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Re: EWR/TEW Discussion Thread

My first 5* match, Y2J sent an email saying he wanted to work with Punk so I figured I'd give 'em a random match to main event Smackdown.

Chris Jericho vs CM Punk : Stun Gun from Chris Jericho! There used to be this blonde guy in WCW in the early 90's who used that...i wonder what happened to him? Vicious back suplex! CM Punk got nailed. Hooks the leg for a two count. CM Punk counters a backdrop attempt with a kick to the face. Jericho takes a back suplex. CM Punk drives a thrust kick into the chest of Jericho. There's a two count on the pin. CM Punk plants Jericho with an exploder suplex. Hooks the leg for a close fall. Big dropkick by CM Punk, who got good elevation. Jericho blocks the suplex attempt. Tiger bomb by Chris Jericho, although no mention is made of whether it originated in Pearl River. Hooks the leg for a two count. Delayed brainbuster suplex, Jericho held that one for ages. Pin, but CM Punk is out just before the three count. Chris Jericho with a spinning neckbreaker on CM Punk. CM Punk takes a back suplex. CM Punk ducks a wild right hand. Jericho gets caught with a short powerbomb from CM Punk. CM Punk hits a great swinging DDT on Chris Jericho. CM Punk floors Chris Jericho. Here it comes...Anaconda Vise! Chris Jericho taps! Chris Jericho slides out of the ring to the floor, then turns and leaves through the crowd. Obviously he's had enough for one night. A ***** rating for a superb bout!
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Re: EWR/TEW Discussion Thread

here's a list of my 100% match quality matches (that I wrote down) from the last few months of my WWE scenario. started it in 2011, currently in late 2012.

William Regal & Nigel McGuinness/Colt Cabana & CM Punk
Kofi Kingston/John Morrison
William Regal/Daniel Bryan
John Morrison/Kenny king
Brett DiBiase/Manu Anoia
Tyler Black/Low Ki
Cena and Triple H/Edge and Christian/Cabana and Punk TLC match. - 100% overall match rating too.
Austin Aries/Caylen Croft
Justin Gabriel/Human Tornado
Caylen Croft/Tyler Black
Austin Aries/Human Tornado
Peter Orlov/Human Tornado
Low Ki/Richie Steamboat
Curt Hawkins/Richie Steamboat

a lot of those are random cruiserweight matches that took place on NXT lol. Human Tornado/Caylen Croft/Tyler Black/Peter Orlov/Kenny King/Curt Hawkins/Richie Steamboat all have really great stats from spending months in developmental though lol. no way you'll get those results w/ whatever stats they start out with.


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Re: EWR/TEW Discussion Thread

Just checked a website and saw this. If only.

And Batista signed with TNA
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Re: EWR/TEW Discussion Thread

Just started this game yesterday and holy fuck I love it already. I started with ring of honor and signed Aries, Dutt and Kendrick and once London's WWE contract expires I'll get him too. I already got my first 100% quality match too, Homicide and Boogalou VS Punk and Cabana.

One thing that does annoy me though is the repetitiveness in the match review with the stupid jokes in them,''Kick from out of nowhere, where is nowhere? and why do move keep coming out of there? does it have a factory'' that was funny the first time the 35th time, not so much.

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Re: EWR/TEW Discussion Thread

Does anyone know how to work EWR for Crossover on Mac? It absolutely refuses to install for me, no matter what kind of bottle I use.

Used to play the game on my Windows laptop, but the old P.O.S. stopped working, so there's no way for me to play it currently.

Spoiler for Currently Marking For:


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Re: EWR/TEW Discussion Thread

Originally Posted by GetStokedOnIt View Post
It's sorely missed in EWR, I do enjoy taping Smackdown from the Butlins in Bognor Regis.
I enjoy them because thats where i'm from
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Re: EWR/TEW Discussion Thread

The last show of the CZW 'Monday Night Wars' era. (There was only 2). I thought the drawing power of Kevin Nash would help CZW slay Raw in the ratings, but it was not to be. Nash barely got my rating to above 2.0, a meagre rating compared to Raw's 6.9. People just weren't tuning in to prime time Comedy Central on Monday to see a Mike Knox/Kevin Nash authority figure feud.

Doesn't help that Nash left CZW to sign a written deal with ROH and the last time CZW fans saw Nash he was getting beaten down by CZW World Champion Mike Knox. Knox stands tall. This is why he's CZW world champion.

He's still in a feud with Takeshi Morishima (who still hasn't debuted after touring with New Japan and then going into rehab for a cocaine addiction) but that will happen one day. For the meantime I've signed Batista on an open contract and I'm probably going to have Knox beat him clean on the next PPV.

I do love this game sometimes.

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Re: EWR/TEW Discussion Thread

been playing my game for over a year. industry is in a really bad slump almost at 0% lol. i had to downgrade raw and smackdown to early evening shows because the ratings fell so low.

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Re: EWR/TEW Discussion Thread

I'm running a 1996 game, now well into 1997. The eight Raw main events leading into Royal Rumble have been either Shawn Michaels (WWF Champion) vs. Bret Hart, or Owen Hart (Intercontinental Champion) vs. Steve Austin. Either way, the last eight Raw main events have been ***** matches, and Royal Rumble got a 100% rating:

Christian over Jamie Noble (WWF Light Heavyweight Championship, ****3/4)
The Shooters (Benoit & Malenko) over Hardy Boyz and New Age Outlaws (WWF Tag Team Championships, ***1/2)
Ken Shamrock over The Rock, botched interference (***3/4)
Owen Hart over Steve Austin (No DQ, Intercontinental Championship, *****)
Bret Hart over Shawn Michaels (Submission Match, WWF Championship, *****)
Chris Jericho returned from injury and won the Royal Rumble (Not rated)
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Re: EWR/TEW Discussion Thread

Just finished up SummerSlam 2012 on my year old scenario. this is the longest game I've ever played real time wise. it's been over a year since I started it. I usually get bored and don't touch the scenario for a month or two, but I never let real time surpass game time as I feel like I'll end up copying something. here were my matches going into SummerSlam 2012:

Chris Jericho vs. Cody Rhodes

A feud for the IC title. Jericho just came off an intense feud with Ted DiBiase over his IC strap. DiBiase's manager, JBL, was not satisfied with DiBiase's constant failures though. After the Jericho/DiBiase feud ended JBL recruited a new client to try and dethrone Jericho for the belt, Legend Killer Cody Rhodes. Rhodes was fresh off retiring his brother Goldust, one of the many retirees Rhodes has sent off. A list which includes his brothers former tag team partner Booker T, Bill Goldberg, Jerry Lawler, and his own father Dusty Rhodes. This would actually be the first and last match of their feud. Since the feud was already ready to end at SummerSlam.

Dean Ambrose vs. Raven

This feud began when Raven recruited the newcomer Ambrose to join his stable the Nest. Ambrose declined his managerial services, but suffered the consequences. For months he'd been subjected to brutal beatings from members of The Nest: Kane, Kevin Thorn and Rhino. At the last PPV, Ambrose managed to retire Raven's top client Kane in a hellacious Inferno Match. He also managed to beat Kevin Thorn and Rhino in singles matches on multiple occasions. Rhino had enough, turning on Raven on the SmackDown prior to SummerSlam after Raven botched interference in a handicap match of Thorn & Rhino vs. Ambrose. After months of doing battle on SmackDown and on the mic, Ambrose meets Raven at SummerSlam in a Raven's Rules match for the culmination of their war.

Sheamus vs. Kevin Nash

For months Kevin Nash was the RAW GM. Tormenting then WWE Champion Sheamus as the Kliq ran rough shot over Raw. Nash was eventually ousted by Triple H after his failures to keep the title off CM Punk. After Nash spent months at home, he returned to Raw 1000 to announce his retirement. He was met by an old enemy, Sheamus. Sheamus gave Nash a brutal beating and challenged him to one last match. Nash raised the stakes however, stating that if Nash won he wouldn't retire, but Sheamus would have to hang up his boots instead. Sheamus told Nash he wouldn't retire and that Nash would have to make him quit. The two will do battle in an I Quit match at SummerSlam.

Seth Black vs. Sin Cara

Sin Cara has enjoyed a healthy reign as Cruiserweight Champion. He triumphed over Low Ki, Austin Aries, Evan Bourne, Rey Mysterio and Justin Gabriel. However on the revamped version of NXT he met a young blue chipper that he could not defeat. After countless draws between Black and Sin Cara, all ending in a handshake, Black finally had enough. He cheap shotted Sin Cara after a time limit draw about 2 months prior to SummerSlam. However his new attitude didn't help him much as he was Disqualified in his first title match after the heel turn at Great American Bash. Black didn't see the errors in his ways though. Instead he took a darker turn and aligned himself with Raven and the Nest. Raven led a full on Ladder attack on Sin Cara the following week. Leading to the finale of this 4 month feud in a ladder match at SummerSlam.

Edge vs. Triple H

SmackDown General Manager, Edge, has been a thorn in Triple H's side ever since Triple H and John Cena won the WWE Tag Team titles that Edge and Christian were forced to vacate. Edge and Christian failed to regain the titles from Power Trip, but they did manage to cost them the titles in their match with the Second City Saints at Great American Bash. Since then, Edge has not left Cena and Triple H alone. Edge brought Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson back to the show named after his catchphrase, allowing Rock to challenge Cena in a rematch for the title at SummerSlam and undermining Triple H's wife, Raw GM, Stephanie McMahon, who fired Rock shortly after WrestleMania 28. Edge has questioned Triple H's manhood since his wife clearly runs Raw. Triple H then challenged him to a Last Man Standing match at SummerSlam. Despite Christian's protests, Edge agreed. Triple H met Christian in a LMS match on the SmackDown prior to SummerSlam. John Cena made sure to take Edge out of the picture early in the night. In the match not only did Christian lose, but he suffered a massive beatdown from both Cena and Triple H during and for sometime after the match.

Second City Saints vs. Miz and Morrison

After reuniting thanks to Miz's manager Michael Cole, Miz and Morrison have been unstoppable. Having defeated the Hart Dynasty, KINGS (Kofi Kingston & Kenny King), Perfection (Kenn Doane & Chris Masters), Motor City Machine Guns, The Rottweilers (Low Ki & Homicide), The Commonwealth (Drew McIntyre & Wade Barrett), and Zack Ryder & Santino Marella with a little help from Cole in a relatively short period of time, they've "earned" their right to be called #1 contenders. Punk and Cabana have had a long hard road to regaining the titles after losing an impromptu match to Power Trip, minutes after winning a one night tournament to win the titles. They won't relinquish the titles easily. The two teams have met up in a number of singles variations, trading multiple victories. On the final Raw before SummerSlam, Miz and Morrison along with Cody Rhodes picked up a victory over Punk, Cabana and Jericho after Michael Cole helped Miz score a pinfall on CM Punk.

Kurt Angle vs. Daniel Bryan

Daniel Bryan, currently the longest reigning champion in the WWE, has defended his United States Championship against all comers. After a classic match with HBK at WrestleMania, followed by a classic technical feud with Nigel Wolfe in the subsequent months that followed, Daniel Bryan was on top of the world. That was until Kurt Angle, bitter off his failed attempts to capture the World Heavyweight Championship, set his sites on Daniel Bryan ravaging his ankle on multiple occasions. Angle claims that the United States Championship rightfully belongs to him being an American hero and Olympic Gold Medalist. It's also the only title that Angle is eligible for, that he has never claimed in his entire WWE run. Bound and determined to be a champion again, Angle gets his shot at SummerSlam.

Randy Orton vs. Nigel Wolfe

This is quite a simple feud. Nigel Wolfe won the 2012 King of the Ring Tournament to qualify for a match at SummerSlam, defeating his rival Daniel Bryan in the finals. Despite Wolfe's failures to capture the US Championship from Bryan, his ability to defeat him at King of the Ring has his eyes now on a much bigger prize. Orton coming off a feud with an "American Hero", is now feuding with the exact opposite. The anti-American establishment, The Commonwealth, has banded together with one goal, to take the World Heavyweight Championship. Orton spent the entire month leading up to SummerSlam taking on each member of the Commonwealth in non-title matches. He defeated the leader Willam Regal, quite easily as well as other lackeys Justin Gabriel, Drew McIntyre and Wade Barrett. He did fall to rising star and Commonwealth newcomer, Claudio Cesaro after interference from Nigel Wolfe. Cesaro claimed he deserved a championship match following his victory. Nigel Wolfe then interfered in the match causing Orton to win by DQ. There was definite tension within The Commonwealth, however manager William Regal sorted things out. After reminding the stable of their goal, Cesaro helped Wolfe and Angle, an unlikely pairing, pick up a victory over Randy Orton and Daniel Bryan on the last SmackDown before SummerSlam. The Commonwealth then followed up with a 6 on 1 beat down of Randy Orton.

The Rock vs. John Cena II

The 5 month awaited rematch takes place at SummerSlam. John Cena and The Rock first did battle at WrestleMania 28. John Cena showed his true colors that night, when he aligned himself with Triple H and screwed The Rock out of a victory at his homecoming in Miami. The following night on Raw, Cena and Triple H dubbed themselves the Power Trip, along with Triple H's wife and Raw GM, Stephanie McMahon. It didn't take long for Power Trip to go on a power trip, as Stephanie McMahon fired Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson shortly after WrestleMania. Since then Cena and Triple H have dominated the Raw brand and WWE as a whole. Cena has regularly avoided defending his WWE Championship on PPV since WrestleMania, instead settling for tag team matches with Triple H. After growing sick of the Power Trip's reign of tyranny, SmackDown General Manager Edge, went over Stephanie McMahon's head and appealed to the WWE Board of Directors. Edge was able to not only ensure that John Cena would defend the WWE Championship on PPV, but he was also allowed to name John Cena's opponent. Edge then went on to re-sign Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson and allow him his rematch at SummerSlam. Since then a number of midget impersonations, finisher thefts, beat downs and promos have taken place. The final confrontation between the two taking place just two days before SummerSlam on SmackDown, when Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson ran off both John Cena and Triple H, who were giving Christian a sickening beating to send a message to both The Rock and Edge.

brief rundown: Jericho beat Rhodes clean to retain the IC title. Ambrose beat Raven and they shook hands after the match. Ambrose is turning heel and joining The Nest, likely feuding with Undertaker next. Sheamus/Nash was a clean finish. Nash is retiring at the end of the month and Sheamus is moving onto a feud with Cena. Seth Black won the CW title with help from the newly Nest aligned Ambrose, his feud is over with Sin Cara. Edge beat Triple H with help from Christian. SCS beat Miz and Morrison clean to retain their titles. The feud with continue though. Angle beat Danielson by dusty finish DQ, Danielson retains and the feud will continue. Orton beat Nigel clean. their feud is over, but they'll likely meet in a multiman title match at the next PPV, Night of Champions. Cena beat The Rock by cheating. didn't want an interference repeat of WM + too much interference on the show already. Rock will be taking another vacation until I have a feud idea for him. Cena will be moved into a feud with Sheamus who's insanely over.

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