire WWE upside down. The time is NOW for revolution and I’m here to help oversee it. You people might not have liked what happened to your beloved “viper” Randal Keith Orton, but you better get costumed to it because from now on there’s a new regime...... a regime that isn’t afraid to take by force.....

Regal begins to pace around the ring as a villainous smirk creeps across his face. The WWE universe let out a chant of “you suck” but this only further justifies exactly what Regal had been commenting on previously. William pauses briefly before clearing his throat.

William Regal
So, ladies and gentleman, without further ado please allow me to welcome the mastermind behind last week’s marvellously orchestrated plan...... the WWE’s next heir to the throne and your NEXT World Heavyweight Champion.......“The Bare Knuckle Brawler”......Wade Barrett!

Regal’s excitement can hardly be contained as he “stamps” his vote of approval on Wade Barrett.

The lights in the Ford Center dim down as “End of Days” begins to fill the arena. The WWE universe break from the “you suck” chants to an even louder chorus of boos as “The Bare Knuckle Brawler” appears from behind the curtain. Barrett looks extremely smug and proud of not only himself, but of the man who just indorsed him, William Regal.

Wade is wearing a rather expensive suit, quite similar to the one Regal is wearing. Barrett wastes no time in joining his new comrade in the ring. Regal smiles at Barrett with pride beaming from his eyes has he shakes Barrett’s hand before passing Wade the microphone.

With the handshake the chorus of boos gets even louder now which only makes both men happier.

Wade Barrett
Alright, alright, settle down..... I don’t want to be out here any longer than I need to be, but I’ve got something rather important to say and it’s in your best interest to listen, you never know you might actually learn something.......

Barrett’s words only provoke the WWE universe more, but it’s obvious this is what Barrett intended.

Wade Barrett
Unlike Master Regal, I feel it is my duty to explain to you our actions last week...... Master Regal summed it up perfectly in a nutshell, people like us don’t get what we deserve...... we don’t get the television time..... the countless championship opportunities other Superstars do...... for most people they’d be unhappy, but they’d find away to live with that unhappiness..... NOT US! We didn’t come to the “Land of Opportunity” to be used sparingly...... we came over to America to dominate the completion! A couple of weeks ago I came up with a plan.... take out a figure head..... get yourself noticed..... but that just wasn’t enough...... so I sort council from William Regal, a man who also feels hard done by. Regal knows better than most the way that this company works and it’s his inside knowledge that gives us the edge...... taking out Randal was only step one in this game plan and believe me when I tell you this, this plan is far from being complete. Now if I know Randy Orton as well as I think I do, he’ll have revenge on his mind, but I just want him to know this wasn’t personal...... but if he wants to go to war with myself and Regal we’ll be more than happy to oblige.

Barrett’s icy eyes stare straight into the camera almost as though he was sending a message to the entire SmackDown locker room.

Wade Barrett
It’s no secret, this company.... this country hates foreigners....... in order to make it here you’ve got to stick together; it’s very simple, power in numbers. We maybe outnumbered now but once our message is heard we will be remembered as the Superstars who inspired change. As far as tonight goes, tonight I’ll prove to the entire WWE locker room why it was a mistake to underestimate the power of the Wade Barrett barrage. Edge you don’t need to worry about myself and Regal venting our frustrations out on you after the match like we did to Orton..... what you need to worry about is whether you’ll be able to compete at King of The Ring once I’ve finished with you in our match tonight!

“End of Days” begins to play as Barrett and Regal shake hands again solidifying their newly established partnership.


My first RP in awhile, I hope you guys enjoyed reading it. I kinda had writers block towards the end of it

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Re: Randy Orton 24's Sim- The Road to Wrestlemania 29

Drew McIntyre: This is bogus im Drew McIntyre! When was the last time I got a match on smackdown? HUH?! I am the future of this company I can beat anybody on smackdown! DAMN IT GIVE ME A MATCH THIS WEEK! Stone Cold GET ME A MATCH! So I can kick the shit outta somebody and start my path to become the next World Heavy Weight CHAMPION!!!

Brodus Clay:
Hey All its your favorite Funkasouras talking here, latly I havnt been getting funky in the ring and that makes me a little sad, so for raw im issuing any kind of funky challenge to anybody for anything im just ready to make somebody call their momma!

IM Looking for a GFXer to help me on my btb graphics message for info!

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Re: Randy Orton 24's Sim- The Road to Wrestlemania 29

Stone Cold Steve Austin: Drew, give it time son. The Smackdown card is full this week but next week I will have you a match and even after King of the Ring on WWE Draft, I will have you in a match representing Smackdown against RAW and you better win the match and bring Smackdown a draft pick.

Mick Foley: Brodus, this week's RAW is filled up but I love dancing so this week on RAW, me and you in a Dance Off. Have A Nice Day.

BTW, you guys have until tomorrow night to get roleplays in for Week 7A.

Here is the calendar for the next few shows.

Week7A- RAW and Smackdown
Week 7B- King of the Ring
Week 8A- RAW and Smackdown
Week 8B- WWE Draft
Week 9- RAW and Smackdown
Week 10- RAW and Smackdown
Week 11A- RAW and Smackdown
Week 11B- Money in the Bank

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