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Re: Currently Playing

Originally Posted by obby View Post
Persona 4 GOLDEN

Good game thusfar, but that voice acting. Jesus.


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Re: Currently Playing

Mass Effect 2

Thanks to CJ for the avy & sig.
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Re: Currently Playing

Originally Posted by Legasee View Post
Mass Effect 2

I wish I could go back and play that for the first time again

Right now:

Blops 2

Silent Hill downpour

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Re: Currently Playing

Recently completed Far Cry 3, MGS4 (again), Heavy Rain (again), the Mass Effect trilogy, Max Payne and Max Payne 2.

Next will be Max Payne 3, and then probably the Splinter Cell trilogy.

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Re: Currently Playing

Bought Sleeping Dogs, yesterday and today I played it like a lunatic


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Re: Currently Playing

Got bored of my old save, so I started a new game in Pokemon Black 2.

Magby, Magenmite & Sandile in my team fuckyeah.
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Re: Currently Playing

Call of Duty MW3....Lots of MW3. I hate Blops 2 with a passion.
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Re: Currently Playing

Still playing Borderlands 2 but less cause of the recent freezing talk in the forum (I get scared easily cause the PS3 I use is not mine), also Way of THe Samurai 4.

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Re: Currently Playing

I just bought:

CSI: Fatal Conspiracy
MLB 10: The Show
Hitman: Absolution

All were on sale as pre-owned.

Fucking stoked as hell to play HITMAN

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Re: Currently Playing

Originally Posted by Catalanotto View Post
Fucking stoked as hell to play HITMAN
Really good buy, probably my favourite from the series. Contracts mode is a fucking blast! Finished all the achievements the other day by going through on Hard mode whilst also collecting all the Evidence.

After that I started to play Blood Money again and today I got the Hitman HD Trilogy through the post, so started to play Silent Assassin. Haven't played that game in years.

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