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Re: WWE '12

Ok so just had title introduction for a WWE title match Edge Vs John Cena roberts did his over the top JOOOOHHHHNNNN CEEEENNNNAAA and a glitch happened and I had Chimmel introducing Edge in his high pitch voice weird.

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Re: WWE '12

Originally Posted by Joshi View Post
My teams so far:

ROad warrior hawk and Vader (road warriors split)
Air Boom (edited)
Christian and Clio (my diva caw)
Kevin Nash and Jeff Hardy (formed after feuding with HBK and Samoa Joe)
HBK and Samoa Joe (see above)
Mcguillicutty, Otunga and Husky Harris
Slater and Gabriel
JoMo and Riley
Daniel Bryan and Arn Anderson
Los Guerreros
Sara del Rey and Madison Eagles
MsChif and Daffney
Beer Money
Motorcity Machineguns

most of them Not realistic but I don't care ^^"
That is a shit load of teams.

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Re: WWE '12

Well, people are talking about their tag teams, so I thought I would take the time to tell you which teams/factions are currently in my Universe:

Air Boom (Kofi Kingston and Evan Bourne)
Santino Marella and Vladimir Kozlov
Dolph Ziggler and Jack Swagger
David Otunga and Michael McGillicutty
Doom (Beth Phoenix, Natalya and Christian) (Changed the name from Divas of Doom to just Doom when Christian for some reason joined)
Vatos Locos (Hunico, Primo, Epico and Rosa Mendes) (Primo and Epico is the main tag team)
Sheamus and Layla
The Gatecrashers (Curt Hawkins and Tyler Reks)
AJ and Kaitlyn
The Usos (Jimmy and Jey)
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Re: WWE '12

My teams on Universe are currently:
-Brothers of Destruction
-CM Punk & Daniel Bryan
-DeGeneration X
-Edge & Christian
-Jerry Lawler & Jim Ross (Universe created this one)
-Los Guerreros
-The Road Warriors
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Re: WWE '12

How hard is it for them to get some working Community Creations servers?

(I expect it's very hard, but still)
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Re: WWE '12

I never get on Community Creations during the day anymore. Considering I don't go to bed until about 4am. I'll usually get on CC around 2:30-3am. The servers aren't bad that early in the morning. Or at least to me they aren't.
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Re: WWE '12

got my arena uploading figured out,

i made the old red, yellow and blue ECW ring if anyone wants to DL it, i couldnt make the turnbuckles accurate due to the limitations of the creator,
its called ECW ARENA VERSION 1 (psn Skindaddy31)

just had sabu vs benoit, and sabu didnt break his neck!

The Cream of the Crop Ooh Yeaah
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Re: WWE '12

I've let teams develop pretty much naturally, except my one big heel stable - Hero and Castagnoli as my tag team, with Bryan, Ziggler and Rhodes

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Re: WWE '12

Universe mode getting a little too realistic Ryder wins a match and Cena comes out to kiss his ass.

My current teams are:
Perfect Swag (Swagger and Ziggler)
Awesome Truth (Miz and R-Truth)
THE STOOGES (Santino and Ryder)
Air Boom (Kingston and Bourne)
Rhodes & Harris (Husky Harris and Cody Rhodes)

the last one is eventually going to lead into a new legacy stable. Harris paired back up with his former NXT pro after flopping on his original run. after WM I plan on having DiBiase and McGuillicutty join the stable as well. DiBiase and McGuillicutty will be the actual tag team. Harris will be the muscle and Rhodes the leader going for the world title.

Swagger/Ziggler and Truth/Miz both should be broken up by Mania. the game keeps trying to break up Santino/Ryder, but I need a pair of faces to job to the heel teams while I keep the titles on Air Boom.

also forgot "The Kliq" aka Nash and Trips


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Re: WWE '12

Originally Posted by NearSamcro™ View Post
That is a shit load of teams.
it's only a "shitload" of teams because we've all grown used to the absolute *lack* of teams in the actual RL brand...

Also, my teams are:

DX (HBK, Trips, Chyna, Road Dogg, Billy Gunn)
The Grinders (Cody Rhodes, Dolph, Swagger, Velvet Sky)
The Powerhouse (Taker, Orton, Cena)
Air Boom
Awesome Truth
The Wolfpack (Hall and Nash)
Blood Money (McEntryre, Dibiase)
Rich Punks (ADR, CM Punk)

there's one or two more....just too lazy to turn my game on to check.

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