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The One Free Man
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Re: Currently Playing

Set up my Xbox One again after 3 months unplugged. Got TitanFall, PvZ: Garden Warfare and Battlefield 4 the other day. Haven't started BF4 yet, but I'm loving TitanFall(When I can stay in a game) and PvZ - Finding Plants easier to play than Zombies at the moment.

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Re: Currently Playing

X-Comm: Enemy Unknown (PS3)

I've had this game for over a year via PS Plus. Dammit I've fucking missed out.

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Re: Currently Playing

I accidentally deleted my XCOM file last night and have to start again. Wasn't that bothered, not really the type of game where losing my progress affects me. Also played FTL for the first time in weeks. The Zoltan Ship can be pretty great.

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Re: Currently Playing

Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD remaster
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Venom Queen
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Re: Currently Playing

Originally Posted by KuroNeko View Post
When did SW4 get released?!
It was released in Japan on March 20th. I imported it because I'm impatient for Koei to decide if they're releasing it overseas lol.

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Learning to break kayfabe
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Re: Currently Playing

Lately I've been playing Borderlands 2 and the last Devil May Cry game. I also need to get to around to beating Lightning Returns and Assassins Creed 4

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Re: Currently Playing

Just played FTL for like 3 straight hours which is something I almost never do, but I just couldn't stop. Trying to unlock the achievements to get Type-B's, and spent over an hour getting Bird-of-Prey for that goddamn stealth cruiser. After fuck knows how long and fuck knows how many attempts where my cloak would give out either one millisecond before or EXACTLY WHEN I destroyed the enemy ship, I finally got it. Still, haven't got either of the other achievements for the stealth cruiser so I unlocked nothing. Tried to get the ''arrive at sector 8 w/out hitting an environmental hazard'' one and died somewhere around maybe mid-sector 6. This game is brutal. I just beat Dark Souls and that game doesn't come close to the level of tough and hair-pull this does. Was the FTL Advanced thing free for who bought the game? I can't even figure out where to get it, is having server issues.

Also played Castlevania Bloodlines for Genesis. Cool game. I should really stop dancing around SOTN and play it already.

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Re: Currently Playing

Playing The Wolf Among Us episode 3, then I am going to live on my PS4 all weekend. Dat Second Son.
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Re: Currently Playing

TWAU A crooked mile - PS3
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Oh Hell Yeah
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Re: Currently Playing

FIFA 14 ps4, just got it last night, now it's time to master it.

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