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Re: EWR/TEW Discussion Thread

It's just annoying. My own fault, but seeing it happen was so annoying. I cheated and recovered the game back to the previous Friday and then did it all again, it was quicker but I didn't remember everything. It got a 'B' and lost me 32 regions. How does that even work??
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Re: EWR/TEW Discussion Thread

A couple of questions - Thanks in advance to anyone who answers.

1) I'm currently on a TEW 2005. If I download TEW 13, will I still be able to access my 2005 save file?
2) What are the different additional features available in 13 not available in 2005?
3) How exactly are momentum/overness factored? Because for some reason I can only maintain a momentum of A* when that worker is given superhuman pushes.

Thanks :P

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Re: EWR/TEW Discussion Thread

found some old pics from some scenarios that i've played several years ago:

BEAST! It was awesome back in the day to play this game and book every show.
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Re: EWR/TEW Discussion Thread

For some reason, John Cena just became the mentor to Star Man. In case you're wondering what Star Man looks like:

Yeah. Try imagining Cena teaching a guy in a pink bodysuit the Five Moves of Doom.
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Re: EWR/TEW Discussion Thread

WWE Night of Champions 2014 results

Big Show won a 30-man battle royal.
Rating: B-

ECW Vixen Championship
Natalya vs. Paige vs. Emma
Rating: B-

ECW Tag Team Championship
Rhodes Dynasty vs. New Age Outlaws
Rating: B

Divas Championship - Championship Scramble
Rainbow Dash (c) vs. Victoria vs. Twilight Sparkle vs. AJ Lee vs. Becky Lynch vs. Trixie
Rating: B-

Antonio Cesaro vs. Chavo Guerrero Jr. vs. Rich Money
Rating: B-

Hardcore and vacant ECW Television Championships
Chris Jericho (Hardcore champ) vs. Ryback
Rating: B

United States Championship
Rob Van Dam (c) vs. Tyson Kidd vs. Alex Riley
Rating: B-

Cruiserweight Championship
Taylor Lynch (c) vs. Adrian Neville
Rating: B

Zangief and Brock Lesnar vs. Roman Reigns and Batista
Rating: B

WWE Tag Team Championship (also the beginning of the end of gender restrictions)
Sami Zayn and Christian (c) vs. Trixie and Sunset Shimmer
Rating: B

Intercontinental Championship
Rey Mysterio (c) vs. Alberto Del Rio
Rating: B

ECW World Heavyweight Championship
John Cena vs. Dean Ambrose vs. Kurt Angle
Rating: B-

Randy Orton vs. Triple H
Rating: C+ (god dammit Haitch)

NWA World Championship
CM Punk (c) vs. Dolph Ziggler vs. Seth Rollins
Rating: B+

WWE World Heavyweight Championship
Daniel Bryan (c) vs. Bray Wyatt (interference from Undertaker)
Rating: A

Overall rating: A (genuinely was shocked to get a big rating despite some sucky matches)

Buy Rate: 9.83 (Great work from me)

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Re: EWR/TEW Discussion Thread

I went back to TEW05, mainly due to the great game I had on it as WWE. Just got to the second PPV of the game, Over The Limit. The game started September 2013 so some champs will be alot different than right now. Oh and I brought a shitton of Indy talent into NXT, who just lost their place with Hulu, and Matt Jackson is the current NXT champ feuding with.... Nick Jackson .

Over The Limit:

The Wyatt Family v Tons Of Funk
This was just a good way to open the PPV and a way to build up the Wyatt Family enough for their inevitable Tag Title reign. C+ Rating

Wade Barrett v Kofi Kingston
Barrett is someone who I will be trying to get to do well in 2014, while Kofi generally is the go-to-person in terms of the loser of a PPV match. B Rating

AJ Lee (C) v Natalya for the Divas Title
AJ retains in an average Diva match. Not sure who will be able to beat her for the title, so it could be that she stays champ as long as she has in real life. C+ Rating

The Shield (C) v The Uso's v The Hart Dynasty for the Tag Titles
The actual match was a TLC match, which probably helped towards the good rating. The Hart Dynasty are one of many Teams to reunite or join us (some down in NXT) to revitalise the division, but neither them or the Uso's could take the Gold from the Shield. Not sure which team will be beating the Shield, specially as they're both Main Eventers. B Rating.

Daniel Bryan v Bray Wyatt
A bit early for this match, but neither wrestler was on the card so Bray gave an open challenge which Bryan accepted. The match qualiy was alot better than I thought it would be too! Bray gets the win for the Wyatt Family A* Rating.

Dean Ambrose (C) v Colt Cabana for the US Title
I actually wanted Colt to win the title from Dean, but there was no way Main Eventer Dean would lose to Midcarder Colt. Cabana has been featured a fair bit since arriving, mainly in skits with Punk, leading upto Punks match later. Eventually Ambrose needs to lose the title, or I could just vacate it and have a battle royal for the title next PPV. A Rating.

Curtis Axel (C) V Antonio Cesaro V Jack Swagger for the IC Title
This is the first title to chane hands in my game and for a few reasons. Firstly Axel isn't good enough, imo, to carry the IC Title, so needed to lose it. Secondly I wanted Cesaro to get a decent push so putting the title on him and (Possibly) turning him face to face a heel Swagger would be a ggood way to start his reign. Axel will lose his rematch the next night and everyone will forget he had it. B+ Rating.

Alberto Del Rio (C) V Christian for the World Heavyweight Title
Del Rio will have a decent reign as long as he keeps up the great matches, and this one was another great match. Not sure what to do to move on, but I'm thinking of having a Del Rio v Mysterio feud for the time being, while Christian gets to be one of Cesaro's opponents soon. A* Rating.

CM Punk V Brock Lesnar
A marquee match that I put on for storyline purposes, as I'm looking to bring Lesnar into a few more Episodes of Raw, along with a possible title reign too. Punk wins here today to set up round 2. A Rating.

Randy Orton (C) V John Cena - I Quit Match for the WWE Title
Randy only just disposed of bryan when another challenger, in the form of Cena appears, I guess thats wht happens when you're the Champ. Orton won with help from an 'Accidental' Brogue Kick from Sheamus. This does two things, helps Orton retain the title and sets up a Sheamus heel turn alongside one of the next PPV's Main Events in Cena/Sheamus. Also wanted to see if they could pull off an amazing match and they did manage it. A* Rating.

The Overall Show only got a B+ which meant we lost a little popularity , but that was mainly due to a number of matches down near the bottom of the card just not doing that well.

Next PPV is Hell In A Cell and it should be better than this show.

Randy Orton v Dolph Ziggler/Big Show (Not yet decided)
John Cena v Sheamus
CM Punk v Brock Lesnar II
Alberto Del Rio v Rey Mysterio
Antonio Cesaro v Jack Swagger
Bray Wyatt v Daniel Bryan II
The Shield v The Uso's
Dean Ambrose v Cody Rhodes
Wade Barrett v Christian
AJ Lee v Kaitlyn

That looks like it could be what happens, although I doubt we'll see a title change. 10 Matches in 3 hours will mean they will have a decent ammount of time each, enough to shine anyway.

Neville / Barrett / Owens / Paige / Becky / Sasha

But Above All Rollins & Reigns <3

Goatface Bryan retired, let's all rejoice!
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Re: EWR/TEW Discussion Thread

fuaaark i've got so many NXT guys to call up but I have no idea how to debut them. I've got Adrian Neville, The Ascension, CJ Parker, Tyler Breeze, Aiden English, Bo Dallas, Prince Devitt and Michael Elgin.

Thought of putting together a stable of some of them, but not sure who?

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Re: EWR/TEW Discussion Thread

Originally Posted by Fargerov View Post
fuaaark i've got so many NXT guys to call up but I have no idea how to debut them. I've got Adrian Neville, The Ascension, CJ Parker, Tyler Breeze, Aiden English, Bo Dallas, Prince Devitt and Michael Elgin.

Thought of putting together a stable of some of them, but not sure who?
I have the same problem, man.

I don't watch NXT either so I barely know who some of them are who are currently there.

In real life, I think I'd debut them with special video packages and stuff, especially Devitt, but it's too much to do in the game. I've just debuted Kenny Omega and the packages I wanted where slow, brooding, artistic shots of him doing suplexes in super slow motion as I think that would fit him well, but then you spend 10 minutes creating it and it gets a F rating because nobody has heard of him.

So far I've completely struggled with who to bring up, and those I have such as Neville have just been thrown in a cruiserweight division.

In terms of a stable, possibly stretch out The Ascension to include Neville/English?

I've seen Prince Devitt in a handful of British stables lately, which is crazy, so perhaps bring up Devitt and have him feud with a Regal-led Barrett/Neville?
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Re: EWR/TEW Discussion Thread

I recomend making something ike a TV Title togive them something to go for, it worked well for me when I introduced Chris Masters (or re-introduced). Also I have quite a few new titles that I like the sound of. TV Champ is Masters like I said, then I have a Hardcore Title, currently held by Ryback who beat Kane for it. The Tag titles were being focused on by stables more than actual Tag Teams so I will be debuting my WWE Triple Threat Title, in which it's a 3-man tag title to focus more on stables, like 3MB and Hart Dynasty etc. I also reinstated the Cruiserweight title, Sin Cara beating Evan Bourne for it, but not that many Lightweight people are on my roster anymore plus Evan Bourne's contract is up soon and he doesn't want to resign.

In terms of debuts and NXT, HIAC has two teams debuting in the pre-show when The American Wolves take on The Briscoe Brothers. These two teams will add alot to the tag titles plus allows me to put on a great match too. Thinking of calling up the Young Bucks to Raw, although one of them is still NXT Champ so maybe later. Adam Cole, Alex Shelley, Brandon Gatson, Chris Hero, Sami Zayn, Jimmy Jacobs, JoMo, KEvin Steen, Sami Callihan & Michael Elgin look like they could get called up near the end of this year, no sure who yet.

Hell In A Cell 2013:

The American Wolves beat The Briscoe Brothers. B- Rating
Chris Masters (C) beat Evan Bourne to defend TV Title. C+ Rating.

Full Show:
3MB (Slater/McIntyre)& Layla v Hart Dynasty & Natalya for the Triple Threat Titles
Natalya ended up beating Layla to get the titles with the Hart Dynasty. The general idea is to have three maes, but having 2 males and 1 female can also work. C Rating

AJ Lee (C) V Kaitlyn for Divas Title
AJ again defended her title, proving that noone can beat her...yet. C Rating.

Wade Barrett v Christian
Wade Barrett is keeping the PPV wins up, not long before I decide to throw him into a title match. A Rating.

The Big Show v Mark Henry
In an all out HIAC Brawl, Big Show managed to win. This means that he will be number one contender for Rybacks Hardcore title, something I actually forgot to add to the PPV. A Rating.

Dean Ambrose (C) V Cody Rhodes for the US Title
Dean has been mocking Cody about how weak he is compared to him and he payed for it! Rhodes wins the title and that gives Ambrose a reason to be pushed like the Main Eventer he is. A* Rating.

The Shield (C) V The Uso's for the Tag Titles
Can the Uso's ever get their hands on the Shields gold? Not this time, anyway. Thanks to Ambrose helping them out, The Shield leave with some gold at least. A Rating.

Antonio Cesaro (C) v Jack Swagger for the IC Title
This all started last month when Cesaro won the title from Axel, who hasn't been seen since. These two have been demolishing opponents in less than 5 minutes, trying to beat the others record. On the night, in a 2 of 3 falls match, Cesaro gets the win and retains his title. A Rating.

Alberto Del Rio (C) v Rey Mysterio for the World Heavyweight Title
Del Rio v Mysterio, a good rivalry with plenty of good matches to go along with it, this match was just as good as the others. Del Rio cheated to win, so will Mysterio want another shot or will he have to go to the back of the line? A* Rating.

Bray Wyatt v Daniel Bryan
Twice in two months for these two, with Bryan managing to get the win to make it 1-1. A* Rating.

CM Punk v Brock Lesnar
Another twice in two months deal, again with Lesnar winning to make it 1-1. A* Rating

John Cena v Sheamus
Sheamus turned Heel after attacking Cena last week on Raw, leading upto this match and injuring Cena in the process. This didn't stop Cena fighting back though, getting close to winning before Sheamus put him away with a Brogue Kick to the Cell wall. A Rating

Randy Orton (C) v Dolph Ziggler for the WWE Title
The Main Event was alot shorter than usual, what with plenty of matches already happened, but it did live upto the hype. The show-off beat Orton clean on monday, but lightning doesn't strike twice and Orton dodged the Zig-Zag and hit the RKO for the win. A* Rating.

Overall Rating: B
Again the smaller matches at the start probably hurt the whole show, thinking of what I can do to counter that and nothing comes to mind. The Ta division looks like it will be heating up with a few new additions, the WWE/World title matches were great for how much time was given to them (Both matches were on for a combined 21 mins). Next PPV I have the last matches of Wyatt/Bryan & Punk/Lesnar to do, cultimating in someone possibly challenging Orton, maybe a triple threat in there. Orton/Sheamus sounds good, but with both being Heel maybe Orton/Sheamus/Cena is better.

In random news Jinder Mahal got injured last week on Raw, first time thats happened on the game lol. He misses about a months game time and I had to redo the Triple Threat Title match, adding Layla in there instead. Rey keeps on moaning about the push I give him, even though he's a main eventer, so I don't think he will want to renew his contract, shame. Lastly Christian & Wade Barrett are getting a little stale, so going to change them a bit with Barrett getting a mini-stable of sorts. Regalas his managed and Burchill & Neville as the henchmen. I might even turn Drew McIntyre away from 3MB to join him too. Who Knows.

Neville / Barrett / Owens / Paige / Becky / Sasha

But Above All Rollins & Reigns <3

Goatface Bryan retired, let's all rejoice!
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Re: EWR/TEW Discussion Thread

On my game, I have a bit of a loose brand split going on (as in not everybody is drafted to a brand) in my 2014 game as a result of The Authority having to restore order in WWE by splitting apart the roster a bit.

Raw has: WWE World Heavyweight, Intercontinental
SmackDown has: NWA World Heavyweight, United States
ECW has: ECW World Heavyweight, Vixens (created Women's championship for ECW), ECW Tag Team, TV
Raw and SmackDown share: WWE Tag Team (which both Superstars and Divas can hold now), Divas
All three brands share: Hardcore, Cruiserweight

Holders after Night of Champions:
WWE-WHC: Daniel Bryan
NWA: CM Punk
ECW: Kurt Angle
IC: Rey Mysterio
US: Tyson Kidd
ECW TV: Chris Jericho
Hardcore: Chris Jericho
Cruiserweight: Taylor Lynch
Divas: The Great and Powerful Trixie
Vixens: Natalya
WWE Tag Team: Trixie and Sunset Shimmer
ECW Tag Team: New Age Outlaws

Money in the Bank holders circa 2014:
World Championship MITB: Bray Wyatt (lost against Daniel Bryan)
Midcard MITB: Taylor Lynch (has yet to cash in)
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