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Re: WWE '12

Originally Posted by TJC93 View Post
Is the nWo music already on or did you put it on yourself?

Finally finished RTWM mode, can start playing universe properly now
I had to put it on myself. I put on Air Booms music and Awesome Truths music too, it doesn't drown out the crowd or the announcers which is awesome.

Just a question, when you do superstar threads, can you change the entrance attire and in-ring attire as one? Or do you have to save them seperately?

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Re: WWE '12

Oh, and something else: Does anyone know any links to download Cody Rhodes and Sin Cara's new theme songs? I really what to get my game realistic. EDIT: Nevermind found them

Also, is there anyway to change 'Dashing' Cody Rhodes' entrance music or motion?

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Re: how's WWE 12

Originally Posted by Dark_Link View Post
Is it any good? I mean every wwe I had gotten since Here comes the pain were complete garbage and I ended up trading them for other games is this game any different?

I'm just asking because I'm not too crazy bout spending 60 dollars on a piece of shit
I loved here comes the pain. I bought wwe 12 when it came out and so far so good although CAW hasn't changed
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Re: how's WWE 12

i was supposed to buy wwe12 as a christmas present for myself i couldn't wait so i bought it early and i onestly regret it

It's a good game overall but i'm allready sick of it more or less and i've only had it for a week

things that bug me
* road to wrestlemania is the worst their've EVER made. i played hctp last year and i enjoyed that alot more than wwe12 because hctp had a very long enjoyable storyline that i could play for hours and not get bored plus the storyline went for ages

WWE 12 rtwm storyline is great however gameplay is fucked i repeat fucked. you're constanly having backstage brawls and waiting for the ''prone button'' to light up it's god awful

basically op you're stuck fighting 3 guys and waiting for the prone button to light up which is annoying as fuck.

I haven't had much fun playing rtwm at all. In all seriousness i'd prefer to just watch raw because all rtwm has is cut scene after cut scene it's like you spend more time watching the game then playing it what a joke....


Is improved and enjoyable however it's still glitchy as fuck. When i first started universe before i even played a match wade barrett was in both wch and ic ranking that is the worst glitch by far and why they didn't fix it is beyond me !

Lack of controll in general in universe is what kills it for me you cant edit everymatch on the card. you can't make fueds go how you want them to in terms of settling them at ppvs because the game just gives you random matches you dont want to play instead

the more i think about it they really didn't fix shit in universe

The positive's Gameplay is 100% improved

I realise this is the most important thing in the game and i'm glad it's fixed but considering my complaints above it doesn't really mean much

Matches are more fun now you can legit have tight matches and lose or win it's great. I've had some epic matches allready that i've won and lost from one move it's soooooo much fun. so yeah the matches in universe and exibition are amazing and improved but rtwm and universe mode itself still have tons of glitches and issues

i'd rate the game 6/10 but being a guy who mainly plays for the storyline's in the rtwm mode i'm very disapointed. I really don't know how they managed to fuck it up so bad it's like they dont even play the games before realising them

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Re: WWE '12

Originally Posted by Shadows420 View Post
How do you get the other Miz attire if you didnt pre order the game? Mine came with the code for the Rock.
Originally Posted by Echlius View Post
Stupid question, when yo uget into a grapple and it flashes to press the a button (360), are you supposed to press and hold or button mash it, i dont think ive ever came out of that situation on top..
I'VE had the same problem. I think you have to mash the button. Since I got the game on Friday I've won a grand total of 2 struggles to control a grapple.

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Re: WWE '12

I'M ONLINE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(too bad I'm about to go to bed)

"....or...you can just call me the soon to be crowned KING of this company!
DEAN AMBROSE is taking over the world! As of right now forget what you think you know about this industry,
because Dean Ambrose is about to blow the DOORS. OFF. EVERYTHING! SO WELCOME TO THE FUTURE!!!!"

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Re: how's WWE 12

Sorry for double posting . But i just wanted to stress i'm not being a hater. I love wwe 12 but it does have it's problems and if someone's asking me if they should buy it/what's it like. I'm going to be onest and if i was going to buy the game i'd like to know what the flaws/problems are so i can make a proper descion on weather to buy it or not

like i said gameplay = best ever
universe is the same
rtwm = worst their've ever made imo
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Re: WWE '12

. Has anyone seen the cutscene where the person who loses the match, destroys the announce table, and then knocks Cole ou when he said that he was undefeated at Wrestlemania?
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Re: WWE '12

Only been playing RTWM so far, it took me ages to beat Kingston for the US title for some reason. He kept pulling out rollup after rollup and I couldn't judge the bar properly, finally beat him by Brogue kicking his face off.

I've created my guy and will have a crack with him in Universe mode when I get back from work tonight, also gave him his own hilariously bad custom entrance movie. I made a Roddy Piper arena too for a giggle, loving all the customisation options and random generic music that you can use.

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Re: WWE '12

I'll give the game about 3/10. (SO FAR)

What I liked:
- I thought being Eddie Guerrero in an old WCW setting was pretty cool.
- The announcers sound clips varied a lot.

What I didn't like:
- The voice acting was horrible and in some places it was too quiet.
- The Road to WrestleMania was so repetitive, it got unbearable.
- The click 'triangle' to finish the match thing wasn't great.
- Sometimes if you don't land the first move in the match, you're fucked. The characters stay groggy for too long.
- My game glitched something fierce. I had a Randy Orton vs. Cena match and both men fell through the ring, into a pile of limbs. After resetting and trying something different, I had Sin Cara fall through the barricade into the audience and elongate. There is also a glitch when I'm on the left side of the ring, in a hell in a cell. Fucking terrible for a brand new game.
- The graphics on some of the wrestlers are pretty terrible. CM Punk does not really look like CM Punk, however the tattoo designs are very well replicated.
- Why the fuck was I Sheamus for The Road to WrestleMania? Of all people, why the hell would I want to play as a heel right off the bat? And then, I'm Triple H? Triple H doesn't even wrestle anymore and is irrelevant to me, at least let me choose. For a game whose main selling point was its large roster, it surely did not implement it at all.
I hate CAWs but being one was actually refreshing after that sour taste. I was looking forward to choosing who I wanted to be, but once again, no.

I honestly felt like I was playing an unfinished game. With all the glitches and repetitiveness, it just felt like someone said, "OH FUCK WE ARE RELEASING THIS IN TWO DAYS, JUST COPY PASTE AND FUCK THE ERRORS!"

This will definitely be the last WWE game I buy. I managed to pick up WWE 2011 for $5 a few months ago, and I see why it was so cheap. I should have just waited till this gave inevitably crashes in price. I will just stick to my WWE RAW vs Smackdown! I think or WWE 'Here Comes the Pain'.

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