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Re: WWE 2K15

They're not going to change much, even for the PS4/XBOne versions. Why? Because they've no competition in wrestling games and everybody's still gonna play it no matter what.
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Re: WWE 2K15

They now, SHOULD and i think easily could have the ENTIRE WWE and NXT roster on the game, and i mean even the jobbers! that would be epic!

And they now should be able to give us 8-10 superstars in the ring at once, without input lag. Also hoping for a naturalmotion (ragdoll) technology. Like the player impact engine in FIFA, so every move is always different. So say i hit a suplex, the superstar wont always use the same animation, he would say slightly lean a different way depending on how balanced the opponent is. Or, say suplexing him on the ropes, he would actually bounce off them in a random way.

I can imagine the endless possibilities you get with this ragdoll tech. Id also like to see certain finishers have a secondary version to it (other than the catching or catapault ones), and that would be a special instant finisher. Like in real WWE, if the match has lasted a while, you would see Cena get his opponent on his shoulders really quick and throw him for the AA really quickly, sometimes he only uses one arm for this too. and then a tired pin, it would make the EPIC matches look good!

Theres so much stuff they can add, but i dont see it happening!

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Re: WWE 2K15

Originally Posted by Pwoper View Post
Full current roster

Backstage roaming

Add video files to use as titantrons

Improved unuverse

Updated + new match types

New weapons

Import caw from 2k14
I like this, but what new matches/weapons are you thinking of?
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Re: WWE 2K15

5vs5 elimination matches. What's the point of putting survivor series in universe mode when u can't do a fucking survivor series match? And sort out the shitty tag team matches?

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Re: WWE 2K15

Originally Posted by Martyn View Post
They're not going to change much, even for the PS4/XBOne versions. Why? Because they've no competition in wrestling games and everybody's still gonna play it no matter what.
What does that remind you of...

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Re: WWE 2K15

Originally Posted by Squeege View Post
Howabout an actual story/career mode rather than a series of matches posing as a story mode? Or a Universe mode that actually has a reason to play it as in building your show up, managing your stars, dealing with Finances/Ratings/Morale/Rivalries/Storylines...instead of just building random Raw and Smackdown cards with no real goal or purpose.
2K can take their my player mode from NBA and add it to the game...Your player can start from NXT and go all the way to the top...Add many storylines like HCTP and you have a great feature.

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- Completely redo gameplay. Make it realistic.
- Long season mode with branching storylines.
- Basically make it like AKI games in every way.

Also, importing previous games' DLC would be righteous. I'd love all the NWO dudes and Golden Era guys from '14 to be in.

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How about online universe like the EA Hockey league. Have different regional organizations where you start off. As you win you can earn shots at that title or move to another. All you and your friends the ability to create stables. Have a woman's title, tag team, and a main championship and make it have to be defended within a time frame once ever two weeks. As you earn more rep you then make it to a national org and then into WWE online filled with nothing but CAW's. Same titles but same time stipulation for defending. I think it would give people a bigger reason to play online other the. Hey let's have random matches.

Can we also have managers in career mode or universe and how about spots specific to making managers that don't take away from CAW. And more entrance modification for coming to the ring as tag teams, stables, or with a manager.

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Re: WWE 2K15

Was disappointed in 2k14. Don't expect much from next years game. Fancy graphics upgrade for the next gen consoles. Probably a step back play-wise if anything.

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Re: WWE 2K15

- Being able to change a wrestler momentum manually.

- An Option to set the A.I. of each wrestler separatly (like setting Zack Ryder on easy and Taker on Legend)

- Have actual storylines on universe mode and not just linear feuds.

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