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Re: EWR/TEW Discussion Thread

WWE Draft 2013

Pre-show: Drew McIntyre beat Ryback by cheating. This was a random match, McIntyre was transfered to SD, Ryback was transfered to RAW.

Daniel Bryan beat CM Punk: Daniel bryan won by DQ, after Punk attacked him with a chair. After the match, Punk lost his control and attacked the referee. They will have another match at the next PPV.

Colt Cabana beat Kane: Random match. Colt Cabana won with a roll up. Colt Cabana was transfered to RAW, Kane was transfered to SD.

Undertaker beat Batista: This was also a random match. Batista was transfered to RAW, where he will begin a feud with The Rock for the WWE Championship and Undertaker was transfered to SD, where he will have a feud with Wade Barret for the World Heavyweight Championship.

The Luchadores beat Mexican Mafia: This was their final match. Great feud which was benefical for both teams. I dont know yet what they will do next because I already have other plans for the WWE Tag Team Titles feud.

Wade Barrett beat John Cena: Wade Barrett successfully defended his title, and he will move into a feud with Undertaker. Cena will probably take a break and then I will give him some feuds with young talents, to help them to develop.

The Rock beat Brock Lesnar: The Rock defended his WWE Championship and ended this feud. Now it's time for another challanger, and I think Batista is the right person. Stay tunned to see if The Rock will be able to go over this opponent, or if Batista will becone WWE Champion again, shortly after his return to the WWE.

This PPV got 87% Overall Rating
The next PPV is WWE School is Over.

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Re: EWR/TEW Discussion Thread

I recently tried to go back to an old game I had on EWR where I was a backyard fed. I ran one small show a month and I eventually built it up to the small level after about 10 years, only to have the increased costs of everything like production cripple me financially causing me to be in a position where I was almost certainly going out of business/getting fired at the end of the month. So I booked a "Night of Champions" tribute/farewell show where all the old faces of the company went over and incredibly actually made enough money to stay in business another month. I stopped playing there for whatever reason and I seem to have lost the save file unfortunately.

Nevertheless I've decided to try and give it another go, only this time with way less starting money. I created a fed called Everlasting Wrestling Revolution (EWR ) and am gonna attempt to build it up to something reputable. Starting at 62% image as a backyard fed, here's my talent:

Spoiler for my future backyard heroes:
Acero Dorado
Bobby Clancy
Carter Gray
Chris Gray (no relation to Carter apparently, I made them a tag team anyway)
El Ligero
Flying Dragon
Jon Ryan
Kaden Assad
LJ Cruz
Marty Scurll
Matt Bison
Mike DiBiase
Mike Stevens

As you can see it's an all star list. For what's it worth I'm so tiny that there are no writers, production staff, road agents or medics that will work for me, so here's hoping the boys can play nice. I've created Heavyweight, Lightweight and Tag Team belts and my first show "Coronation" is at the end of the month. Expect Mike DiBiase to win the Heavyweight belt (he's the BROTHER of Ted DiBiase, talk about name talent!). One of the two cool UK cruisers (Ligero or Scurll) will win the LW belt. The tag titles will go to the two Gray's as they have a similar name.

So with time I'm sure we can find our way out of the backyard and up to the bright lights of taking on WWE.

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Re: EWR/TEW Discussion Thread

So I decided to put my CZW save on EWR on a temporary hiatus and attempt to take CZW to greatness on TEW05 instead. Basically because there's about a million angles on there that I really think I can eventually use to incredible effect.

Anyway, here's my first PPV:

Not awful, not awful. The creative direction of CZW hasn't changed completely yet, although any changes I've made have definately been for the better. Vince Russo debuted as CZW commissioner on the episode of CZW Wired before this show, in an angle that I can only imagine shocked the wrestling world. He appeared as a surprise opponent for Ruckus, beat Ruckus in a 1 minute match and then cut a scathing promo on the state of CZW. You have to put Russo over strong. On the PPV, he appeared frequently (road agents say far too much but I don't believe that shit), mainly to book matches and also to book AR Fox in a Junior Heavyweight title vs career match against Kid Kash, which he lost. AR Fox was then fired. It was not a work.

Naturally, the first move I made was signing Mike Knox. I don't think I've booked Knox as strong as I can yet though. He's been dominant, such as his 2 minute TV victories against Road Warrior Animal and using Animal's blood to mark his chest after the match, but not dominant enough. He's also recently acquired Mr Fuji as his manager, putting him over the next level. Mr Fuji may be 77 years old, but he can still work the marks something fierce with his evil manager gimmick. It's only a matter of time before Knox wins the CZW World Heavyweight title and it's definately the right move.

I Just Want to Sell Out My Funeral

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Re: EWR/TEW Discussion Thread

Ryback has gone 12 months undefeated, 24 defences of his US title all as a main event face with a racist gimmick (I hold a lot of shows in the Southern States) and is 24% of the way to the Hall of Immortals.

When I give him a more PG gimmick, he'll replace Cena as my #1 guy.
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Re: EWR/TEW Discussion Thread

Xavier Woods is 85 over in my EWR WWE save after about 2 months in the company. He debuted by interupting a Christian segment. Christian was talking about how he is tired of facing the young guys. Anyways, here is my SNME Card. No World Title matches are featured since this is the new February PPV. I started this save in May 2012.

Saturday Night's Main Event
February 16th, 2013

Kassius Ohno vs Wade Barrett. Special Ref: Triple H
Winner faces Randy Orton for World Title at WM 29

Ohno won the 2013 Royal Rumble. Wade Barrett has been beating up the SD GM Shane McMahon repeatedly since Shane screwed him out of the Rumble and title oppurtunities for some reason. The reason is still unknown. So RAW GM, Triple H took over SD as well. Barrett is my most over heel in the company.

WWE Title #1 Contendership Battle Royal
Winner faces Zack Ryder at WM 29

Simple Battle Royal. American Perfection (Cena, Ziggler, Swagger and Riley) has imploded upon itself. John Cena got mad that Ziggler kept losing all the time. Ziggler, former WWE Champion, has been on a losing streak as of late. Cena, has been beating up on WWE Champion Zack Ryder, even though Cena is no longer a wrestler, just the manager of American Perfection. Ziggler hasn't been happy Cena has been doing thins and Ziggler eventually confronted Cena about it and they got in a brawl! All RAW employees are eligible for this Royal.

Futureshock and Derrick Bateman vs Legacy (Cody Rhodes, Randy Orton and Kevin Steen

Dean Ambrose (c) vs Seth Rollins
United States Title

Justin Gabriel (c) vs Antonio Cesaro vs Xavier Woods vs Christian
Intercontinental Title

Skull-Buster Finale (Miz and Barretta) (c) vs The Ascension
World Tag Team Championships

Million Dollar Prodigies (Kidd and DiBiase) (c) vs The Briscoes
WWE Tag Team Championships

Daniel Bryan calls out HBK for the second time in 6 months!

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Re: EWR/TEW Discussion Thread

Any signs of the new one that's scheduled for release later this year/early next being able to be played on an iPad?
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Re: EWR/TEW Discussion Thread

Nope, it's exclusivley for PC.

Tried 2005 for the first time in a long while today and was suprised at how unplayable and flawed it is. The jump between it and 08 is huge!
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Re: EWR/TEW Discussion Thread

shane mcmahon just beat mankind for the wwf championship in my 1999 game.

People Who Are Good:
Donald J. Trump
Marine Le Pen
Nigel Farage
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Re: EWR/TEW Discussion Thread

hello, ive tried looking everywhere online, does anyone have a link where i could get an up to date wwe roster please? thanks
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Re: EWR/TEW Discussion Thread

Managed to get my backyard promotion up to the Small level on EWR. I'm 9 months in and have run 8 shows so far, the latest of which was the first event ever to feature no title changes. I'm all about hotshot booking in this one. Here's my champs:

Heavyweight Champion - Mike DiBiase (in second reign after beating Zack Sabre, Jr.)
X-Division Champion - El Ligero (second reign for him too after beating Marty Scurll in an Ultraviolent Death match)
Tag Team Champions - Damned Nation (Shane Strickland & Flying Dragon)
Backyard Heritage Champion - Bad Bones

The X-Division title debuted as the Lightweight Championship before I changed it to the Cruiserweight Championship on the next event only to change my mind and rename it to the X title a few months later.

Quick recap of events:

"Coronation" / 48% show quality / 41 fans in attendance

"World's Ending, Watch Wrestling" / 51% / 45 fans

"Never Say Backyard Sucks" / 50% / 49 fans

"Waverley House Rules" / 56% / 54 fans

"Tournament of Eternal Fortune" / 57% / 53 fans

"Breakthrough" / 60% / 23 fans

"Wargrounds: 100% Risk" / 61% / 91 fans

"Battling On" / 60% / 97 fans

I've so far lost $500,000. I'm still optimistic though.
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