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Re: Dishonored

Looks like the game that Bioshock should have been. I'll definitely be having a look.

EDIT: it reminds of Thief, actually. Which is a good thing.

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Re: Dishonored

One of the games coming out later this year I plan on getting. Looks like something I can play numerous times and enjoy it every playthrough. Just have to decide whether to get it on 360 or PS3. Game more on PS3 but knowing Bethesda the 360 version will probably have less issues.

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Re: Dishonored

This year has been horrible in gaming, I doubt this game can beat my personal GOTY, Max Payne 3, but it will probably give it a run for its money.
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Re: Dishonored

Originally Posted by Aid180 View Post
If reviews are good, I'll be sure to big this up. It looks excellent, but the last Bethesda game not named Elder Scrolls or Fallout I believe was Brink, and that was disappointing. So I'm a little worried.
This is being developed by Arkane studios, Bethesda are just publishing, same with Brink which was made by Splash Damage.

Anyway, I'm really excited for this game, it will probably be my number 2 goty behind Halo 4.
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Re: Dishonored

Played it at Eurogamer, didnt really have enough time on it to be honest but thats expo's for you.

Melee combat was a bit iffy, I doubt alot of people will go for the all out anyway. The rat power was fun placing it underneath people to attack them. teleport was basically just pointing a little icon where you want in first person and bam you move there.
I didnt like the people controlling power since you suddenly appear literally behind the person you just took over briefly, i didnt expect that and it got me seen. I would of thought the point was to hide and use someone to open a door etc for you.
Seemed interesting but I didnt have much time on it
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Re: Dishonored

Meh, looks like another overhyped shit to me.
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Re: Dishonored

I'm glad this is still a few weeks off. It looks amazing, but Borderlands 2 has me by the balls at the moment.

Originally Posted by Sorrow Hill View Post
Meh, looks like another overhyped shit to me.
What sort of games interest you?
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Re: Dishonored

I'm not really interested in Dishonored, but I may check it out and see if I like it.
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Re: Dishonored

XCom is coming out the same day. Good day for gamers I guess.
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Re: Dishonored

And the CM Punk dvd!

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