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Re: WWE '12

Im sure he would. Thats not what I wanted.

Just wanted to know the numbers.
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Re: WWE '12

The most important issue with this game but biggest flaw. Will they fix...........Sheamus's brouge kick. I want to feel like i'm kicking someone's head off ! not barely hurting them. 2011 big boots where god awful
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Re: WWE '12

They announced they fixed it.

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Re: WWE '12

The games used to have some nice ass big boots. A lot of moves were taken out for some odd reason but hidden on the disc.
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Re: WWE '12

Originally Posted by WrestlingforEverII View Post
The games used to have some nice ass big boots. A lot of moves were taken out for some odd reason but hidden on the disc.
come again ?

Another thing will we have complete controll of universe mode this year ? I want to make championship matches at any time controll who's in mitb ect
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Re: WWE '12

Originally Posted by Cole Phelps View Post
come again ?

Another thing will we have complete controll of universe mode this year ? I want to make championship matches at any time controll who's in mitb ect
Yeah I believe a lot of the old moves were locked within the discs. Those high tech hackers have been able to unlock a lot of the moves for personal use. I dont know if it was a developers issue/mistake or what but there are ton of hidden moves.

Found them.

180įFlare Leg Drop
450 Splash Pin
Abdominal Stretch 1
Abdominal Stretch 1
Abdominal Stretch 3
Acrobatic Clothesline
Airplane Spin
Alley Oop 1
Ankle Lock 1
Ankle Lock 3
Ankle Lock 3
Apron Sunset Flip Pin
Argentine Sidewalk Slam
Arm Drag 1
Arm Drag 2
Arm Drag 3
Arm Drag 4
Arm Lock 1
Arm Lock 2
Arm Trap Back Suplex
Arm Twist / Hook Kick
Arm Whip
Arm Wrench
Arm Wrench
Arm Wrench 1
Arm Wrench 2
Arm Wringer
Armbar 1
Armbar 1
Armbar 2
Armbar 3
Armbar 4
Armbar 5
Armbreaker 1
Armbreaker 3
Atomic Leg Drop 1
Atomic Leg Drop 2
Atomic Leg Drop 3
Axe Kick
Back Body Drop
Back Chop 1
Back Chop 3
Back Chop 4
Back Chop 4
Back Chop 7
Back Chop 7
Back Club
Back Elbow Strike
Back Flip
Back Kick 3
Back Low Blow
Back Position Press
Back Rolling
Back Rolling
Back Rolling 2
Back Side Slam
Back Side Slam 1
Back Suplex
Back Suplex 6
Back Suplex 7
Back Suplex 9
Backbreaker & Leg Drop
Backbreaker 4
Backbreaker Drop
Backhand Blow
Backhand Chop
Backhand Chop 2
Backhand Chop 3
Backhand Chop 5
Backslide Pin 1
Backslide Pin 2
Ballin' Elbow
Bam Bam Sault Pin
Bang! Bang!
Baseball Slide 2
Basic Arm Drag
Batista 1
Batista 2
Batista 3
Batista Bomb 1
Bear Hug
Bearhug 1
Beat Chest 2
Bella Twins 1
Bella Twins 2
Belly to Back Superplex
Belly to Belly 1
Belly to Belly 2
Belly to Belly 3
Benoit Attack
Bicycle Kick 1
Big Boot 1
Big Boot 1
Big Boot 2
Big Boot 3
Big Knee Smash
Big Punch 1
Big Punch 2
Big Show 2
Big Splash
Big Splash Pin
Big Swing
Big Walk
Black Out Hold
Body Attack
Body Knee Strike
Body Punch 2
Body Splash & Whip
Body Splash 2
Boss 1
Boston Crab
Bow & Arrow 1
Bow & Arrow 2
Bow & Arrow 3
Bow & Arrow 4
Boxing Body Blow
Boxing Clinch
Boxing Combination Body 1
Boxing Combination Body 2
Boxing Combination Hook 1
Boxing Combination Hook 2
Boxing Combination Jab
Boxing Combination Upper
Boxing Corner Body Blow
Boxing Corner Kidney Blow
Boxing Corner Punch Rush
Boxing Get Up!
Boxing Hook Punch
Boxing Kidney Blow
Boxing Pushing
Boxing Straight Punch
Boxing Straight Punch 2
Boxing Strong Uppercut
Boxing Sway
Boxing Uppercut
Brain Buster
Bronco Buster
Bulldog 2
Bulldog 3
Bulldog 5
Butterfly Facebuster
Butterfly Lock
Butterfly Suplex 1
Buzzsaw 1
Buzzsaw 2
Buzzsaw 4
Buzzsaw Kick
Buzzsaw Low Kick
Buzzsaw Punch
Buzzsaw Quick Kick
Buzzsaw Rise & Kick
Buzzsaw Rush
Calf Kick
Calf Kick & Sweep
Calf Kick & Tiger Suplex
Camel Clutch 1
Camel Clutch 2
Capoeira Kick 1
Capoeira Kick 2
Capture Suplex
Cat Fight
CC 1
Cena Punch 1
Cena Punch 2
Cena Underhook
Chicken Wing
Chin Lock
Choke 2
Choke 3
Choke Toss
Chokeslam 1
Chokeslam 2
Chokeslam 3
Chokeslam 5
Chokeslam 8
Chris Benoit 1
Chris Benoit 2
Chris Benoit 3
Chris Jericho 1
Chris Jericho 1
Chris Jericho 3
Chris Jericho 5
Christian 1
Christian 2
Clothesline 2
Clothesline 3
Clothesline 4
Clothesline 4
Clothesline 6
Clothesline 6
Clothesline 7
Clothesline 8
Clothesline 9
Clothesline 9
Clothesline 10
Clothesline 11
Clothesline 12
Clothesline 12
Clothesline 13
Clothesline 14
Clothesline 15
Clothesline 16
Clothesline Combo Pin
Clothesline From Hell 1
Clover Leaf
Clown 1
CM Punk 6
CM Punk 7
Cobra Clutch 1
Cobra Clutch 2
Cocky Pin
Coconuts Crash
Combination 1
Combination 2
Combination 5
Complete Shot
Cool Leg Drop
Cool Punches
Cool Shot
Corner Choke
Corner Forehand Chop
Corner Kick Combination
Corner Kick Combination
Corner Knee Strikes
Corner Rear Naked Choke
Counter Dropkick
Crippler Crossface
Cross Arm Stretch
Cross Armbreaker
Cross Body
Cross Body 1
Crucifix Pin
Curtain Call
Cut The Air
Cut Throat
Dancing 1
Dancing 1
Dancing 2
Dash Elbow
DDT / Kip-Up
DDT 10
DDT 11
DDT 12
DDT 14
DDT 14
DDT 15
DDT 16
DDT 19
DDT 21
Deadly Dog
Death Device
Death Drop 1
Death Drop 2
Death Drop 3
Deathlock With Bridge
Decavitator 1
Diamond Dust
Discuss Punch
Diva 1
Diva 2
Diva 2
Diva 3
Diva 3
Diva 4
Diva 5
Diva 5
Diva 6
Diving Body Press Pin 1
Diving Body Press Pin 2
Diving Body Press Pin 3
Diving Body Press Pin 4
Diving Bulldog
Diving Corkscrew Body Pin
Diving Cross Body 1
Diving Cross Body Pin 1
Diving Cross Body Pin 2
Diving Elbow Drop Pin 1
Diving Elbow Drop Pin 2
Diving Front Dropkick 2
Diving Headbutt 1
Diving Moonsault Pin 1
Diving Moonsault Pin 2
Diving Moonsault Pin 3
Diving Seated Senton Pin
Diving Spinning Lariat
Double Arm Whip 1
Double Axe Hammer 1
Double Axe Hammer 2
Double Axe Handle 1
Double Axe Handle 2
Double Axe Handle 4
Double Axe Handle 4
Double Axe Handle 5
Double Beat Head
Double Chokeslam 2
Double Clothesline
Double Dropkick
Double Elbow Drop 1
Double Elbow Drop 2
Double Elbow Drop 3
Double Flapjack 1
Double Flapjack 1
Double Foot Stomp
Double Front Slam
Double Gut Buster 1
Double Knee Attack
Double Knee Drop
Double Leg Drop
Double Leg Drop to Neck
Double Leg Trip
Double Powerbomb Pin
Double Punches 1
Double Punches 2
Double Side Leg Lock
Double Stomping
Double Underhook Superplex
Downward Thrust
Dragon Screw
Dragon Sleeper 1
Dragon Sleeper 2
Dragon Sleeper 3
Dragon Sleeper 4
Dragon Whip 1
Dragon Whip 2
Dragonrana Pin
Dress Man 1
Drop Out
Dropkick & Rolling Clutch
Dropkick 3
Dropkick 4
Dropkick 5
Dropkick 6
Dropkick To Face
Dropkick to Knee 2
Dropkick to Knee 3
Dropsault 2
Dropsault Cradle
DX 3
Edge 2
Edge 2
Edge 3
Edge-O-Matic 2
El 2
El Paso
Elbow Attack 1
Elbow Attack 2
Elbow Attack 4
Elbow Attack 5
Elbow Attack 6
Elbow Attack 7
Elbow Drop 1
Elbow Drop 2
Elbow Drop 2
Elbow Drop 3
Elbow Drop 3
Elbow Drop 4
Elbow Drop 5
Elbow Drop 5
Elbow Drop 7
Elbow Drop 8
Elbow Drop 9
Elbow Drop 9
Elbow Drop 12
Elbow Drop 13
Elbow Drop Pin
Elbow Smash 2
Elbow to Back of Head
Enzuigiri 1
Enzuigiri 2
Excellence 1
Exercise 2
Extreme Forearm Smash
Extreme Leg Drop 1
Extreme Leg Drop 4
Extreme Leg Drop 5
Extreme Neckbreaker Drop
Eye Poke 1
Eye Poke 2
Eye Poke 3
Eye Poke 4
Eye Rake 1
Eye Rake 2
Face Lock 1
Face Lock 2
Face Stretch 2
Facebuster 4
Facecrusher 2
Facecrusher 3
Fake Diving Attack 1
Falling Powerbomb
Falling Powerbomb
Feint Eye Poke
Feint Kick & Sweep
Feint Stomping
Feint Wheel Kick 1
Feint Wheel Kick 2
Feint Wheel Kick 3
Figure Four Necklock 1
Figure-4 Leg Lock 1
Figure-4 Leg Lock 2
Final Cut
Finishing Leg Drop
Finishing Punch
Fireman Carry Neckbreaker
Fireman Carry Toss
Fireman's Carry Flapjack
Fireman's Carry Slam
Fisherman Suplex DDT
Fist Drop 1
Fist Drop 2
Five Knuckle Shuffle 1
Five-Star Frog Splash Pin
Flapjack & Dropkick
Flapjack 1
Flapjack 1
Flapjack 2
Flash Back 1
Flash Back 2
Flip Leg Drop
Flip Senton Attack
Flip Senton Attack 1
Flip to Back Suplex
Flipping Slam
Flying Clothesline 1
Flying Clothesline 3
Flying Cross Chop
Flying Forearm Smash 2
Flying Forearm Smash 3
Flying Headbutt
Foot Choke
Foot Stamp 1
Forearm Smash
Forearm to Back
Forehead Bite 1
Forehead Bite 1
Frankensteiner 2
Free Fall Drop
French 2
French Dance & Attack
French Punch
French Punch Combo
Frog Splash Pin 1
Frog Splash Pin 2
Front Dropkick
Front Dropkick 2
Front Dropkick 3
Front Facelock / Knee Strikes
Front Neck Lock Elbow
Full Nelson 1
Full Nelson 2
Full Nelson Facebuster
Full Nelson Slam 1
Fury Punch 1
Fury Punch 1
Fury Punch 2
Fury Punch 2
Fury Punch 3
Fury Punch 6
Fury Punch 7
Fury Strikes
German Suplex & STO
German Suplex 4
German Suplex 4
German Suplex 5
German Suplex 6
Get Up!
Giant Push
Go Round Pin
Goldust 1
Goldust 2
Goldust 3
Gorilla Press Drop
Gory Neck Breaker 2
Gory Special
Gourdbuster 1
Groin Press
Ground Head Lock
Gut Crusher
Gutwrench Suplex 1
Hair Brow
Half Nelson Choke 1
Half Nelson Choke 2
Half Nelson Choke 3
Half Nelson Face Buster
Hammer Lock
Hammerlock / Knee
Handspring Facecrusher
Handspring to Kick
Head Attack
Head Is Struck
Head Pound
Head Scissor Roll Over
Head Shake Leg Drop
Head Slap
Head Smasher
Headbutt 1
Headbutt 2
Headbutt to Groin
Headlock 1
Headlock 2
Headlock Punch 1
Headlock Takeover
Headscissors Takedown 1
Heavy Combo 1
Hero Attack
High Angle Back Suplex
High Angle Boston Crab 1
High Angle Boston Crab 2
High Angle Boston Crab 3
High Angle Superplex
Hip Attack
Hip Attack
Hip Bites
Hip Drop
Hip Press Pin
Hip Toss 1
Hip Toss 1
Hip Toss 2
Hip Wash
Hips Struck
Hurricanrana 2
Hurricanrana 3
Hurricanrana 4
Hurricanrana 5
Hurricanrana 8
Hurricanrana 9
Hurricanrana Pin 1
Hurricanrana Pin 3
Illegal Pin
Indian Deathlock
Inside Cradle
Inside Cradle Pin
Inverted Boston Crab Pin
Inverted Front Powerslam 1
Inverted Powerslam
Inverted Sidewalk Slam
Inverted Suplex
Irish Whip
Iron Claw
Jawbreaker 2
John Cena 2
Judo Flip Suplex
Jump Spin Back Kick
Jumping Armbreaker
Jumping Axe Handle
Jumping Elbow Drop
Jumping High Knee 1
Jumping Knee
Jumping Knee 2
Jumping Spinning Heel Kick
Kane 1
Kane Strikes
Karate Kick 1
Karate Punch 1
Karate Punch 2
Kick & German Suplex Pin
Kick Combination
Kick to Gut 1
Kick to Gut 3
Kick to Gut 4
Killswitch 1
King Booker 1
King Booker Knee Drop 2
King Spinning Kick
King Stomp
Kitchen Sink
Knee Attack 1
Knee Breaker 1
Knee Drop 2
Knee Drop 3
Knee Lift 1
Knee Smash 1
Knee Stamp 1
Knee Strikes
Knee Trembler 1
Kneeling Facebuster
Kofi Kingston 2
Kung-Fu Roundhouse Kick
Lashley Suplex
Latino Cradle Pin
Leg Breaker 1
Leg Drop 2
Leg Drop 2
Leg Drop Bulldog
Leg Lariat 1
Leg Lock 1
Leg Lock 1
Leg Lock 2
Leg Lock 3
Leg Lock 4
Leg Lock 6
Leg Lock 7
Leg Lock 8
Leg Stomps 1
Leg Whip
Lifting Inverted DDT
Lionsault 1
Lionsault 2
Lionsault Pin
Lock Of Pain
Love Machine
Love Machine 3
Love Machine 4
Low Blow & Knee Attack
Low Blow 1
Low Blow 2
Low Blow 3
Low Blow 4
Low Blow 5
Low Dropkick
Low Kick
Magnum Driver
Martialarts Combination
Mat Slam 1
Mat Slam 2
Matt Hardy 1
Mexican Armbreaker
Mexican Stretch
Military Press
Million $ Dream
Modified Schoolboy Pin
Mongolian Chop 2
Mongolian Chop 3
Monkey Flip
Monkey Flip 3
Moonsault Combination
Moonsault Splash 1
Mounted Punching 1
Mounted Punching 2
Mounted Punching 3
Mounted Punching 4
Mudhole Stomping 2
Mudhole Strikes
Mule Kick 3
Muscle Appealing
Muscular 1
Muscular 2
Muscular 3
Muscular Punches
Mysterio Moves
Mysterio Rolling
Mysteronco Buster
Neck Lock
Neck Snap
Neck Twist
Neck Wrench
Neckbreaker & Punch
Neckbreaker 3
Neckbreaker 3
Neckbreaker 5
Neckbreaker 8
Neckbreaker 15
Neckbreaker Drop
Nose Clip 1
Nose Clip 2
Octopus Stretch 1
Octopus Stretch 2
Oklahoma Roll Pin 1
Oklahoma Roll Pin 2
Oklahoma Roll Pin 3
Oklahoma Roll Pin 4
Oklahoma Slam 1
Old School
On the Top Rope
Outlaw Attack
Outlaw Knee Strike
Outlaw Punch
Outlaw Punches 1
Outlaw Punches 2
Outlaw Stomp
Outlaw Stomp 1
Outlaw Stomp 2
Outside Crescent Kick 1
Outside Crescent Kick 2
Over the Shoulder Arm Drag 2
Overhand Punch 2
Pedigree 1
Pedigree 2
Pin with Bridge
Play Leapfrog Attack
Player's Boot
Power Up 1
Power Up 2
Powerbomb 4
Powerbomb 6
Powerful 3
Powerful 3
Powerful 4
Powerful Knee Strike
Powerful Knee Strike 1
Powerful Punch 1
Powerful Punch 2
Powerful Raise
Powerful Right Punch
Powerslam 1
Powerslam 2
Powerslam Pin 2
Primitive 1
Primitive 2
Psycho 1
Pulling Piledriver
Pump Up Buster
Pumphandle Slam 1
Punches & Full Nelson
Push It!
Pushes Turnbuckle
Quick Kick
Raise Arm 3
Raise Arms
Randy Orton 1
Rated RKO
Ready to Worm
Rear Facelock Backbreaker
Rear Headbutt 1
Rear Naked Choke
Regal Stretch
Release Powerbomb
Respect Muscular
Respect The People's
Reverse Chin Lock 1
Reverse Chin Lock 2
Reverse Death Valley
Reverse Superplex
Ric Flair Knee Drop
Ride on
Right & Left
Rob Van Dam 1
Roll Up
Rolling Cradle Pin 1
Rolling Cradle Pin 2
Rolling Leg Stretch
Rolling Savate
Rolling Thunder 2
Rope Attack
Roundhouse Kick 1
Roundhouse Kick 2
Roundhouse Kick 2
Rowdy 1
Running Backslide Pin
Running Body Attack
Running Body Splash
Running Double High Knee
Running Face Wash
Running Headbutt
Running Kick
Running Knee Strike 1
Running Leg Drop
Running Pointed Elbow Drop
Running Shoulder Attack 1
Running STO
Russian Leg & Armbar
Russian Leg Sweep 1
Sambo Suplex 1
Samoan Drop 2
Samoan Special
School Boy Pin 1
School Boy Pin 1
School Boy Pin 2
School Boy Pin 3
School Boy Roll Up
Scissors 1
Scoop Slam & Knee
Scoop Slam 1
Scoop Slam 5
Scoop Slam 6
Scrapbuster Pin
Scratching Arm
Senton 1
Senton 2
Sexy 1
Sexy 2
Shake Jab
Shake Rattle & Roll
Shane McMahon
Sharpshooter 1
Shattered Dream 1
Shawn Michaels 1
Shawn Michaels 1
Shawn Michaels 2
Shawn Michaels 2
Shawn Michaels DX
Shining Wizard 1
Shining Wizard 1
Shining Wizard 2
Shining Wizard 3
Shining Wizard 4
Shining Wizard 5
Shining Wizard 7
Shooting Star Press Pin 1
Short Arm Scissors
Short-Arm Clothesline 1
Short-Arm Clothesline 2
Short-Arm Shoulder Blocks
Shoulder Block 2
Shoulder Block 4
Shoulder Block 6
Shoulder DDT
Shoulder Reverse Piledriver
Shoulder Thrust 2
Shoulder Thrusts 1
Shuffle Side Kick 1
Shuffle Side Kick 1
Shuffle Side Kick 2
Shuffle Side Kick 3
Side Headlock Punch
Side Slam 1
Side Slam 2
Sideburns 1
Sideburns 2
Sideburns 3
Sidewalk Slam 4
Sidewalk Slam 5
Sidewalk Slam Backbreaker
Single Leg Crab 1
Single Leg Crab 2
Single Leg Crab 3
Sitout Chokeslam
Slap 2
Slap Head & Raise
Sleeper Hold
Sleeper Hold & Scissors 1
Sleeper Hold 2
Sleeper Hold 3
Sleeper Hold 4
Sleeper Hold 5
Sleeper with Scissors
Slingshot Body Press Pin
Slingshot Body Splash 1
Slingshot Elbow Drop
Slingshot Leg Drop
Slingshot Sunset Flip
Small Package 1
Small Package 2
Smash Right Punch
Snap Jab 2
Snapmare & Dropkick 2
Snapmare & Neck Lock
Snapmare / Dropkick
Snapmare 2
Socks Claw 1
Socks Claw 2
Spear 1
Spear 1
Spear 3
Spear 5
Spear 6
Special 1
Special 2
Special Bottom
Special Elbow
Special Leg Drop
Special Up
Spike Piledriver
Spin Kick
Spin-a-roony 1
Spine & Neckbreaker
Spinebuster 4
Spinning Back Elbow
Spinning Back Kick 4
Spinning Heel Kick 2
Spinning Powerbomb
Spinning Roundhouse Kick 1
Spinning to Face
Spinning Toe Hold
Spinning Wheel Kick 1
Spinning Wheel Kick 2
Springboard Armdrag
Springboard Back Elbow 2
Springboard DDT 3
Stand at Salute
Step Over Toe Hold
Stink Face Man 1
Stink Face Man 2
STO & Sweep
Stomp & Choke
Stomp on Leg 2
Stone Cold 1
Stone Cold 2
Straddle Dodge 1
Straightjacket Mat Slam
Stretch Muffler
Striking Spear
Strut Walk
Stungun & Neckbreaker
Stunner 1
Stunner 3
Sumo Shaker
Sunset Flip Pin
Sunset Flip Pin 1
Sunset Powerbomb
Super Armbar Takedown
Super Chokeslam
Super Double Powerbomb 1
Super Double Powerbomb 2
Super Fallaway Slam
Super Hurricanrana
Super Kick
Super Mexican
Super Power Slam
Super RKO
Super Tigerbomb
Super Tornadobomb
Superplex 2
Suplex & Cross Body
Suplex 1
Suplex 3
Suplex Slam
Suplex To Front Slam
Swanton Bomb 1
Swanton Bomb 3
Sweep 2
Sweep 3
Sweet Chin Music 1
Sweet Chin Music Pin 1
Sweet Chin Music Pin 2
Swing Arms
Swing Bottom
Swing Right Arm
Swing Snap DDT
Table 1
Table 2
Table 2
Table 3
Table 4
Tae Kwon-Do Back Kick
Tae Kwon-Do Jump Kick
Take a Back & Punch
T-Bone Suplex 1
The 619
The Last Ride
The Masterlock
The Miz 5
The Rock 1
The Rock 3
The Worm
Throat Thrust 1
Throat Thrust 1
Throat Thrust 2
Throat Thrust 2
Throat Thrust 3
Throat Thrust 4
Throat Thrust 6
Throw Back 1
Throw To The Rope
Thump Attack
Tie to Tree of Woe
Tilt A Whirl Backbreaker 1
Toe Kick 1
Toe Kick 3
Toe Kick 4
Tombstone Piledriver 1
Tombstone Piledriver 2
Tope Atomico 1
Tope Atomico 2
Torrie Wilson
Torture Rack
Toss 1
Toss to Turnbuckle
Triangle Dropkick
Triangle Hold
Triangle Stretch
Triple H
Triple H 1
Triple H Choke
Triple H DX 1
Triple H Low Kick
Triple H Punch 1
Triple H Punch 2
Turn Behind
Turnbuckle Big Splash
Turnbuckle Body Attack
Turnbuckle Clothesline 2
Turnbuckle Dropkick 2
Turnbuckle Inverted Front Power
Turnbuckle Kick Combo
Turnbuckle Powerbomb
Turnbuckle Thrusts
Turning Face Front
Twist of Fate
Twist of Fate 2
Two Handed Chokeslam 3
Undertaker 1
Undertaker 2
Undertaker Hold
Undertaker Knee Strike 2
Undertaker Punch 2
Undertaker Stomp
Undertaker Strikes
Uranage Backbreaker
Victory Roll Pin 1
Victory Roll Pin 1
Victory Roll Pin 2
Vince McMahon
Vionic Punch
Vionic Punchs
Wake Up
Wake Up 2
What? 3
Wheel Barrow Camel Clutch
Wheelbarrow Facebuster 1
Whip & Lay Down
Wind-Up Punch
Woman's Slap 2
Woman's Slap 2
Woman's Stomp 1
Woman's Toe Kick
Woo! 4
Woo! 5
Wrestling Hero 1
Wrestling Hero 2
Wrestling Hero Chickenwing
Wrestling Hero Punches
Wrestling Hero Slam 1
Wrestling Move
Wrist & Arm Wrench
Wrist Clutch & Elbow
Wrist Lock With Bridge
Yakuza Kick

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Re: WWE '12

Originally Posted by Cole Phelps View Post
come again ?

Another thing will we have complete controll of universe mode this year ? I want to make championship matches at any time controll who's in mitb ect
They confirmed you can defend titles in exhibition and Universe (Raw and Smackdown). Now I wanna know if you can set #1 contendership matches.

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Re: WWE '12

In 13 they should add a create a mini tron. That would be really cool

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Re: WWE '12

RTWM sounds interesting this year. I might actually play it.
I didn't even start ONE of them last year because I don't like them at all. Plus I had bought the Fan Axxess thing so I had all the unlockables.
Hopefully by next year it's just gone and we get an old school season mode.
I remember I used to play these games for more than 2-3 months because of the endless season mode, now I just get bored too quickly.
Although, if Universe has some nice updates this year that make it more interesting that may keep me playing longer.

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Re: WWE '12

WWE'12 Confirmed: Lightweight Superstars Like Rey Mysterio cannot pick up Super Heavyweight Superstars Like Big Show.

"Careful not to choke on your aspirations, Krennic"
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