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Match #1: MoxleyMoxx 8 66.67%
Match #1: Cotmas 4 33.33%
#2: Kasabian 8 66.67%
#2: Mascarita/C3K 4 33.33%
#3: Klee 2 16.67%
#3: CM Styles 9 75.00%
#4: RUSEV 2 16.67%
#4: ZOMBO 10 83.33%
#5: Brauny 5 41.67%
#5: STEVIE SWAG 5 41.67%
#6: Curry 3 25.00%
#6: AlienBountyHunter 7 58.33%
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WWE Mini-Draft 2014 (ROUND 1)


- Each round will have it's own thread. So there will be multiple choices polls.

- Everyone can vote.

- You can't vote for yourself, obviously.

- You must leave a note (minimum 100 characters) on why you voted like you did. This is to prevent fishing, but it will also be interesting to see the motivations of course!

- Who you vote for can be viewed by everyone. Which means if I see you voted but didn't motivate your choice before the voting deadline your vote will be discounted.

- The voting of Round 1 is open until Saturday 4/5 23:59 GMT.

Spoiler for All the Matchups:

MoxleyMoxx vs. Cotmas


Generic Indy Wrestling Show
May 30th, 2014
ECW Arena, Philadelphia, PA.

Match #1
Troy McLain vs. Baron Corbin

Spoiler for RESULT:
- Baron Corbin defeated Troy McLain by pinfall after a Discus Lariat. (7:30)

Segment #1
Dean Ambrose is backstage.
He vows to beat Sami Zayn in tonights main event for the GIW Championship,
but not because he wants the title, but because he hates losing.

Match #2
Slate Randall vs. Danny Burch

Spoiler for RESULT:
- Slate Randall defeated Danny Burch by pinfall after the Gravy Train. (9:51)

Segment #2
Randall is celebrating, when Baron Corbin comes in and challenges him for a match at the next GIW Show.
Randall accepts, but after Corbin has turned his back, Randall cheap shots him from behind.
Randall hits him with the Gravy Train before leaving.

Match #3 #1 Contendership
Solomon Crowe vs. Kalisto

Spoiler for RESULT:
- Solomon Crowe defeated Kalisto by submission with the Stretch Muffler. (14:34)

Match #4: GIW World Championship

Dean Ambrose vs. Sami Zayn
Spoiler for RESULT:
- Sami Zayn defeated Dean Ambrose by pinfall after a roll-up, when Solomon Crowe accidentally hits his former
Switchblade Conspiracy partner Dean Ambrose to the head with a steel chair. (18:51)

Zayn celebrates with the championship as the show comes to an end.



Cotmas presents MetLife Massacre

Kane vs Sting

Last month one of the moments that wrestling fans all over the world have been anticipating for years took place as Sting finally stepped foot inside a WWE ring. However before The Icon could begin to acknowledge the emotional response given to him by the WWE Universe he was interrupted by Kane who was set to announce his retirement that night however the Big Red Machine has postponed retiring to ensure that the clash of two supernatural superstars could take place tonight.

Zack Ryder vs Curt Hawkins

Former tag team partners who are currently floundering in the WWE with Zack Ryder going from the high of capturing the United States Championship in 2011 before then fading into obscurity whilst Curt Hawkins has never quite managed to break out of obscurity in single action.

Can Ryder reignite the fire that won him the United States Championship?

Or will Curt Hawkins break out here tonight at the expense of his former tag team partner?

Viktor vs Konnor

Things haven't been running smoothly for The Ascension in recent times with the former NXT Tag Team Champions displaying a lack of cohesion and communication in their recent matches whilst these issues have only been made worse by their joint attempts of mediation which only caused their issues to worsen meaning that tonight the pair get the chance to finally solve their issues with each other once and for all.

Erick Rowan vs CJ Parker

CJ Parker has been attempting to preach the virtues of his hippy lifestyle to Erick Rowan over the last few months however the powerhouse Rowan has failed to take heed of these words and has stayed rooted in his brutish ways without much success recently meaning that Parker has demanded and was subsequently granted the opportunity to prove here tonight that his way of life is truly superior.


Kasabian vs. C3K (Mascarita)


Brock Lesnar (w/ Paul Heyman) vs. Rey Mysterio

Mark Henry vs. The Miz - First Blood match

Justin Gabriel vs. Tyson Kidd

Bull Dempsey vs. Travis Tyler

Cal Bishop vs. Tye Dillinger


C3K (Mascarita)

Straight from the Valley View Casino Center, San Diego, CA.

Fandango (w/ JoJo) vs. Tyler Breeze (w/ Alexa Bliss)

Fandango as the evil pedophile, has JoJo in a clip-on leach. Can Bliss & Breeze save her?

Spoiler for Result:
Fandango breaks Tyler Breeze's phone in half, but JoJo use the broken pieces to cut of her leach. She causes a distraction by making out with Alexa Bliss & Tyler Breeze gets the win with the roll-up. (2:12)

Naomi & Cameron vs. AJ Lee & Tamina Snuka

Rosa Mendes vs. Eva Marie
This is where you go to the loo to take a shit and moan in mono with the girls

Triple H (w/ Stephanie McMahon vs. The Rock)

Paige vs. Natalya
Legacy vs. Legacy.

Klee vs. CM Styles


End of The World – PAY PER VIEW – Arena Mexico

Professional wrestling has been banned in the United States of America. Vince McMahon had had to fire 95% of his roster of superstars following the scandal that rocked the world.

Now two men stand in his way from retribution and look to take control of the company. Having relocated to Mexico it comes down to this No Disqualification match to see who carries the company forward into this new, unexpected chapter.

No DQ match

Pryme Tyme Players w/ Vinnie Mac VS New Age Outlaws

Spoiler for Results:
NAO’s win the match after hitting Darren Young in the face with a kipper.


These two beautiful women will fight for survival. The loser of the match will be hung up on a pole and will become the prize for the winners of the main event.
Loser goes on a pole Match


Lana VS Veronica Lane

Spoiler for Result:
Lana wins the match following a DQ decision following a hidden figure jumping to the aid of Veronica Lane.


Here it is ladies and gentlemen, The main event of the evening.

The Bulgarian Brute will take on the three local jobbers for the right to pulverise the vagina of the beautiful lady at their total disposal.

Lana on a pole match

Alexander Rusev VS Sawyer Fulton, Cal Bishop, Marcos Louis

Spoiler for Result:
RUSEV wins the match. He looks pleased that he has saved his woman from the grasps of the three losers. He takes it out and slips it into Lana in the middle of the ring as the cameras fade out.

Nobody is sure what we have witnessed tonight.


CM Styles

Styles Productions Presents-

Project Anarchy 2014!

From the Staples Centre- Capacity 18,100!

Main Event- Hell in a Cell Triple Threat Match for the SP World Heavyweight Championship!

Roman Reigns [C] Vs Jimmy Uso Vs Jey Uso

Co- Main Event- Ambulance match for the SP European Championship!

Christian[C] Vs Adam Rose

Singles Match-

JTG Vs El Local [Ricardo Rodriguez]

Singles Match-

Jinder Mahal Vs Yoshi Tatsu

European Championship Qualification Match-

Adam Rose Vs David Otunga






We're here at the absolutely stellar FleetCenter... TD Garden...! *cue piped cheers*

And we are here not only to celebrate this wrestling company; not only to celebrate wrestling history; not only to celebrate wrestling history; or history itself - but something bigger than that - MADDOXMANIA.

And as our full-time general manager, full-time referee, full-time professional wrestler, and full-time chiselled stud, that's right ladies, Brad Maddox. has wished, tonight, we will have respectful matches - no stipulations - no silly 2 out of 3 falls, or extreme rules matches. No, just simple, respectful and respectable wrestling contests scheduled for onefall!

Match #1: Oliver Grey vs. Camacho

Spoiler for Match Information:
Spoiler for Winner:
NO ONE CARES aka Oliver Grey


Match #2: Heath Slater & Curtis Axel (c) vs. Enzo Amore & Colin Cassady
for the WWE Tag Team Championship

Spoiler for Match Information:
Axel and Slater decided to team up after realising how they're absolute rejects from both WWE management and fans alike. They have lost almost every match, but almost magically, somehow, won, the WWE Tag Team Championship in a scramble, when the referee Brad Maddox screwed up the pin, and thought Slater was the legal man.

Enzo Amore & Collin Cassady think Slater and Axel are too SAWFT for the championships, and are next in line for the title opportunity, after defeating the rest of the competition in the same way; by general manager Brad Maddox making another scramble match, for the number one contendership, then referee Brad Maddox screwed up the pin, and thought Enzo was the legal man.

Spoiler for Winner:
Enzo Amore pinned Heath Slater, legally, in the ring for a three count. However, referee Brad Maddox thought that Enzo was NOT the legal man, and the match was restarted. Slater hit a low blow on Cassady and referee Brad Maddox was confused as to if it was a disqualification or not, so he went with it and counted the three count.

Winners: The Rejects, Slater and Axel


Match #3: Bayley vs. Sasha Banks vs. Summer Rae (c)
for the WWE Divas Championship

Spoiler for Match Information:
After Sasha Banks almost allowed Bayley to defeat Summer Rae for the championship only a short while ago, due to anger at Bayley laughing at the "ratchet" chants Sasha receives (), Summer was exceptionally angry at her "BFF" almost making her lose her championship.

Sasha asked Summer the next week "Why all these people calling me ratchet? I'm bea-u-ti-ful, one super awesome guy on wrestlingforum.com says so!", to which Summer replied "Actually Sasha, you is a bit ratchet.". Right after that, Sasha brutally assaulted Summer in the catering section and slathered butter all over Summer's face.

General manager, referee and wrestler Brad Maddox made the supposed-to-be singles match between Bayley and Summer Rae a triple threat with Sasha Banks involved.

Spoiler for Winner:
After Summer attempted to 'mend' things with Sasha, (THE HOMETOWN HERO OF BOSTON, MASSACHUSETTS WHO IS GETTING MASSIVE POPS AND CHEERS BECAUSE SHE'S THE BEST), Sasha immediately turned back on Summer and took her out of the match indefinitely - making it an almost one on one with Bayley, who was ecstatic to have yet another one on one with her ultimate rival Sasha Banks, like the other fifteen times in the last year.

As Bayley went for the HUGPLEX, Sasha reversed it into a roll-up. Summer Rae slid into the ring crying, buttery-faced as ever, as Sasha managed the three-count in an amazingly un-screwed-up-pin by referee Brad Maddox.
Charlotte came out and comforted Summer, as they ran to the back as fast as possible. Bayley tried to congratulate Sasha on her victory. Sasha stuck her hand in Bayley's face instead of hugging her, walking out with her manager, Angelo Dawkins.

Winner: Sasha Banks.

5.5 STAR MATCH (out of 5)

Match #4: Segment between Brad Maddox & Emma
for Brad Maddox subtly sexually harassing Emma

Spoiler for Match... uhhh... Segment Information:
A few weeks ago, the chiselled stud Brad Maddox told Emma, backstage, with cameras on, "You have a nice accent, Emma. I love your Australian accent. Maybe you can love something of mine?" and reached into his pants. Unfortunately, Brad's hand got stuck reaching to grab whatever he was trying to get, Emma slapped him, and walked off. Maddox then pulled out a CD entitled "Maddox - Many Man Music", but the damage was already done.

Emma recently said she's going to call out Brad on his upcoming Pay Per View event, and try to sue him for at least 66.66666 (recurring of course) percentage of what he owns.

Spoiler for Winner... Of the segment... I guess? ... Outcome? Yea. Outcome:
As Brad Maddox came out to the ring CD "Maddox - Many Man Music" in hand, in wrestling gear and holding the WWE Championship (and his own personal Maddox Championship), he was assaulted by BUDDY MURPHY. Revealed to be long time friend and now full time protector of Emma, and left in the ring. Emma laid out a contract for Maddox, saying at the next Pay Per View event, if Maddox loses the match against Buddy Murphy, he will be forced to give Emma at least 66.66666 (recurring of course) percentage of what he owns.


Match #5 - MAIN EVENT: Brad Maddox (c) vs. Seth Rollins
for the WWE Championship
not the Maddox Championship as previously advertised

Spoiler for Match Information:
As Maddox lays on the ground, almost lifeless, Seth Rollins makes his way to the ring, to a resounding ovation.
"KILL MADDOX" chants fill the building.
Signs waving around: "DIE MADDOX DIE".

Spoiler for Winner:
As Maddox takes exactly 66.6 seconds to get up to his feet, the referee rings the bell. Rollins panders to the crowd, and Maddox instantly falls over, flat on his back. It seems Maddox has stopped breathing. The crowd pause. Seth Rollins pauses. Seth Rollins climbs the turnbuckle, as Maddox lays literally lifeless. Rollins dives off and hits a 450 splash on top of Maddox, who spits out blood. 1... 2... 3.... Maddox has finally been pinned, and lost the WWE Championship, after a lengthy, tedious reign of terror.

As the bell rings, Maddox sits up, realising his life has crumbled down.
Tears begin dripping from Brad's eyes
Seth Rollins stands holding the WWE Championship high above his head
As Seth Rollins leaves, Maddox finally stands up.
Maddox slowly leaves the ring.
He realises his CD, "Maddox - Many Man Music" has been left on the floor.
Maddox picks it up, and tries handing it to a child.
The child takes the CD, and Maddox' face slightly glimmers with hope.
The child snaps the CD in half, and throws it on the floor.
Tears begin rolling down Maddox' chiselled cheeks once more, as the screen fades to black.




Commentators: Jim Ross, Jerry Lawler, Michael Cole

The show opens with Michael Cole enthusiastically welcoming viewers to Zombo Promotion Wrestling’s Spring Stampede show from “Bizarro-land, Canada!”. Good ol’ JR informs us that the card will open with one “slobberknocker” of a #1 Contender’s Triple Threat match, pitting Big E, Jack Swagger, and Sheamus against each other. The winner of the bout will earn a shot at the ZPW Champion, Randy Orton, in a No Disqualification bout later tonight!

Spoiler for FIRST SEGMENT::

Jack Swagger’s music hits to a chorus of boos. Swagger steps out from behind the curtain with his manager Vickie Guerrero, as well as the SWAGGER SOARING EAGLE. The jeers become a pop as soon as the SSE appears. Lawler laments that Vickie’s holding a mic. “EXCUSE ME!!!!!!” shrieks throughout the building, and the boos return in the form of a full-fledged tidal wave. Vickie cuts a brief promo about how her client Swagger would win the #1 contenders match and go on to become the champion, but her words are barely audible over the crowd noise.

Sheamus enters next to applause, focused on the match. Big E makes his way out with his girlfriend, Alicia Fox, to cheers as well.

Spoiler for MATCH #1::

Triple Threat Match to become #1 Contender: Sheamus vs Big E vs Jack Swagger

After about 20 minutes of trading offense back and forth pretty much evenly amongst all three competitors, Big E hits Sheamus with a Splash. Swagger tries to secure the Patriot Lock on Big E immediately after the move hits. Sheamus rolls to the corner to recover, and Big E manages to escape the Patriot Lock, get up and just obliterates Swagger with The Big Ending! Sheamus is still face-down in the corner, so Big E goes for the cover, 1…2..- Vickie Guerrero interrupted the count by grabbing the ref’s arm!

Alicia Fox rushes in to brawl with Vickie, and they crawl around on the outside. As the ref is distracted, Swagger recovers enough to hit a low-blow on Big E and E falls to the outside. Sheamus, having not seen any of the happenings, has recovered enough to nail Swagger with a Brogue Kick! 1…2…3!! And the new #1 Contender, SHEAMUS!!! Big E is seen on the outside, with a look of disbelief and disappointment that guaranteed victory and a shot at the strap slipped from his grasp.

WINNER: Sheamus

Spoiler for MATCH #2::

Cole announces that the second match on the card pits a pair of high-flyers together in what’s sure to be a fast-paced, action-packed matchup for ZPW’s Cruiserweight Championship!

Singles Match for the Cruiserweight Title: Tyson Kidd (c) v Evan Bourne

Evan Bourne comes out first to polite applause, as fans acknowledge his return after a long injury hiatus. However, the big cheer is reserved for Canada’s own Tyson Kidd.

The match is as-advertised, a 12-minute barn-burner that never relents in its action. After some quick chain-wrestling to open the match, the offense opens up with a variety of high-risk, high-flying action. At the end of the match, Bourne is poised to go Air Bourne. He has Kidd where he wants him, and leaps! Kidd rolls out of the way, JUST missing the attack. Kidd is able to get to his feet as Bourne still writhes on the canvas. Kidd slaps on a Sharpshooter, much to the delight of the Toronto crowd, and Bourne taps!

WINNER and still Cruiserweight Champion: Tyson Kidd

Spoiler for SECOND SEGMENT::

Hornswoggle is out, passing out t-shirts with his t-shirt gun. The announcers are talking about what a silly, fun-loving character little Horny is. The fans aren’t terribly into it, aside from the kids in the front couple rows and the people getting t-shirts launched at them. It appears to be piss-break time, then “HALLELUJAH!!!!!” hits and the crowd initially gasps, then cheers with delight.

SILENCE!!” Damian Sandow instructs, eyeing Hornswoggle in the ring contemptuously. “This vertically-challenged leprechaun distributing t-shirts to you, the unwashed masses, is what passes as “entertainment” on this show? I’m left off of the card, neglected from a match to determine a #1 contender when this useless postule of a human being is given time on the show? Well, I guarantee you all that I’m going to leave an impact tonight, to show all of you unworthy individuals and all of the ignoramuses in the back that I belong in the main event. And it starts with delivering a violent beatdown to this gnome in the ring right now. YOU’RE WELCOME.” The Canadian cheers in ironic support of the educated heel challenging a leprechaun to a match.

Spoiler for MATCH #3::

Singles Match: Damian Sandow vs Hornswoggle

This is a comedic squash. Hornswoggle is evasive at first, and even gets in his signature bite on Sandow’s ass cheek. Sandow gets ahold of him soon enough, and just obliterates him. He hits the Cubito Aequet (“That’s the elbow of disdain!” – 3) and wins with the Terminus. The crowd cheers Sandow throughout the match. Sandow leaves with a scowl.

WINNER: Damian Sandow

Spoiler for MATCH #4::

ZPW Heavyweight Title No Disqualification Match: Sheamus v Randy Orton (c)

Sheamus enters to cheers once again. His body is reddened in places from the physicality of the match with Swagger and Big E earlier. JR notes the look of “grim determination on the face of the Celtic Warrior”. Randy Orton enters to a chorus of boos. The Viper has been the ZPW champ for some time, and the crowd is eager to see a face overcome him.

The two competitors have met many times over the years, but not recently. Still, their familiarity with each other shows through as they begin the match cautiously, and counter each other’s signature moves throughout. After a nice run of offense, Randy hits Sheamus with the hanging DDT from the ropes and only gets a 2-count. At this point, The Viper heads to the outside and grabs a garbage pail and a kendo stick. However, Sheamus manages to make his way outside as well, and meets him before getting hit. The two brawl evenly, and various weapons get involved. Kendo sticks, chairs, garbage pails and lids. While Sheamus begins to control the action in front of the announce table, a fan hops the barricade and attacks! But wait, it’s Damian Sandow!! THIS is the impact he decided to leave? Sandow beats the hell out of Sheamus, and receives a knowing grin from Orton.


With the No-DQ stip in place, the ref is powerless to do anything here. Orton and Sandow beat the hell out of Sheamus, roll him into the ring. Orton hits an RKO and pins Sheamus. 1…2…3!

WINNER and still ZPW Heavyweight Champion: Randy Orton

After the match, Sandow gets back on the mic. “You imbeciles actually thought that my grand statement would be to beat up Hornswoggle? No, no, no. I have much bigger fish to fry, starting with this Great White in the ring here. I want his spot on the card, so I’m REMOVING him to TAKE his spot on the card.” Sandow and Orton proceed to continue beating down a helpless Sheamus.

Suddenly, Big E comes sprinting from the back. He trucks Sandow, staring him down. Orton sneaks up from behind and goes to RKO Big E. But wait! It’s reversed, and Big E nails Orton with the Big Ending! Big E helps Sheamus to a sitting position in the corner, and Sheamus angrily looks at Sandow with a glazed look in his eyes. Meanwhile, Orton has recovered enough to make his way back up the ramp gingerly, title in hand, but eyes fixed on Big E. Big E stares Orton down as the show fades.


Brauny vs. STEVIE SWAG


Ladder Match

CM Punk (c) vs. Rob Van Dam
CM Punk cut a promo and tried to find out who is next opponent should be. Paul Heyman suggested that he should give the returning Rob Van Dam a title shot. Punk got upset with Heyman, knowing that they have been good friends for a long time, thinking that Heyman will try to screw over CM Punk. Raw GM, Brad Maddox loved Heyman’s idea and made it official that CM Punk will defend his WWE Championship against the returning Rob Van Dam in a Ladder Match.

If Nikki wins, they have to get married
John Cena vs. Nikki Bella w/Brie Bella
Nikki is always telling John that she feels like a loser and that her sister and her friends on Total Divas are all married or engaged and she’s not. A few weeks ago on Raw, John Cena stood in the ring and asked Nikki to come down to the ring saying he had a surprise for her. Nikki entered the ring and John apologized to Nikki for not wanting to marry her and starting a family. Then Cena gets a one knee and the crowd starts to cheer for them and Nikki starts to cry. John quickly puts her on his shoulders and gives her an Attitude Adjustment. The crowd started to chant “CENA SUCKS” at Cena. Cena just stood in the ring smiling looking at Nikki and did the “You Can’t See Me” taunt.

The next week on Raw, Nikki stood in the ring and said that she isn’t mad at John and she still wants to be with him and get married someday. Nikki called out Cena to the ring. John entered the ring and said he is tired of hearing her whine bout getting married and starting a family and he gave her an Attitude Adjustment to shut her up. Nikki then challenged him to a match at Ratmania XII. She said if she were to win, her and John would have to get married the next night on Raw. John just laughed at her and accepted her challenge.

Singles Match
Batista vs. Mason Ryan
Mason Ryan has been pushed recently in the WWE. Ryan has expanded his move set recently and started to use a sitting powerbomb, the spear, and the spinebuster. Whenever he uses these moves the crowd starts to chant “BETTER THAN BATISTA.” Mason Ryan even wears a t-shirt now that says “BETTER THAN BATISTA.”

One night on Raw, Mason Ryan hits a "RyanBomb" on Heath Slater and gets the win. As Ryan is doing his post-match celebration, Batista’s music hits and the crowd goes crazy. Batista has been out of the WWE for 5 years and has just made his return. Batista gets in the ring and starts to kick Mason Ryan’s ass and gives him a Batista Bomb. To see if Mason Ryan is really “Better than Batista”, Brad Maddox scheduled these two to have a match at Ratmania XII.

David vs. Goliath
The Great Khali vs. El Torito
We have already seen Rey Mysterio vs. Big Show, but we have never seen a match like El Torito vs. The Great Khali. One of the largest wrestlers in WWE history will go against the smallest man in WWE history.

Singles Match
Fernando vs. Primo
Primo has been saying for weeks that his cousin Epico looks just like Fernando from Los Matadores. Fernando keeps telling him that he is not Epico. Primo is upset that he’s not telling the truth so he challenges him to a match at Ratmania XII.






Winner: Daniel Bryan


Winner: Cesaro


Winner: William Regal


Winner: Xavier Woods



Winner: William Regal (2-0)


Winner: Draw (Both men pinned each other to go 1-1, then got counted out and the score was 2-2, and things ended with a double pinfall with them going 3-3)


With all the love that the Canadians have given to Hulk Hogan over the course of the thirty years of Hulkamania, Hulk decides to give back as he celebrates his career with a live sex celebration with Canada's prettiest wrestling personality, our very own Renee Young. So many questions arise. Will Hogan 'Hulk Up' as he's about to come? Will he no sell the orgasm? Or will this all turn into a big flop with a premature ejaculation? Tune in to find out!

(The first two to quit get eliminated, with the last man standing declared as the winner)


Winner: Daniel Bryan


Curry vs. AlienBountyHunter


Event 1 Card

Live from Wembley Arena, London
Announcers: Michael Cole, JBL

Segment 1:

Spoiler for :
General Manager Teddy Long enters

Teddy explains he has been appointed the General Manager of British Championship Wrestling and that tonight we will crown the first ever BCW Champion. There will be a tournament tonight with two semi-final matches and the winners will face eachother in tonight's main event: British Championship Wrestling's first ever Ladder Match. These semi finals will take place through the night and will involve....
Spoiler for :


Spoiler for :



Spoiler for :


In tonight's first semi final, Alberto Del Rio will face Wade Barrett. In the second semi final, Dolph Ziggler will face the winner of tonight's first match: A 10 man Over the top rope Battle Royal.

Match 1: 10-man Battle Royal

Spoiler for :

Entrants each get ~15 seconds of theme song on their way down to the ring. They enter 1 by 1 with Cole giving each a little hype.

Entrant 1: Aiden English
Entrant 2: Corey Graves
Entrant 3: Bo Dallas
Entrant 4: Santino Marella
Entrant 5: R-Truth
Entrant 6: Sin Cara
Entrant 7: Drew Mcintyre
Entrant 8: Ryback
Entrant 9: Kofi Kingston
Entrant 10: Big Show

The Battle Royal starts with the standard punching whoever is nearest to you. Sin Cara picks up the first elimination, pulling the top rope down and sending Bo Dallas tumbling to the outside Show eliminates Santino, throwing him right over the top rope. English, who has been quietly lurking in the corner so far cheap shots Graves and eliminates him. He turns around triumphantly but is met by a huge clothesline from Ryback. Ryback eliminates English. On the other side of the ring Kofi eliminates Truth with the Trouble in Paradise while Truth was on the apron. McIntyre clotheslines Kofi over the top and goes over with him. McIntyre eliminated. Kofi hangs on and is about to skin the cat to get back in when McIntyre grabs his legs and pulls him to the outside. McIntyre eliminates Kofi. The two are brawling until Big Show lift Sin Cara and throws him over the top rope onto Kingston and McIntyre. Sin Cara eliminated. Down to the final two. Big Show goes for the WoMD but Ryback ducks under it, bounces off the ropes and hits Show with a clothesline. The Giant is shaken but stays standing, Ryback goes for another but Show catches him by the neck. He pushes him against the ropes and starts trying to tip him over but Ryback grabs shows arm and lifts it off his neck, turns the Big Show and hoists him over the top rope by his legs. Ryback eliminates Big Show.

Winner: Ryback

Match 2: Wade Barrett v Alberto Del Rio

Spoiler for :

Winner: Barrett via pinfall after the Bullhammer Elbow.

Cut backstage after the match, McIntyre demanding a match with Kofi. Teddy Long agrees and sets up the match for later tonight. R-Truth comes in asking for a match with Kofi but Teddy tells him he's too late and he'll have to wait in line.

Match 3: Ryback v Dolph Ziggler

Spoiler for :

Winner: Ziggler by pinfall after the Zig Zag.

Ryback had been distracted by Big Show's appearance on the ramp. Ryback and Big Show fought after the end of the match with Ryback hitting the Shell Shock on Show.

Match 4: Kofi Kingston v Drew Mcintyre

Spoiler for :

Winner: Kofi by DQ

The match runs for only a few minutes before R-Truth makes his entrance, clearly irate after Kofi eliminated him from the battle royal. McIntyre and R-Truth start to beat down Kofi, if only someone could save him...

Spoiler for :

Sin Cara runs to the ring and helps Kofi fend off Truth and McIntyre, but wait...

Spoiler for :

HOLLA HOLLA, Now hold up playas. If ya'll 4 wanna mix it up tonight, we're gonna do it right. We gon have ourselves...

Match 5: Tag Team Match – Kofi Kingston and Sin Cara vs Drew McIntyre and R-Truth

Winners: Kofi and Sin Cara by pinfall after Kofi hits Truth with the Trouble in Paradise.

Match 6: Ladder Match for the BCW Title
Wade Barrett v Dolph Ziggler

Spoiler for :

Dolph Ziggler wins after Zig Zag-ing Barrett off of a Ladder and climbing it to claim the title.

Your winner and NEW BCW CHAMPION: Dolph Ziggler



ABH Presents: Generic PPV #21

!Live from the Allstate Arena in Chicago, Illinois!

The Undertaker has been the measuring stick of the wrestling world for over 20 years, a true legend of the business, but has the time come for someone to finally knock him off his perch? Bray Wyatt might be this generation’s undertaker – as adept at mind games as The Deadman and with a psychotic mind to boot. Will Wyatt dethrone The Undertaker and usher in a new era of fear? Or is Undertaker not ready to step aside quite yet, and ready to teach this new upstart who the real 'eater of worlds' is?

The match everyone has been waiting for, and the brothers will finally get to settle the argument over who is superior in a best 2 out of 3 falls bout. This isn’t about titles or resentment, simply about which son of the legendary Dusty Rhodes is the best. The winner will be walking out with something better than pride, better than any championship. The title of “favourite son” is on the line!

An archetypal David vs Goliath match, this should be a great clash of styles between two of the fastest rising stars in wrestling. Adrian Neville – “The man that gravity forgot,” will hope his aerial arsenal can succeed against the powerful, unorthodox and crazed Luke Harper. Whoever picks up the win here will surely be on the fast track to bigger and better things.

The grudge match that everyone wanted to see (right?) but didn’t happen. Well now we can all breathe comfortably, sit back and absorb what is sure to be a downright classic (right??) Will Tensai get revenge on Brodus for attacking him and breaking up the greatest tag team of all time (right???), or will Brodus prove to everyone that he truly is a main event player?...

Spoiler for Luchas of the Year List 2015:




-Flamita, Hijo de Fishman, Skyman vs. Fenix, Pentagon Jr. & Hijo del Fantasma (1/1/15 Arena San Juan Pantitlan, Estado de México)

-Rey Cometa vs. Cavernario (1/19/15 Fantasticamania Day 5)

-Prince Puma vs. Fenix (1/14/15 Lucha Underground)

-La Sombra vs. Máscara Dorada (1/19/15 Fantasticamania Day 5)

-Máscara Dorada vs. Negro Casas for the CMLL World Welterweight Championship (1/10/15 CMLL)

-CMLL Pequeno Reyes del Aire 2015 (1/6/15 CMLL)

-20-Man Aztec Warfare Match (1/7/15 Lucha Underground)

-Komander & Gigga vs. Rey Astral & Perfil (1/20/15 Arena El Angel Reynosa)

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Re: WWE Mini-Draft 2014 (ROUND 1)

Dude, that's not my card, I sent you an edit :|
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Re: WWE Mini-Draft 2014 (ROUND 1)

Originally Posted by STEVIE SWAG View Post
Dude, that's not my card, I sent you an edit :|

Spoiler for Luchas of the Year List 2015:




-Flamita, Hijo de Fishman, Skyman vs. Fenix, Pentagon Jr. & Hijo del Fantasma (1/1/15 Arena San Juan Pantitlan, Estado de México)

-Rey Cometa vs. Cavernario (1/19/15 Fantasticamania Day 5)

-Prince Puma vs. Fenix (1/14/15 Lucha Underground)

-La Sombra vs. Máscara Dorada (1/19/15 Fantasticamania Day 5)

-Máscara Dorada vs. Negro Casas for the CMLL World Welterweight Championship (1/10/15 CMLL)

-CMLL Pequeno Reyes del Aire 2015 (1/6/15 CMLL)

-20-Man Aztec Warfare Match (1/7/15 Lucha Underground)

-Komander & Gigga vs. Rey Astral & Perfil (1/20/15 Arena El Angel Reynosa)

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Re: WWE Mini-Draft 2014 (ROUND 1)

Oxi's Maddoxmania

I will read through, vote and give my reasons why a little later. Good work, Masc.

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Re: WWE Mini-Draft 2014 (ROUND 1)

I am glad my MaddoxMania has been well received, however I feel inclined to once again remind everyone not to vote on stories, but matches.

I'll be reading these within the next few hours so expect my votes fairly soon.

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Re: WWE Mini-Draft 2014 (ROUND 1)


MoxleyMoxx vs. Cotmas

While I don't even know who the guys involved in the first two matches are, Kallisto/Callihan and Ambrose/Sami do it for me. On the other hand, Cotmas' card does have Sting, but him against Kane with that buildup, I don't feel it. The other three matches aren't all that special either.

Kasabian vs. C3K

Assuming C3K no-showed, I guess my vote goes to DA by default. What, you need a constructive reason? I'd take a Brock Lesnar mainevent over any card with that many piss breaks.

Klee vs. CM Styles

Idk man, neither of the cards are all that great tbh. Klee gets a definite edge because LANA. And also for letting me know about this hot Veronica Lane chick who I'd never heard of before. As far as CM Styles' card goes, the Usos in a Heavyweight Title match against Reigns doesn't quite intrigue me. You didn't even add in some writeup to convince me why I should look forward to it. I'd rather watch Rusev squash three guys and go on to pulverize Lana's vagina.


While Oxi's card was more comical and fun to read, ZOMBO's card was something I'd actually watch, so there you go.

Curry vs. AlienBountyHunter

Curry, firstly, too many spoiler tags to begin with, and no one's gonna play those videos man The card looks quite good, but I don't see enough mainevent level star power in there. ABH on the other hand won me over with his final two matches. I mean, who wouldn't wanna watch Taker/Bray? And Cody/Goldust writes itself. The opening bouts aren't that bad either. And I finally get to see the Brodus/Tensai feud culminate, so yeah

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Re: WWE Mini-Draft 2014 (ROUND 1)

MoxleyMoxx v Cotmas

I'm not big on either undercard but the Ryder v Hawkins match interests me more than the 3 nXt matches on Mox's card. I have to give this to Mox though purely on the quality of his main event because Ambrose v Zayn would be a better match and more entertaining to me than Sting v Kane.

DA v C3K (Masc)

As much as I want to see PaedophileDango, I think the strength in DA's roster wins it for him here, 3 solid matches and honestly, Kidd v Gabriel is the match I like most on either card.

Klee v CM Styles

I don't care for Rusev or Lana so this is easier for me. Neither card is spectacular but Reigns, Christian and Adam Rose swing it for me.

Rusev v Zombo

As hilarious as Oxi's card is, Zombo has to win because of his roster strength here


This is tough, Brauny's card could be better with the roster he had and STEVIE has done well with his 3 main eventers. Overall, I'm going Brauny because every match on his card could be entertaining.

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Re: WWE Mini-Draft 2014 (ROUND 1)

MoxleyMoxx vs. Cotmas

Going to go with Moxx on this one. If this was a year and a bit ago, before I knew Sami Zayn was one of the best wrestlers in history and was still a huge Curt Hawkins' fan, I'd probably have been pushed towards Cotmas' for the Ryder v Hawkins feud alone. Ambrose v Zayn is something I'd love to see down the road whereas I'd be interested in Kane v Sting, if it were 10 years ago. Not just because of age.

Kasabian vs. C3K (Mascarita)

Mascarita sucks. Tyson Kidd is actually the Miz in disguise.

In all honesty I don't know if I should vote for DA at all because he SCREWED UP HIS OWN ROSTER. but I will vote Kasabian as C3K took some big stars and just... didn't commit.

Klee vs. CM Styles

Not even RUSEV could save you in this draft Klee, I'm sorry.
PTP vs. NAO should have happened instead of Rhodes Brothers vs. NAO in real life, I'd have loved to see that, but Styles just has an all-round better roster. Reigns vs. Uso vs. Uso is an awesome match I don't think we will ever see, and Adam Rose vs. Christian is something we really may see, and I'd love to too. tutu.
Also I'd really be for Tatsu vs. Mahal for 10 minutes in real life too, I'd love to see them work a match.


If storytelling was important, I would be forcefully placed upon a throne of dead ZOMBO's by the whole of wrestlingforum.com, but as I know it is, and encouraged it to be, just about the matches, even though I shouldn't vote in my own match (and I only am because ZOMBO said he'd vote for me ) I'd go with ZOMBO's card.

Sheamus vs. Big E vs. Swagger =
Kidd vs. Bourne =
Sandow vs. Hornswoggle is pretty MEH. If it was MAGNETO vs. LEPRECHAUN FROM LEPRECHAUN,
Sheamus v Orton is BLEH to me but objectively good.

Brauny vs. STEVIE SWAG

Both cards are a bit comedic.
Cena v Nikki, if Nikki wins they get married.

Not a big fan of the format on Stevie's, it feels way too crowded. An entire tournament in one card? The second round having 2/3 falls matches?

Hard decision but overall I'd have to go with Brauny because it's more realistic. Both guys had insane rosters though, and I'd love to have seen even half the matches on Stevie's card... just not all on the same night as a part of a tournament.

Curry vs. AlienBountyHunter

Both cards are fucking great in an objective light. Loved the 10 man battle royale actually having no jobbers in it... Even though Curry probably looked at the NXT guys he got as total jobbers.

Difficult decision but I'm going with Curry only because Undertaker vs. Wyatt legitimately fuels my rage and would make me NOT watch the product more than actually WANT TO watch the product. Neville vs. Harper could have saved it but... Wyatt vs. Taker..

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Re: WWE Mini-Draft 2014 (ROUND 1)

Moxx vs Cotmas- For me, comes down to Ambrose vs Zayn [] and Kane vs Sting. Only the main events are matches i would be able to sit through. Ambrose Vs Zayn swings it for me, its close though.

Kasabian vs C3K- Booking from DA was interesting here, Lesnar vs Mysterio...lol. Also, i love the Rock vs Triple H match, and the divas match could be worse. C3K no showed though, so it goes to DA.

Zombo vs Rusev- Both these cards are interesting, especially the ppv based around Maddox. I liked Zombos matches more though, so he gets my vote.

Stevie vs Brauny- Both these cards have great maineventers, but the CM Punk/RVD main event does it for me. Love that, but the Bryan vs Cesaro match makes sure its close.

Curry vs ABH- DAMN. Wyatt vs Undertaker, a match i would definitely pay to see. Probably the best main event on here. Erick Rowan vs Neville would be a squash, but is also a good match. Curry, on the other hand, has a card stacked with midcarders which would provide a funner card overall, as each match is interesting. Curry BARELY gets my vote.
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Re: WWE Mini-Draft 2014 (ROUND 1)

These writeups may not be 100 words each, but I ask them to be included as I have given thought to each vote.

MoxleyMoxx v Cotmas

This basically comes down to the matches I'd like to see / think would be good. Now, with Moxley's card, I don't know the two lower card matches. I know of the guys in the upper-card though, and I think I'd enjoy both matches rather thoroughly. Meanwhile, I don't know if I'd want to see anything on Cotmas' card besides Sting. And I wouldn't really care to see him against Kane, I don't think.

DA v C3K (Masc)

Two reasons for this vote: DA cheated and used one of the wrestlers actively EMPLOYED ON MY ROSTER, and secondly the entire description setting up the match with Fandango / Breeze (and the description of the match itself).

Klee v CM Styles

Klee's card didn't really make sense (Lana won the match via DQ, but was the "loser" placed on the pole?). And, like, none of the matches were anything I'd prefer to actually.. you know.. watch. Styles' card wasn't particularly exciting for me either, but there seemed to be enough matches that would be fun to watch (Christian / Adam Rose, Jinder v Yoshi).

Rusev v Zombo

I voted for Oxi because it's the HONOURABLE THING TO DO (ie: voting for your opponent)


This was a very tough one. It was weird because although I feel that Brauny had the far superior roster, the matches were a little too comical and unintriguing to me. I felt that Cena and Batista were utterly wasted, although the concept behind each match was humorous, it's not something I'd like to actually see play out. The main is fine. I even LOVED the Torito / Khali match, but that's where I'd keep the comedy. Have some fun on the undercard but use the big-time players right. Meanwhile, STEVIE maximized the utility of his few tremendous wrestlers in a way that made sense (put Regal over quickly into the main, and let Cesaro / Bryan be workhorses against each other).

Curry v AlienBountyHunter

Another very, very tough one for me to call. Ultimately, I think Curry used his vast undercard in an advantageous way, and the Teddy Long appearance was wonderful too. It's hard to imagine Barrett losing in Wembley, but still woulda been a fun event to see. ABH's card is very good, pretty much utilized exactly how I would do it. All matches I'd want to see, too. The difficulty is it seemed limited compared to the action Curry assembled.

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