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Re: Looks Like Saints Row 4 And GTA V May Be Going To War This Year

GTA V will eat Saints Row IV then shit it out. Then eat it again.
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Re: Looks Like Saints Row 4 And GTA V May Be Going To War This Year

Originally Posted by Freeloader View Post
Yeah they have. The writing is not as quality for a serious story, but it's a funnier game. The 1st and 3rd games were the best. The third one went a little too far, but it made me laugh more with the dialogue. I will say that the game had awful DLC though, the space mutants shit felt incredibly short, and the game probably went too far with giving people jets and calling in airstrikes. Once you can do that, using regular cars and guns feels like a letdown.

I think Saints Row 4 should go next gen though. Save it, and with GTA not ready for next gen for a while, they could bet on those consoles first and establish some new fans perhaps as people with those systems wait for a GTA game.
nah, SR2 was by far the best game. The perfect balance of good story, crazyness, and gameplay. It was original and awesome. SR3 took it way too far.

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Re: Looks Like Saints Row 4 And GTA V May Be Going To War This Year

Lol, people are talking as if the GTA games weren't zany or taken too far. May I refer to GTA San Andreas, where you have a Gangster from the hood, breaking into military compounds, hijacking fighter jets and flying on jetpacks. You also worked for some weird secret government organisation, and used remote control vehicles to destroy things. I think people are being a little harsh on Saints Row 3 when they talk about it being taken too far. They were just trying to give the player a chance to have a bit of fun and take it to the extreme. I liked Saints Row 3 because of all that zany stuff, and because they took it far. It was all tongue in cheek at the end of the day, and it was a breakaway from traditional gaming. I applaud the Saints Row developers for their work on the game. People on here are just nitpicking because they don't want to make it look credible compared to GTA.

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Re: Looks Like Saints Row 4 And GTA V May Be Going To War This Year

I'm a huge fan of the Saints Row series, but Saints Row 3 was just.. eh.

It would've been fine, if it wasn't called a Saints Row game and a follow up to Saints Row 2.

Saints Row 2 just had much more to do. Still had a bit of a serious overtone as well. Alot more creativity as well.

Here's to hoping Saints Row 4 will make a giant leap in player creation ability.

As for them going at it? Even if I'm a bigger fan of Saints Row, that's a horrible idea. GTA would demolish it, by far. Just from the name alone.

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Re: Looks Like Saints Row 4 And GTA V May Be Going To War This Year

Oh dear, that's a terrible move.

SR4 is just gonna a appetiser for GTA V.

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Re: Looks Like Saints Row 4 And GTA V May Be Going To War This Year

Whichever franchise is better or whichever game is better could be debated till you're blue in the face. The fact is GTA has been around for years and has a solid and loyal fanbase and will more than likely sell more which is why its pointless for SR to compete with GTA. GTA has 4 successful titles to fall back on, not counting the spinoff titles where as Saints Row while successful hasn't quite reached the same level of success.

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Re: Looks Like Saints Row 4 And GTA V May Be Going To War This Year

I'll probably pick up SR4 long before GTAV. I loved the shit out of SR3 just for the amount of fun you could have. Haven't really enjoyed a GTA game since Vice City.

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Re: Looks Like Saints Row 4 And GTA V May Be Going To War This Year

I was never all that crazy about Grand Theft Auto as a whole. Saints Row, on the other hand, is a hell of a lot of fun. I'll definitely be picking up Saints Row 4 when it comes out in August. Hopefully it'll follow the 'Save Shaundi' ending from The Third, because I wouldn't be happy seeing her go.

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Re: Looks Like Saints Row 4 And GTA V May Be Going To War This Year

If they can make Saints 4 more, Saints 2 with Saints 3 mechanics then you could have a truly great game.

Saints 2
Great story
Fleshed out characters
Layered customization
Giant map
Actually being able to call homies during missions

Saints 3
Great graphics
Smoother gameplay mechanics
"Multiple" paths

Like I said, I've seen what they can do. Just combine the 2 games they've made and you've got gold.

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Re: Looks Like Saints Row 4 And GTA V May Be Going To War This Year

Oh please. Saints Row 4 will be nothing compared to GTA V. Grand Theft Auto is a major brand name in the gaming industry and Rockstar even delayed GTA V for months just to make sure it's an outstanding game... Rockstar clearly truly cares about the game's quality.

Do not take this the wrong way... Saints Row 4 will probably have good things about it, but when it comes to the overall quality of a video game, its game world, interactions, little details, voice acting quality, cut-scenes, music, budget for producing all of it, etc, Grand Theft Auto is the obvious winner.

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