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Re: WWE '12

It's impossible to beat Big Show with Rey Mysterio on legend. Big Show just counters every move and when you try and counter it doesn't work.

And how do you even do 619?

After multiple attempts I won via countout.
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Re: WWE '12

So The games been out for awhile now, and the cracks are beginning to show.

I was in a ladder match as Cass against Punk. Punk was climbin the ladder and i pushed it, then all of a sudden the ladder glitched in the ring. It was gone, vanished.

Then i went out and got another ladder, and i put it in the centre, climbed it and it got pushed and then THAT ladder glitched!

Then CM Punk was in the ring after i hit him with the finisher and lawler goes "Oh he's going back under the ring for the ladder!" ... he's fucking knocked out? His not going no where."

Punk hit me with the GTS, and he climbed through thin fucking air, and took the title!

I have lost my paitence with this game, i can't find a reason to play it anymore.

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Re: WWE '12

Originally Posted by Hammertron View Post
what is the lag like in a 1 on 1 match?
Pretty bad, but I think it all depends on what your internet connection is like, mine happens to be bad so I get a lot of lag. However, I don't play online anymore, other than lag, long waiting times to get into matches, server disconnections, counter system a lot harder to time online, there is no real point of playing it and I don't know how anyone can enjoy playing online.

Originally Posted by skyman101 View Post
And how do you even do 619?
You have to get the opponent in a situation where he would be on the ropes, I guess THQ tryed to make the 619 more realistic - but it's much harder to set up now. Rey Mysterio has a dropkick to the knee that (if close to the ropes) will knock the opponent on the ropes, so you are able to hit the 619, but it's very situational.
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Re: WWE '12

Could someone explain the Branching Storylines thing? Making a story was a lot easier in SVR 2010. I don't even know how to make one anymore.

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Re: WWE '12

I hate how the AI(or even user) can counter so many moves despite being in the orange/red zone. Its impossible to win a 6 man tag match. My tag partners NEVER help me out, and the AI partners always find a way back into the ring, even if I knock them off the apron before a pinfall.

They really need a new pinfall/submission system. I hit 2 finishers on an opponent and he kicked out, I dominated 90% of a match, but the AI goes for a pinfall on me and they win because I'm not good with the kickout meter(especially when I only have one or two chances at most to get it in the kickout spot)

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Re: WWE '12

The kickout system is a good idea but bad execution. Speaking solely on personal experiance, but I've lost quite a few matches that I shouldn't have because a) the meter doesn't appear until what seems like after the 1 count and b) I just can't get the meter line up directly on the spot.
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Re: WWE '12

^ I thought the meter showing up late happened because of alot of damage taken during the match and they give you less of a chance to kick out?

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Re: WWE '12

Not sure where to go with this...

I've been working on my universe for a long time now. What I have been working on is making my universe have a 'Nexus' like stable where the stable dominates the whole WWE, how it came about is MIz and Swagger became a tag team and won the titles on Smackdown, then Miz became WHC with Swaggers help and Swagger became IC champ with Miz's help, I thought I would make it bigger by having them interfere in RAW, at night of champions I put Miz's WHC title up and HBK's WWE Championship up in a main event and Swaggers IC title and Goldusts US Title therefore if Swagegr and Miz won they would hold all singles titles in WWE plus the tag championships. They succesfully won at the NOC PPV.

From there I moved on and decided that I need back up as I had to many rivals for Swagger and Miz as I was interfeering in most matches with people and knocking both superstars out with my finshers. I have had Barrett, McIntyre, Rhodes and Ziggler join Miz and Swagger as a stable 'The Republic' Barrett and Rhodes occupy the tag titles on RAW and I'm going to move Swagger up to the WHC so McIntyre can win the IC Title then have Ziggler take the US Title, what I will do is use 2 controls and allow the current champion to be pinned so it looks like they're fixing it. This will mean every single superstar title will be held by 'The Republic' I'm thinking of putting Beth Pheonix and Kharma into it so the Womens and Divas titles are held by 'The Republic'

I just don't know where to go with it from there, whether I want a stable to come together and fight back against them or keep them going for a while? My next PPV is Royal Rumble so I have timed it into the RTWM time, some ideas would be greatly appreciated (I have all DLC and some CAW's including, Jericho, Benoit, Umaga, Bret Hart, Brodus Clay, and some more) Just need some new ideas please!

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Re: WWE '12

Originally Posted by Bro View Post
^ I thought the meter showing up late happened because of alot of damage taken during the match and they give you less of a chance to kick out?
no that's why the metre goes really quickly and the area you have to land in is incredibly small. The metre showing up late is an absolutely infuriating glitch.

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Re: WWE '12

Speaking of glitches, I had a match against Lesnar and randomly stuck a diva as his manager for the match (I don't know which, they all kinda suck). Anyways, I'm on the top rope, and his manager (I didn't have one) pushed me off the ropes. And the ref calls for the bell. And LESNAR WINS via DQ. Ummm... I don't think that's quite right .
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