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Re: WWE '12

Originally Posted by Matt Reptar View Post
So I was playing Universe mode, got to the Rumble. Didn't feel like playing through so I simulated the rumble match. Smash Demolition won. WTF!!!!
that sucks man. I hate Demolition being in this game and they are never on the roster so you can't put them in free agency so they don't show

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Re: WWE '12

Originally Posted by 666_The_Game_666 View Post
that sucks man. I hate Demolition being in this game and they are never on the roster so you can't put them in free agency so they don't show
I hate that they are kept being pushed into tag team championship matches with my current tag team champions, i removed them from raw/smackdown just like other people who either don't razzle anymore or i dont even wanna see in the ring (like Cole), made them all free agents, and they were put in the background pretty much from them, i also assigned Legends wrestlers like The Rock and Austin to Smackdown and Raw so they get put into matches as well...

I'm so bumped out that i lost my Caw, he was just awesome, the perfect moves, the perfect balance between strenght and agility, great with submissions and a awesome finisher, a new kind of Spear (downloaded called Spear 4 or something). Think i'm gonna have to try and recreate him.

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Re: WWE '12

At first I thought the injuries were a nice touch but I'm starting to see them happen way too often. It seems like a guy gets to a red status and he's on the shelf. It also would've been nice if they could just tell us how long he'll be out for instead of the "this could be the end of his career" message that obviously isn't true.

I had Daniel Bryan as World Champion, he got injured, now he's out for the rest of eternity apparently. But since you can't vacate the title for some damn reason I put the belt on John Cena and then on the same show had him drop it to Evan Bourne for no real reason.

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Re: WWE '12

Wow three interferences in one match thats a first. First Hunico surprise attacks Kidd hiding in the front row followed by Jinder Mahal attacking Kidd in the middle of the match from the crowd and ends with a second attack by Hunico and Trent Barreta returning to the ring and making the save.

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Re: WWE '12

I did not think I needed to, but apparently I need to clarify.

I do not have n XBox Live account, & am hesitant to get one. Offline only, this game largely sucks.
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Re: WWE '12

Alright so i'm planning on creating a "Dream matches that haven't happened" story and uploading it. I'm just wondering if there are too many matches or if i'm using the same superstars too often or if you have any suggestions. Here are the matches so far:

Triple H vs. The Rock vs. Stone Cold
Shawn Michaels vs. Eddie Guerrero
Brock Lesnar vs. Stone Cold
Stone Cold vs. CM Punk
Edge vs. Christian in a TLC match
The Rock vs. Shawn Michaels
Randy Orton vs. Stone Cold
John Cena vs. The Rock
Brock Lesnar vs. Shawn Michaels
John Cena vs. Undertaker (I know it was in 2003, but that was rapper Cena vs. biker Undertaker)
Sin Cara vs. Rey Mysterio

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Re: WWE '12

Originally Posted by Tobikan Judan View Post
You guys, I've finally finished my Kana CAW. For those of you who know her. I hope you enjoy. I have yet to upload her but I see someone has uploaded their own Kana although I don't believe it's as good.

what console ?

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Re: WWE '12

In Universe Mode, I refuse to leave my main Caw without a world title.

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Dog Shit > Impact Wrestling
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Re: WWE '12

This free brawl trophy is a pain iin the ass.

44 fucking hotspots to find....

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Re: WWE '12

Google how to do it, some guy made up a huge ass map of all the areas you need to execute your finisher on. I went through and ticked them all off.

In fact, I killed 3 birds with one stone, as I did the 44 backstage finishers, win 37 times with Edge, and win 50 times on Hard all backstage.
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