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So good they named it thrice
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Re: WWE '12

They probably will. Here's some information:

Difficulty has been modified. Apparently Normal in WWE 12 will feel like Legendary from Smackdown vs Raw 2011

Marcus Stephenson said Kharma may be in the game but couldn't make any promises.

Randy Orton will have his beard in the game and his alternate attire will be the look without the beard.

Despite previous reports, there will be no 6 Divas Elimination Chamber match. Stephenson said it is on their list of things to add but it won't be in the game this year.

New blood system

Possible Move-sets for DLC

Now you can springboard off the ring ropes by running at them also instead of having to lean on them to have to jump

Fine-tuned the reversal windows. As difficulty increases, the windows decrease.

On legend difficulty, If you're taunting, messing around and making mistakes, the AI quickly takes advantage of it.

Pin kick out (getting into that yellow bar to kick out) is smaller as you increase the difficulty of the game

Running apron attacks fixed

When you cash in the Money In The Bank briefcase, your opponent will be damaged instead instead of 100% so that you can win the match easier just like on TV

Mick Foley might be in the game according to his twitter.

Create-An-Arena feature in the game Click here for pictures
"Its also been confirmed you can use the paint tool for ring logos, aprons, banners, ect." Can you download created arenas? - YES, Any chance of 6 or 8 sided rings? - NO, Can created arenas be used for story designer? - YES"
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Re: WWE '12

Originally Posted by ~Hollywood Hogan~ View Post
Hopefully they introduce a setting to turn those lights off.
This times 100,i hate Sin Cara's bullshit lighting gimmick in real life,imagine how pissed i'd being forced to see it in the game.

And to who asked who uses Gabriel's old theme Power Otunga & McGuilliculty use it now. If Ziggler's new theme is in,then Power should be Otunga & McGuilliculty's theme in the game,meaning Gabriel will have his new new theme.
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Re: WWE '12

About time difficulty got modified imo.
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Re: WWE '12

If you visit thesmackdownhotel.com there is an interview posted with Bryan Williams.

The lights can't be turned off inside a 1 on 1 match.

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Re: WWE '12

Really enjoyed that interview. I don't mind the lighting for his singles matches, it's realistic anyway. Create an arena is something I've overlooked that actually looks really fun.

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Re: WWE '12

Originally Posted by Reservoir Angel View Post
Of fucking terrific. Is that for all matches, or just 1-on-1 matches? Cause if that lighting's on during a 6-man ladder match that involves him I'm never gonna use or involve the guy.

Thank god for that. Wait... which new Justin Gabriel theme? His new new theme or his new theme that's since been stolen?
I doubt it matters since I am betting he will have another one soon. At least, I hope he does.

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( ) Justin Gabriel wins a singles title
( ) AJ becomes the Diva's champ
(x) Truth changes his attire
(x) Cody Rhodes becomes "Dashing" again
(x) Ivelisse gets signed to a WWE contract.
( ) Matt Striker does commentary on TV again.
( ) Big Show retires/gets fired
( ) An AJ and Kaitlyn lesbian angle.
(I know it isn't going to happen, but let a man dream)

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Re: WWE '12

Originally Posted by Rezze View Post
I doubt it matters since I am betting he will have another one soon. At least, I hope he does.
I dunno, I quite like his current one. Plus he's used it in 2 appearances, which is some kind of record for him. Maybe they're finally sticking with this one.

Now if only they'd stop giving him themes and give him a fucking push instead.
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Re: WWE '12

I'm going to be creating Tag Team's again.

If The Nexus Theme song is on the game, along with the Titontron, I'm creating the original Nexus(Wade Barrett, David O'Tugna, Justin Gabriel and Heath Slater) for RAW. I'm also going to create the new Nexus(CM Punk, Michael McGullicutty, Husky Harris and Mason Ryan)for Smackdown.
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Re: WWE '12

can u plz say when is thq gonna put entrances of hhh,morrison..and these other guys??
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Re: WWE '12

Originally Posted by RatedRviper View Post
can u plz say when is thq gonna put entrances of hhh,morrison..and these other guys??
Don't really know, they've not said anything. Last year they did 4-5 superstars every few days but obviously can't be sure if it'll stand for this year.

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