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Official WWE 2K17 Discussion Thread

Platforms: PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, X-Box One, X-Box 360 & PC
Release Date: 11th October 2016 (Worldwide) 7th February 2017 (PC)


Removed from 2k16
(Not including duplicates)

Adam Rose
Bad News Barrett
Colonel Mustafa
D'Lo Brown
Damien Mizdow
Dustin Rhodes
Fit Finlay
General Adnan
Honky Tonk Man
Kama Mustafa
Ken Shamrock
Mikey Whipwreck
Roddy Piper
Santino Marella
Savio Vega
Sgt. Slaughter
Stevie Ray
William Regal

Roster pics from

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Re: WWE 2k17

Hope they remove showcase mode or at least make at least 5 showcases
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Re: WWE 2k17

They made solid improvements last year. Hopefully they put more depth into the Career and Universe modes and put in a few more people from NXT, as well as the obvious guys like Styles.
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Re: WWE 2k17

Hope they stop going to the past, plz focus on main roster and NXT talent.

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Re: WWE 2k17

I want the General Manager mode back.
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Re: WWE 2k17

Originally Posted by DoubtGin View Post
I want the General Manager mode back.

Also fix the shit editor mode speed up the match engine and put back in everything you took out

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Re: WWE 2k17

I really wished they'd stop developing for the older consoles. If they cud literally just focus on one instead of trying to port over assets and develop things to fit last gen i honestly believe we'd have a better product.


A STACKED divas roster. This includes ALL main roster, The heavy hitters of NXT, and a few legends (THAT ARENT DAMN LITA AND TRISH)

Less focus on showcases. These have been so stupid to me. You forgo a decent story/career mode so i can play thru events that already happened? :/ No thanks. I dont wanna relive Shawn Michaels or Stone colds career.

Bring back create a finisher and story. WRESTLING SURVIVES ON STORYLINES. This should be obvious. If i can download a story and create a story i'd give the game a TON of replay value.
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Re: WWE 2k17

Well tbf last gen and current gen are developed by different teams, so the whole focus on one over the other is kinda bullshit at this point. Yukes just make new models and the updated showcase for 360/PS3, with nothing new from 14 onwards gameplay wise. VC and the other portion of Yukes do plentiful for current gen not influenced by the last gen team.
At the end of the day both make them money, and until everyone converts to current gen completely theyll continue to make them.

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Re: WWE 2k17

Cena & Reigns will mot likely be the cover boys.
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Re: WWE 2k17

So happy right now.
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