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Re: WWE 2K15

Originally Posted by Martyn View Post
They're not going to change much, even for the PS4/XBOne versions. Why? Because they've no competition in wrestling games and everybody's still gonna play it no matter what.
Another wrestling promotion releasing a game would mean nothing, as fans would buy the game that featured wrestlers they liked.

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Your WWE 2k15?

This thread is for people to write and tell us how their ideal, but realistic WWE 2k15 game would look.

WWE Roster
Alberto Del Rio
Bad News Barrett
Big E Langston
Big Show
Billy Gunn
Bray Wyatt
Brock Lesnar
Brodus Clay
CM Punk
Cody Rhodes
Curtis Axel
Damien Sandow
Daniel Bryan
David Otunga
Dean Ambrose
Dolph Ziggler
Drew McIntyre
Erick Rowan
Evan Bourne
Great Khali
Heath Slater
Jack Swagger
Jey Uso
Jimmy Uso
Jinder Mahal
John Cena
Justin Gabriel
Kofi Kingston
Luke Harper
Mark Henry
The Miz
Randy Orton
Rey Mysterio
Road Dogg
Roman Reigns
Seth Rollins
Sin Cara
Titus O'Neil
Tyson Kidd

WWE Diva's Roster
AJ Lee
Alicia Fox
Brie Bella
Nikki Bella

NXT Roster
Bo Dallas
Adrian Neville
Aiden English
Alexander Rusev
CJ Parker
Colin Cassidy
Enzo Amore
Leo Kruger
Mason Ryan
Mojo Rawley
Sami Zayn
Troy McClain
Tyler Breeze
William Regal (NPC, Unlockable as Wrestler for $1)
Xavier Woods

NXT Divas Roster
Lana (NPC)
Summer Rae

Locked Characters
Booker T - (ANY MODE) Win 5 World Title Matches.
CM Punk - (UNIVERSE OR CAREER MODE) Have you, or a superstar hold a title for over a year.
Darren Young - Turn, or get turned on by a tag team partner.
Diego, Fernando & El Torito - Form a tag team.
Chris Jericho - (ANY MODE) Use 1,004 moves.
Edge - (ANY MODE) Win a three way tag team tables ladders and chairs match on hard or legend difficulty.
Goldust - Turn, or get turned on by a tag team partner.
Hornswoggle - (NON CAREER MODE) As a Cruiserweight, defeat a Super Heavyweight on legend difficulty.
Kane - (ANY MODE) Beat the Undertaker at Wrestlemania on Legend Difficulty.
Santino Marrella - Unlocked after being selected to wrestle from the crowd at an NXT Show.
Shawn Michaels - Graduate Wrestling School.
Triple H - Get promoted to the 'Big Leagues'
William Regal - Defeat the NXT GM in a match

Purchasable Superstars (Each Pack costs $1 each)
Alumni Pack - Lita, Trish Stratus, Beth Pheonix, Finlay, John Morrison, Kurt Angle and MVP
The Tag Team Legends Pack - The Dudley Boyz, Matt and Jeff Hardy, Shelton Benjamin and Charlie Haas and Rob Van Dam.
Freaks Of Nature Pack - Andre The Giant, Big Daddy V, Giant Gonzales, Goldberg, Scott Steiner and Umaga.
The Gimmicky Pack - Big Boss Man, Boogeyman, Doink The Clown, The Hurricane and Papa Shango.
*Other Packs TBA, including legends pack*

Game Modes
Exhibition Mode - New Match Types Include 2 Vs. 2 Vs. 2, 2 Vs. 2 Vs. 2 Elimination, 2 Vs. 2 Vs. 2 TLC, 2 Vs. 2 Vs. 2 Ladder, 2 Vs. 2 Vs. 2 Tornado, 2 Vs. 2 Vs. 2 Vs. 2, 2 Vs. 2 Vs. 2 Vs. 2 Elimination, 4 Vs. 4, 4 Vs. 4 Elimination.
Career Mode - Take a Rookie from NXT all the way to the WWE Championship!
Universe Mode - Changes include 25 ALL NEW possible cut scenes, and general improvements, as well as the ability to have 5 feuds on each brand at any one time.
Create Mode - Changes Include the ability to film a cut scene and implement it into story lines and Universe mode, Game Face (Using a camera put your face onto a CAW), and 40 new moves and 100 move re animations.

Career Mode In Depth
You start Career mode by creating your CAW. This is a fairly lengthy process. You can create a CAW from scratch like normal, or use game face to truly insert yourself into the WWE Universe. You have the choice of starting with the default move set and entrance (With no music), or you can customize your moveset by spending your WWE Bucks™ to buy moves, or motions and music for your entrance, but spend wisely, a finisher like the piledriver costs 35 WWEBucks™!

You start off at Wrestling school, taught by none other than Shawn Michaels! He has taught legends such as Daniel Bryan, you could be his next success story. He will teach you the basics of wrestling, as you face off against potential other superstars. Once you graduate, you will start to tour the Independent scene.

*Important Note* - Wrestling School, Indy Scene and some NXT opponents are randomly generated, including names, appearance and move sets, this will vary every time.

Once you graduate, Shawn rings a few of his friends, and you can try and win a few matches for small companies such as Hard Knocks Wrestling, American Grappling Now!, Extreme Warefare Wrestling and Ohio Valley Wrestling, earning WWEBucks™ the whole time. So now you can buy music and update your move set, as well as buying a decent pair of tights! Your friend, Xavier Woods sends you a text, tipping you off that there will be an open challenge at the NXT Show on the WWE Network in a month's time, small problem, you'll have to find 10 WWEBucks™ to pay for the ticket!

Once you earn enough to buy tickets for the show, you watch a match between Bo Dallas and Mojo Rawley. After the match, the NXT General Manager William Regal comes to the ring and challenges somebody from the audience to beat him, he says that if they do he'll even sign them to a contract.

You stay in NXT for 6 months up to 2 years, depending on how long you want to stay there. Once promoted you can go after the tag titles, or the US or IC title. You must however, win all three of these titles before you can challenge for a world title (Unless you win the Royal Rumble or MITB.) Over the course of the years, if you are flailing away in the mid card (As is very likely if playing on the much more difficult Legend difficulty.) you may find new ways to become entertained, such as comedy storylines emerging, or old titles like the Hardcore 24/7 title or the European Championship being re-instated. You can play for up to five years taking the story in whatever direction you wish, however after the five years ends, you end up in a storyline Vs. the GM, where you end up either getting fired, or quitting.

You get the general jist of the story mode here, like Mass Effect, it can branch in several different directions. Voice acting will be replaced by text, although this sounds bad in terms of production value, it will result in smoother branching storylines.

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Re: Your WWE 2k15?

Don't feel like getting too specific, but I'd like a reasonably up-to-date roster, a career/story (or both ) mode, a GM type mode, and more match types like Survivor Series tags.

Spoiler for Currently Marking For:

AJ Styles
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Re: WWE 2K15

replace universe mode for an actual story mode, please. and survivor series for once in their life, how hard will it be to add another man and make it 4 v 4 survivor series match

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Re: WWE 2K15

They really need to open up the roster, and include everyone, from NXT and above. There really are no excuses now the game is going next gen, to double the roster size and bring the graphics up to scratch. Hopefully 2K can bring the visuals up the standard of their NBA games.

Little things that bother me and could do with improving are; the small sizes of the arenas, the generic commentary, the basic reverse system, the lack of signs in the crowd, poor animations (including the ref, crowd) and the lack of stage/backstage areas to fight.

In terms of modes, I can't remember what the GM mode was like on older games, but if it was a mode where you could book your own shows and see the ratings, and have to deal with superstars contracts, complaints etc, basically a WWE version of football manager, that would be awesome. A career mode where you start in NXT and have to gain experience and work your way up would be awesome too.

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Re: WWE 2K15

Faster paced Entrance/Gameplay
Better Commentary/Graphics
Create a PPV from KYR
Online Career
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Re: WWE 2K15

WWE 2K15: WWE vs WCW vs ECW

The Storyline mode would be, you create your own character, put him on WWE, WCW, or ECW, and fight to the top of the brand you wish to be on, you can jump brands if you wish, but, the brand you are on will give you a rank, you cannoy win titles that are out of your rank.

Your rank, depends on how many stars your matches get, if you have alot of 5 star matches, your rank will go up, if you have 1 or 2 star mmatches, you will have to train/learn new moves, and have better matches before you can rank up.

if you start in ECW, and wish yo jump to WCW, you have to rank up, if you start in WCW, and wish to ju,p to ECW, you do not need to rank up, but, you will need to rank up to move to WWE.

Your career can span up to 25 years, choose your destiny, will you start in ECW, and work your way up the ranks, to make it to the top of WWE.

Vince McMahon, Eric Bischoff, or Paul Heyman? you can choose from either 3, control your company and do whatever it takes to make your company the best, offer contracts to WCW guys, or ECW guys, make your PPV's 5 star shows, the better the company, the more money you bring in, if a company's fan base get's to low, that company may lose out, bringing it to a 2 company race.

Create-A-Match will be a new feature, you can have a Hell In A Cell surrounded in Barbed wire, hardcore matches, all aorts of crazyness.

the ultimate show down,

each company will want to prove why they are the best, this comes down to the last PPV of the year, "The Ultimate Show Down"

will be like, Wrestlemania, for all 3 companies, it will be the only ppv where all 3 companies will appear at once, and each match will be a WWE vs WCW or ECW, or WCW vs ECW, or even a 3 way, WWE vs WCW vs ECW, with wrestlers from the different divisions, Divas, Tag Team, I.C/U.S/ECW Television, and Heavyweight Divisions, whichever company wins the most matches will be the Company of the year.

The rosters will be the rosters from 93-2000, BUT, for those that wish to use todays roster, no worries, The main roster of today will be available for exchibition mode, as well as Universe mode.
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Re: WWE 2K15

Better universe mode for example different interferences
Better weapons like Mic, the announcer table TVS etc etc
When u play a extreme rulles or i quit or this type of match u should be able to go backstage.They shouldve done that long time ago.
When u create a superstar u should be able to put sounds and chants on that superstar not only on the original ones.
More attires.
GM mode would be good to have.
Tag team thriple threat matches.
And more stuff


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Re: WWE 2K15

My number 1 request is a season mode. Similar to the ones from Shut your mouth and Here comes the pain.

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Re: WWE 2K15

Would like to see the Universe mode take on a full GM type mode, competing with other shows for ratings and stuff, a career mode with a maximum of 15 years, like fifa, where you start of just out of college and in either some form of computer generated indy promotion or NXT where you develop your wrestler to the point where he can challenge for the NXT title, once this happens you go up to the main roster and then have multiple storylines and different pathways such as being put in a tag team, or going into a singles rivalry or being an ever growing part of a much bigger storyline involving the entire company.

And as an alternative to this you could start as a wrestler and work your way through real life storylines, eg go John cena and start off in his feud with Edge from 2007, something like that

More match types please! Iron man, 2 out of 3 Falls, and variations of tag matches Ability to create a match also

Current Top 5: CM Punk, Bryan, Ambrose, Lesnar and Rollins

All Time Top 5: CM Punk, Undertaker, Stone Cold Steve Austin, The Rock and Lesnar
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