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Who misses the Arcade?

I remember back in the 90's, in a time before we found alcohol, girls, drugs and vandalism... along with the movies the big thing to do was go to the arcade. I remember thinking Time Crisis was hot shit on the Playstation... untill I seen Time Crisis 2 at the arcade.

Come to think of it, NAMCO ruled the roost for me.

Tekken 2
Tekken 3
Rave Racer
Time Crisis 2
Tekken Tag

They were like public Betas of what was to come. Like playing the next console before it was released. I think Tekken Tag was the last game that impressed me. The PS2 and other things in life killed it. Why pay money for something like looks just as good on PS2? All you have to do is save a little and you get a full game.
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Re: Who misses the Arcade?

are you out of your fuckin mind?
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Re: Who misses the Arcade?

I miss hardcore arcades every day, they helped keep our hobby as a flesh and blood social experiance
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Re: Who misses the Arcade?

Everyday. I was a total arcade rat. I would go from one arcade to the other when the first closed because the other was open three hours longer. I played in tournaments at least once a month. The employees knew me on a first name basis. It was good times.

I remember many of days practicing Mortal Kombat II & Killer Instinct.
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Re: Who misses the Arcade?

I'm 25 now and English and feel that arcades were something I totally missed out on. The closest I remember coming to them was the video rental shop also had a small arcade with 4 or so in there, but that wasn't much.

I have this fixation with 80s/early 90s America, and things like Arcades in those times are something I'm genuinely sad I missed out on.
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Re: Who misses the Arcade?

There's an arcade about a 20/30 minute drive from my town. It's a good day out if you have money to spare.
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Re: Who misses the Arcade?

I miss KOF, MvC and CvSNK

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Re: Who misses the Arcade?

we have a place here in las vegas called GameWorks, it was a massive 2 level arcade with every arcade game you could think of.. They're closing it this year. They're supposed to be moving to a new location, but who knows if they actually will.

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Re: Who misses the Arcade?

I know there is an arcade about a half hour or so from where I live. Or at least last time I was in that mall, it was still there. But I do miss the living shit out of arcades. The last time I remember being in one was back in 2006. I always had a field day playing games like Mortal Kombat, House of the Dead, Initial D, DDR and so on. Back in the day I was a huge mallrat and people knew where to me. And that was mostly in the arcade, wasting tons of money on some games.

I've lost count on how much money I wasted and how much I starved myself at school to keep the lunch money to go to the arcades afterwords. But it was worth every penny and I wouldn't take any of it back. I'd love to see arcades make a comeback, but deep down I know it'll probably never happen.
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Re: Who misses the Arcade?

And probably my favorite arcade game ever:

In short...yes, I miss them dearly.

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