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Re: WWE 2K15

You know what I'd love?

I'd like to see a season mode where you can create a CAW and start off on NXT and you build your way up through the ranks of the NXT roster. In NXT, who you wrestle depends on how much "prestige" you have and you earn that by impressing the higher-ups by performing well in training sessions, presentation skills, and matches. To get called up to the main roster, you have to win a tryout match by passing certain objectives during the match. Once you win, you get called up. And just like HCTP, you get to challenge for every title available and you get to challenge for certain belts once you get to a certain rating. Also like HCTP, you can earn or lose Superstar Points (or prestige in this case) by interacting with members of the locker room and facing consequences based on what you say and how much present prestige you have.

TL;DR, UFC Undisputed meets HCTP.

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Re: WWE 2K15

Not a bad idea Krinkles. But NXT isn't really based on prestige, just about everyone there is equal - and I'm against the backstage stuff. Otherwise, good combination of ideas.

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Re: WWE 2K15

Originally Posted by Arcade View Post
Cory and Aubrey are gone.
Thank feck for that. He was such a kiss ass.

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Re: WWE 2K15

I'd like a mode where you pick a Superstar and just play from his point of view. I know we had something like that before, but I'd like one to have much more freedom (like choosing if you want to be heel/face, run in matches to help someone, proposed options when cutting promos) etc..
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Re: WWE 2K15

Perhaps a small thing but all I genuinely ask for is some fucking new pinning animations, they've been virtually the same since the SvR series first started and all of them are absolute dog shit (absolutely no-one squirms around whilst they're being pinned).

Also they really either need to make Universe mode work, or bring in a brand new 'story' mode. I like the sound of the one above where you work your way up from NXT to the main roster (but please make it more enjoyable than that mode you had to play to improve your CAWS attributes, in 2010 I think it was?)

An NXT roster or at the very least a DLC pack would be nice as well, but I'm not holding much hope as NXT just doesn't have that much mainstream appeal (hopefully this will change with the Network, however).

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Re: WWE 2K15

Do a My Player mode like they have for NBA 2K.

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Re: WWE 2K15

I just want:

Updated gameplay. And when I mean updated, I mean updated. No stupid 'new submission system' shit.
Roster with everyone on the current roster in the game. Obviously include about 5 legends or so


Give me those 3, and I'll jump back on the bandwagon. Haven' bought a game since 2k12, never played '14
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Re: WWE 2K15

Much better story mode.

Better gameplay

Fixing all the bugs in their game.

How sad is that really,that if 2K fixed all the bugs in the WWE games(bugs created by THQ) that it would actually seem like a whole new game.

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Re: WWE 2K15

I saw somewhere that Chris Hero was doing motion capture work for 2K.

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Re: WWE 2K15

I would like to think that 2K is going to completely overhaul the CAW system and utilize that for a Career Mode. With the exception of Superstar Heads (which is a great feature to build off of *wink wink*), has there been any significant updates to CAW recently? I remember playing WWE 12/13 after having not played since the original SvR and the CAW felt the exact same (even with the same designs and painted-on clothes). Hopefully 2K realizes the value in a REALLY good CAW Suite with fully customizable current superstars.

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