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Re: Resident Evil 6 so far

Mine should arrive today at some point, kinda excited. I actually really loved 5 just because I had so much fun on co-op, so I'm hoping for some of the same.

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Re: Resident Evil 6 so far

Originally Posted by Stinger Fan View Post
71 is disappointing? Really?I guess you don't play games under 95 then?
Considering it's a Resident Evil game and expectations were really high - yeah 71 is low.

Imagine if a Mario game to launch a system scored a 71%?

This is a bargain bin game for me. I still have Borderlands 2 and Assassin's Creed III is do IN ONLY 3 FRIGIN WEEKS! Oh and I still have Orcs Must Die from the Steam Summer Sale....forgot about that.
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Re: Resident Evil 6 so far

PS3 users that are downloading it off PSN, if you get an error message, uninstall then redownload it.

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Re: Resident Evil 6 so far

only played it a little but it seems ok so far - gonna hammer it tonight and 2moro tho

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Re: Resident Evil 6 so far

Glad I got the Archives edition.

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Re: Resident Evil 6 so far

Resident Evil 6 is pretty good as i seen so far.. bought it last night.. playing Leon's campaign.. I am liking it.

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Re: Resident Evil 6 so far

Is it game of the year worthy? No, but it's pretty solid for what it's worth.
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Re: Resident Evil 6 so far

Leons story is great,
im in the last chaper of chris's now and im really not enjoying it at all!!
i presume jake's is the same as chris's ? so Leons story is the only fun one .. and even with that i think they added too many zombies and should of added more of the creepy walking / puzzles to it

But im gonna finish it all anyways

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Re: Resident Evil 6 so far

Everyone who thinks it sucks can lick an old man's sagging balls.

This game is fucking awesome. The demo did NOT show all of the great qualities of the game at all.

I have finished Chris's campaign (had to start with the fucking GREATEST VIDEO GAME CHARACTER EVER CREATED) and it was AWESOME, from start to finish. It was exciting, intense, scary (a few times near the end when looking for Ada on the ship, the monsters are creepy assholes) and fun.

Started Leon's campaign last night and it's basically RE2 meets RE4, which is awesome. It's the most 'Resident Evil' a newer RE game can get, going back to it's roots.

Most people are complaining about it because it isn't 100% like the old school RE games. Hey, fuck off, because if every single game is the same, people will get bored of it. The first few RE games were great, I still love them, but, come on, they were almost the same game, with some of the same types of puzzles and shit. Time for something new because there are only so many times Raccoon City, or something in it/near it, can fucking explode.

All the campaigns bring something different to the game. If you don't like a campaign, there are others to choose from, so it's not like you have one type of game to play, you have multiple choices.

People don't want to accept change so they whine about it when there is nothing to actually whine about.

This is coming from a HARDCORE RE fan, who spends more money on RE merchandise than anything else. People need to learn to embrace change and accept it because it is needed. Same shit, different day, no thanks, no one likes that for long periods of time, so Capcom choose to change things up, starting back with RE4, and going from there.

If people are gonna bitch about it because it strays from the original, blow me. Everyone likes to think the zombies were the main focus of the series and it was the VIRUS OUTBREAK, so those tools who complain about no zombies (which there are in Leon's campaign) don't seem to understand that every RE game's main focus is different virus outbreaks. The original enemies were awesome as fuck, I loved the zombies, but the viruses evolved over time, and enemies got smarter and stronger.

Game is awesome, eat poop if you hate it. RE FOREVER

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Re: Resident Evil 6 so far

I plan on buying me a copy of the Anthology edition. I'll probably have to order it through GameStop's website. But I'd really like to have a copy of 1-6 on my PS3.

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