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Re: Official WWE 2K15 Thread

I hope they add new things to CAW I've been waiting since 2k14. For a Proper Batman that dosen't look like he has bunny ears.
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Re: Official WWE 2K15 Thread

Last year's WWE 2K14 was too far along when 2K Games took on the license from THQ for it to make many big changes, but now there's no holding back.

WWE 2K15 will be the new-gen debut of the series on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One (in addition to PS3 and 360). Developer Visual Concepts is taking on a much bigger role this time around alongside longtime developer Yukes. Visual Concepts is incorporating its impressive scanning tech made famous in its NBA 2K games. The team has hounded WWE's roster of wrestlers during their nonstop travel schedule and already has 90 percent of the in-game roster scanned in. Interestingly, I saw a photo of Hulk Hogan getting scanned. While a classic version of him is in the game (alongside announced wrestlers John Cena, Bray Wyatt, Roman Reigns, and Cesaro), it's unclear what role today's older Hulk would serve. Maybe he shows up for a hosting role as he did for the recent Wrestlemania XXX.

This new tech is already showing impressive results. I saw side-by-side character models for wrestlers like John Cena, A.J. Lee, and Daniel Bryan, and they all looked leaps and bounds closer to their real-life counterparts. Hair, skin, faces, and ring gear are all majorly upgraded. VC is capturing a variety of facial expressions so that wrestlers will express more realistic emotions in the ring. A John Cena facial rig demo showed off lifelike expressions of pain, excitement, and exertion.

The ultimate goal of all this is to closer match WWE's TV presentation. I couldn't get any specifics on actual game mechanic changes, but Visual Concepts is working toward more realistic match pacing and flow. The key to all of this is a new mo-cap studio that contains an actual WWE ring set up by a real WWE ring technician. This will result in five times the number of animations than 2K14. A new months-later cutoff date for inclusion of the latest WWE content will help ensure that the game is that much closer to the latest roster and storylines.

Audio is getting a complete overhaul as well, with five times the sound of last year's game. For the very first time announcers Jerry "The King" Lawler and Michael Cole will be recorded in tandem, creating more natural conversation threads. I heard a sample clip of the two discussing Undertaker's Hell's Gate submission and it already sounds much improved. There will be a massive 30 to 35 hours of commentary per announcer to keep things fresh and prevent hearing constant repeats.

2K is not discussing what the overall theme of the game is this year (previous years included Wrestlemania and the Attitude Era), nor did it show the full game in action. All of the details I heard sound promising, but it's tough to fully accept without further along footage. WWE 2K15 is set to launch on October 28, which doesn't leave a whole lot of time for all of the ambitious advances the team is planning. Despite these reservations, I'm looking forward to the next 2K15 reveal to see how the total package comes together.

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Re: Official WWE 2K15 Thread

Originally Posted by SideburnGuru View Post
CM Punk to be included Piper style and only as a superstar head. Lol. Not confirmed, but I'm thinking that's how they'll handle it.
The tattoos are gonna be a pain in the ass to do though. I don't know how people have the time and patience to do those in these games.

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Re: Official WWE 2K15 Thread

I'm honestly happy that they are overhauling the commentary but my biggest issue is the gameplay. My only request is that they make the moves feel satisfying to execute and matches to not feel predictable. They need to strike a much better balance between simulation and game. Just because something happens on TV doesn't automatically mean it will be fun to play in a video game.

I know they won't do this - but I'd also really like them to consider going back to animating some moves from scratch or at least getting far better motion capture actors. I hate the way certain wrestlers don't feel like their real life counterparts because the way their signature moves are animated is so far off. The Rock is the best example, almost all of his moves look nothing like how he performs them in real life.

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Re: Official WWE 2K15 Thread

It's very unlikely, but I hope Brad Maddox is in this year.

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Re: Official WWE 2K15 Thread

is this a rumour or reality that the game will be for ps2 also??

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Re: Official WWE 2K15 Thread

I heard 2K15 will have a way better commentary by Michael Cole and Jerry Lawler. They will be working together to make the commentary different and thank god its not going to be like this bull shit commentary on 2k14 with repeating like 5 sentences every fucking match.
Polygon has an interview with WWE 2K15 executive producer Mark Little, who talked about some of the changes in the upcoming game. During the interview, he was asked about the roster for the game and CM Punk. Here is a portion of the interview:
Polygon: "The folks we're seeing every night, we're going to see in here [WWE 2K15]. With the exception of maybe CM Punk."

Little: [pause] "Talkin' about rosters later."

Good: "Oh. Oh ... Oh? Is this a work?"

Little: "I work on the WWE now; you shouldn't know what to expect.


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Re: Official WWE 2K15 Thread

Can't wait to play as Luke Harper if he is in the game. YEAH YEAH YEAH YEAH!

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Re: Official WWE 2K15 Thread

Of course he's in the game, they're not going to have Wyatt by himself.

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Re: Official WWE 2K15 Thread

The team has hounded WWE's roster of wrestlers during their nonstop travel schedule and already has 90 percent of the in-game roster scanned in.
So does that mean we'll actually have a full roster in the game for a change? I hope the releases that happened last week doesn't make the game abit outdated. Not like anyone released was a notable superstar, but would suck if the game releases and we see people like Brodus,Aksana and stuff in the game over people who are on the roster(or some NXT people might have been skipped in favor of the people who got released)

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