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Callisto 01-29-2013 12:54 PM

Dead Space 3 Discussion Thread

Dead Space 3 is the third installment of the Dead Space series. This third person shooter video game is scheduled to be released within the next week in North America, Europe, and Australia.

Are you excited about this game? Do you plan on buying it? Do you think it looks weak? Discus!

JohnTheRevelator 01-29-2013 01:18 PM

Re: Dead Space 3 Discussion Thread
Honestly, I'm not really excited for it. I despise the fact that it's co-op, it takes away all the horror elements, you're not afraid knowing that someone's there to help you out all the time and maybe the creatures will attack your partner rather than you, I find it stupid and sad, as I absolutely loved Dead Space 2 and still think it has one of the best single player campaigns ever.

Iron Man 01-29-2013 01:19 PM

Re: Dead Space 3 Discussion Thread
Looks like you beat Seph to making a DS3 thread lol. Ive payed for the game cant wait to pick it up. Amazing how I became such a fan of the series and it was only months ago when I never even touched any of the games. I recently beat DS2 on Hardcore so excited to see what bonus you get for it. Hopefully its more than a refurbished weapon.

:mark: :mark: :mark: :mark: :mark: cant wait to be Isaac Clarke again. ive just heard great things about the Co op and what you can do with weapons. Dead Space 1 was great but DS2 improved in probably every facet. Hopefully 3 takes it to another level.
Havent touched the demo at all so nothing will be spoiled. if anyone has played it, what are your opinions on it.

Sephiroth 01-29-2013 02:14 PM

Re: Dead Space 3 Discussion Thread
I have the entire thread written up with html codes for images and youtube videos...I was only waiting so I could post it tonight when I get off work. Oh well, all for nought

cesaro_ROCKS 01-29-2013 02:18 PM

Re: Dead Space 3 Discussion Thread
Its sully, I'm getting it day 1; but I'm buying #2 to play through first. That's all because 3's demo was awesome

Sephiroth 01-29-2013 03:29 PM

Re: Dead Space 3 Discussion Thread
2 is so amazing

Iron Man 01-29-2013 03:39 PM

Re: Dead Space 3 Discussion Thread
Yeah they improved the gameplay alot in 2. I havent really gotten back to 1 but ive already beaten 2 a couple of times and currently have a playthrough with me using the Hand Cannon which is OP but real fun.

AryaDark 01-29-2013 03:39 PM

Re: Dead Space 3 Discussion Thread
I absolutely LOVED the first two games. If it wasn't for Tomb Raider in March I'd be getting this game day one. It'll have to wait a lil bit now though. I'm still so excited :mark:

Sephiroth 01-29-2013 04:18 PM

Re: Dead Space 3 Discussion Thread
You geta $20 credit if you preorder on Amazon or Wal-Mart.com. Do that and Tomb Raider will be $40.

Phenom 01-29-2013 04:22 PM

Re: Dead Space 3 Discussion Thread
I'm not excited at all, because I thought Dead Space 2 was a complete stinker.

The original Dead Space was brilliant because you truly felt alone and abandoned on this huge and derelict spaceship, with your only company being mutants who wanted to feast on your entrails. The pacing between the action scenes and the exploratory segments never permitted you to feel comfortable, and the well crafted storyline tied everything together.

In contrast, DS2 felt like a dumb shooter and nothing more. Too much action, not enough storyline, and no scares at all. A very poor followup in my opinion. It was also too short - I beat it in around five hours. And where did that ambience and damning sense of isolation go?

And now DS3 wants to add Co op and some gun toting space marine character to the mix? What, is this Dead Space 3 or a new Gears of War? Dead Space is violent, but in the end, it isn't about the action - it's about being scared and feeling alone in the vast emptiness of space. That's where DS2 went wrong and where DS3 looks to stumble as well.

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