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Re: EWR/TEW Discussion Thread

Sid Vicious just overdosed.
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Re: EWR/TEW Discussion Thread

Just finished booking my 3rd CZW PPV on TEW - Cage of Death. Bit disappointed with the show to be honest, not because of the show itself, which was damn solid, but with the attendance and buyrate. My first PPV sold out the Asylum Arena (5000 seats) and got about 1100 buys. This one didn't sell out and got 890ish buys. I really don't understand:

It's headlined by Knox vs Goldberg, for christs sake. People should be buying the PPV based on that alone. It was a solid 18 minute main event Cage of Death bout, in which Knox got the pinfall victory and retained the CZW World Title thanks to interferences from Vince Russo, Russo's henchman Viscera, Andy Leavine and Mr Fuji.

That was basically the big selling point of the PPV. The Jerry Lynn/Chuck Taylor feud never really took off and was half assed by me and there was a Mike DiBiase/Road Warrior Animal feud going into the PPV that I think Animal just dragged down. The low buy rate may have been because of all the Monty Brown angles but there's no real way to be sure. You can't just debut Monty Brown without giving him a large amount of the PPV to shine. Also that Andy Leavine/Mae Young match was a Cage of Death match, I had to put over Russo as a cruel heel boss. Somehow it was better than my opening match though, so Rey Mysterio's cousin and the guy in the panda costume have something to fucking think about.

I was also missing some of my big draws, Samoa Joe and Christopher Daniels, due to them working somewhere else, and I forgot to book Tajiri. I brought the buyrate upon myself. Although it was always a one match card.

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Re: EWR/TEW Discussion Thread

Mae Young and Monty Brown have tailgate party

Pure Genius

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Re: EWR/TEW Discussion Thread

Two months ago in my EWR game I lost $86,000 in a month which finally sent the alarm bell off and I've now done some VERY aggressive cost cutting. Fired at least half of my roster, lowered my advertising budget and tweaked the merchandise budget, and implemented a system where only 8-10 talents can work the monthly show (with the remaining other 8-10 working the next month's show and so on).

The next month I only lost $5,000 and now this month I've actually made money for the first time ever - $45,500 of pure profit! My show "Slammin' Anniversary (Sue Me, TNA)" truly was a success. Plus it's always nice to see the business degree I'm studying for be applied, if only in a very minor way

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Re: EWR/TEW Discussion Thread

WWE School is Over

Ryback beat Cody Rhodes: This was the Pre-show match. It was a match with no build-up. Ryback won the Internet Championship from Cody Rhodes, and I'm preparing a big push for him.

WSGTT beat The Usos: Shelton Benjamin was injured in a match on SmackDown and he will be out for 14 months. He was replaced by Drew McIntyre and looks like he is a pretty good partener for Charlie Haas. They retained the WWE Tag Team Titles and ended this feud.

Daniel Bryan beat CM Punk: Daniel Bryan retained the MitB briefcase, making CM Punk tap-out in a submission match which ended their feud. Aftre the match, Chris Jericho attacked Bryan and then cut a promo in which he said that he wants the MitB briefcase to cash it in and become WWE Champion once again.

The Miz beat R-Truth: The Miz retained the Intercontinental Championship once again, by cheatig. After the match, R-truth's friend, Kofi Kingston wanted to attack The Miz, but he ran away through the crowd.

Damien Sandow beat Dean Ambrose: It was really hard to decide who will be the winner of this feud, but in the end I chose Sandow. The feud helped them both to get more over, and was also benefical fot the NXT Title which gained more credibility. Sandow's future opponent will be none other than the new superstar in WWE, Samoa Joe.

Epico and Primo beat The Luchadores: The two teams had a feud in the recent weeks. Epico and Primo attacked The Luchadores several times in the last few weeks, so the RAW GM, Steve Austin, booked a match between them at this PPV. Epico and Primo managed to win this match by cheating, so it looks like this was not their final confrontation.

Wade Barrett beat The Undertaker: Barrett retained the WHC again with some help from his stable mate, Brock Lesnar. After the match they continnued the assault on Undertaker, until they were stopped by a half of the roster. I do not think Undertaker will remain without a response to what happened to him.

Batista drew The Rock: Batista seems to have an advantage in this feud now, attacking The Rock and costing him matches several times in the recent weeks. He failed to defeat him in this match, but neither was defeated. The match ended in a double count-out, so they will have to fight once again at the next PPV.

This PPV got a 87% overall rating. It could have been much better, but the match fot the WWE Tag Titles got only 57% overall rating, because the fans were confused due to the fact that Drew Mcintyre was announced as Tag Team Champion instead of Shelton Benjamin. Except this match, the other matches were very good.
The next PPV is WWE Smackdown vs. Raw
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Re: EWR/TEW Discussion Thread

After over 8 hours, I'm done with playing EWR today... this game is still awesome!
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Re: EWR/TEW Discussion Thread

i feel like i played TEW for 8 hours. it was more like 1 but i booked a 3 hour show of raw and closed it again. likely wont open it for another 6 months lmao.
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Re: EWR/TEW Discussion Thread

Originally Posted by scrilla View Post
i feel like i played TEW for 8 hours. it was more like 1 but i booked a 3 hour show of raw and closed it again. likely wont open it for another 6 months lmao.
Yeah, it can be tiring

On that note, just had to book a two hour show with twelve guys on the roster. Did an iron man match and injured both of them.

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Re: EWR/TEW Discussion Thread

tew was too long for my liking so im back to ewr, and started a 1997 scenerio, i just had my first raw and the main even was pycho sid vs hbk for the title sid went over shawn wasn;t happy his morale dropped from 80 to 69 haha oh shit.

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Re: EWR/TEW Discussion Thread

need an October update asap

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