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Match #1: MoxleyMoxx 8 66.67%
Match #1: Cotmas 4 33.33%
#2: Kasabian 8 66.67%
#2: Mascarita/C3K 4 33.33%
#3: Klee 2 16.67%
#3: CM Styles 9 75.00%
#4: RUSEV 2 16.67%
#4: ZOMBO 10 83.33%
#5: Brauny 5 41.67%
#5: STEVIE SWAG 5 41.67%
#6: Curry 3 25.00%
#6: AlienBountyHunter 7 58.33%
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The Loose Cannon
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Re: WWE Mini-Draft 2014 (ROUND 1)

Haha, XOMBO I originally had it as the winner goes on the pole, baecause obviously that is what they would want.
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Re: WWE Mini-Draft 2014 (ROUND 1)


edit: Two of them didn't leave any feedback, so I believe those votes don't count. Hmm, a slim chance left. Atleast better than nothing, so

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Re: WWE Mini-Draft 2014 (ROUND 1)

MoxleyMoxx vs. Cotmas

Vote: Cotmas
Because as ZOMBO said, it's the honorable thing to do. Plus his card isn't really that bad at all. Rowan throwing around Parker would be fun to watch, while Viktor and Konnor could work a good match together if given the chance, like Cotmas did.

Ryder and Hawkins...I'm sure they'd have at least a decent match together with them being so familiar with eachother and all.

Kane vs Sting might not be a 5* match in this day and age, but I'm sure that these two could work a very good match together if given enough time.

Kasabian vs. C3K

Vote: Kasabian
Seeing as C3K no showed (), vote goes to DA.
There's something about big strong guys beating up smaller guys that I just love to watch, especially when it's Mysterio and Lesnar doing that, because those two excell at their respective roles.

Henry vs. Miz in a First Blood match is a massacre waiting to happen, and I think we all know who's gonna be the victim here.

Hard to say anything about the first two matches because haven't seen anything from anyone of them.

Gabriel and Kidd. A good cruiserweight style match for sure.

Klee vs CM Styles

Vote: CM Styles
As much as I'd love to see Lana or Veronica on a pole, I'll have to go with Styles.
Reigns and Usos in a three-way inside the Hell in a Cell is a bit of an odd matchup, but it could work... but only if Reigns spears both them through the cell.

wouldn't really care about the rest of the card tbh.


This one was pretty close. ZOMBO has a really strong main event and a good undercard as well, but RUSEVtron has more variety in his card AND matches that look good on paper and are fresh, unlike Sheamus/Orton that I've seen countless times already.

Brauny vs. STEVIE SWAG

Better overall card, though with two 2/3 falls matches and one three-way I Quit match + the KOTR quarter finals this could be a pretty long card.

AlienBountyHunter vs. Curry

Vote: AlienBountyHunter
None of the matches in Curry's card really interest me, except for the Barrett-Del Rio match, and that isn't enough when the opposing card has main event playas like Brodus Clay and the Undertaker in it.
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Re: WWE Mini-Draft 2014 (ROUND 1)

MoxleyMoxx vs. Cotmas
I really think that Zayn vs. Rollins would be a great match to watch, however I'm giving my vote to Cotmas. Really like to idea f Sting vs Kane and I think he has a better mid card with Ryder/Hawkins and Konner/Viktor

Kasabian vs. C3K
I like both of these main events but I'm giving my vote to Kasabian. C3K no showed which I really didn't like and I would love to see Lesnar destroy Mysterio and Kidd vs Gabriel would be fun to watch also.

Klee vs. CM Styles
Roman Reigns vs. Jimmy vs. Jey would be a really great to see. Having it inside a Hell in a Cell would make it more fun to watch. Would rather see this than any of Klee's matches so I voted for CM Styles. Would be interesting to see Lana on a pole though.

These matches could be pretty fun to watch. The #1 contenders match, Bourne vs. Kidd, and Sheamus vs. Orton would be good matches to watch.

Curry vs. AlienBountyHunter
I really like Curry's roster and matches but I gotta give my vote to ABH. Undertaker vs Wyatt and Rhodes vs. Goldust would be really fun to watch.
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Re: WWE Mini-Draft 2014 (ROUND 1)

MoxleyMoxx vs Cotmas -

Had to go with Mox here. He's got a card full of good talent and a great main event that I'd definitely pay to see. I like the ideas behind Cotmas' matches, they all make sense from a storyline standpoint, but I'm not sure how good they'd actually be in-ring.

Kasabian vs C3K -

Looking at C3K's roster before the cards were posted, I thought DA would have this won fairly easily. But C3K, despite not actually submitting a card, actually has my vote here. HHH/Rock have good chemistry, Paige/Natalya would surely be great and Fandango/Breeze is a match that actually makes sense (and that write-up ). Lesnar/Mysterio would be fun but Henry/Miz would be very similar too, plus I'm not sure the first blood stip helps it. Gabriel/Kidd would be fairly solid but C3K gets my vote, and he should thank Masc for his smart booking.

Klee vs CM Styles -

Klee's was an enjoyable read, I'd definitely look forward to see NAO's new tag team finisher of a kipper to the face. Plus who doesn't want to see Lana get pounded? But, CM Styles' card would actually have slightly better wrestling. Even though the main event is strange and not really main event caliber, the Samoan idea is good, a paragraph of build up would have helped sell it, though. Honestly there's not much else, though at least JTG is actually getting a spot on a PPV. Styles gets my vote by a hair.

Oxi/RUSEV vs Zombo -

Oxi has the best write up out of everyone, I'd probably look up the results of Maddoxmania online the day after. However, I'd illegally stream Zombo's card live, so he gets the vote. A neat triple threat, an exciting cruiserweight bout (Kidd in his home country is a nice touch), a fun squash and a solid main event. Good card.

Ratman/Brauny vs Stevie -

This was tough, but I vote Stevie since I think his card would be more enjoyable. Ratman has one of the best rosters, but I'm not sure he used it to it's full potential. Punk/RVD would be great, especially in a ladder match. But Cena/Nikki, while probably being great TV, is a waste of Cena. Plus Batista/Ryan, despite the smart storyline, would probably be a poor match, too. Khali/Torito I actually like, since I briefly had that idea, too. Stevie gets the vote since his card would have better matches. Bryan, Cesaro and Regal in separate matches, before Bryan/Cesaro 2/3 falls and then a triple threat I Quit involving all three? Buys.
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Learning to break kayfabe
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Re: WWE Mini-Draft 2014 (ROUND 1)

Match 1: Voted MoxleyMoxx.
Aside from it being honourable thing to do Moxx's main event for me is simply worthy and justifies a vote in itself.

Match 2: Voted Kasabian.
Rey against Brock and The Miz getting beaten to a bloody pulp? Take my fucking money vote. Also the fact C3K no showed seals my decision.

Match 3: Voted CM Styles.
The decider factor for me were the unique Samoan triple threat whilst the Christian/Rose match would also be fun so Styles gets my vote.

Match 4: Voted Zombo
Maddoxmania is hilarious however I simply prefer Zombo's matches to Rusev's hence the vote.

Match 5: Voted Stevie
Stevie gets the vote due to his usage of Bryan/Regal/Cesaro whilst Cena/Batista got wasted by Brauny so Stevie gets my vote although that Renee/Hogan segment is

Match 6: Voted ABH

Despite Curry's write up being fun particularly the usage of Teddy Long and having a solid overall card it's the main event of Wyatt/Taker and the Rhodes brothers facing off that sealed my vote for ABH but only just.
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Re: WWE Mini-Draft 2014 (ROUND 1)

MoxleyMoxx vs. Cotmas

I'm a big fan of both Solomon Crowe and Kalisto and a match between them would be awesome. That main event is FUCKING SICK. Really a dream matchup, and hopefully it will become reality somewhere down the road. Cotmas did decent as well but those two matches just means I have to give it to Moxx here. Even though I don't care for the jobber undercard. Cotmas still should have a good chance of making it through in Round 2.

Kasabian vs. C3K (Masc)

Kasabian was poorly prepared but still managed to put together a decent card. Great depth in the roster as well. The missunderstanding with Tyson Kidd is a minor problem really. I just thought I'd put something together for C3K cause it's boring (and a little unfair) giving someonee a walkthrough win. But in all seriousness, if I (C3K) were to win this match I'd certainly disqualify and let Kasabian go through anyway. You have to admit I nailed it with PedoDango tho.

CM Styles vs. Klee

Klee's card was very fun to read, and it was a good try with the few assets he had. However I have to give it to CM Styles just because of roster depth. The matchups could have been better, CM.


The grudge match. Remember RUSEV telling me to disqualify ZOMBO in the early goings? Well, anyway. MaddoxMania was by far the most entertaining submission. I really had a good time reading that one. But once again, roster depth and matchups. ABH pretty much said it all. ZOMBO's card has pretty much every element required for an entertaining show. I would buy. And I have a feeling ZOMBO will go real far in this draft.

STEVIE SWAG vs. Brauny

Two solid rosters. One was utilized way better than the other. Brauny should really go in for making a better card in Round 2 because this was actually pretty bad, considering the talent he's got. Torito vs. Khali was a good comedy match. Fernando vs. Primo is a good opener. But Mason Ryan vs. Batista? Who on earth would want to see that? Would bring out some funny chants for sure but come on. The write ups from Brauny however were really good. But so were STEVIE's. And the matchups from STEVIE was really good, a MOTY candidate main event along with some fun tournament matches and just to put ease on the seriousness, that middle segment was so disgusting it made me appreciate everything else about your card alot more. Great work put down from both on graphics, which was fun, so props for that!

AlienBountyHunter vs. Curry

Two of the best cards for sure, in one tough matchup. Just had to give it to ABH though because of the Taker vs. Wyatt and Cody vs. Goldy matches. Curry should ask himself, where are the buys? I mean, for sure I'd look up Curry's show on YouTube the day after but ABH's would have me sitting up all night, biting the inside of my nails. Good writeups from both, a nice read! ABH I feel can be a potential winner if he keeps it up! Curry should have a decent chance of getting through in Round 2.
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Re: WWE Mini-Draft 2014 (ROUND 1)

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Re: WWE Mini-Draft 2014 (ROUND 1)

RIP Klee :P
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Re: WWE Mini-Draft 2014 (ROUND 1)

Voting finshed. The winners are:

Match 1: MoxleyMoxx
Match 2: Kasabian
Match 3: CM Styles
Match 4: ZOMBO
Match 5: STEVIE SWAG (HollywoodNightmare didn't post)
Match 6: AlienBountyHunter
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