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Re: Angriest you've ever gotten playing a videogame?

Originally Posted by blarg_ View Post
Why is it stupid? If you're having a hard time controlling your emotions when playing video games, maybe you should do something less stimulating, or start taking up Yoga. I don't mean that to be condescending, i've lost my temper over trivial things too, but if you're breaking controllers because a videogame made you angry, then you might want to look into that unless you're ready to shell out money on new hardware every month.

Maybe you don't lose your cool very often, but I know that some people do. There's even people that go as far as breaking their own console because they got disconnected from a server. That to me is beyond ridiculous.
I don't need to do shit like "yoga" for something that so rarely happens. I don't have a problem with controlling my emotions.
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Re: Angriest you've ever gotten playing a videogame?

Originally Posted by RenegadexParagon View Post
I don't need to do shit like "yoga" for something that so rarely happens. I don't have a problem with controlling my emotions.
Well that's great then, that means that my statement wasn't aimed at you. The Yoga thing was sarcasm, but in all honesty there are people who could use it.
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Re: Angriest you've ever gotten playing a videogame?

I think the last time I actually broke a controller was back when I was a kid. Think it was on one of the WWF wrestling games for the N64. Just remember some of the wrestlers on campaign would always reverse your moves, yet when you did it, it would hardly work, could never get moves in at all. Still, the controller sorta worked, just had a shitty left trigger.

Nowadays when I've played a multiplayer game for a while I can usually sense when I'm starting to get annoyed. It's usually after a lengthy period of play(A few hours), it's at night and I've pretty much just been playing that nonstop. Then things start to slide and go wrong, losing matches, deaths etc.. That's usually a good moment to stop playing.

Also if you can't get past a boss, particular stage etc., I usually leave it for a few hours, or overnight. Then come back to it the next morning to succeed. Most recent example of that would be in Dark Souls. Tried a few times to defeat Gwyn one night, couldn't do it so I left it til the morning. Couple of tries later and I nail him with a few beautiful counters and he goes down.

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Re: Angriest you've ever gotten playing a videogame?

FIFA is infuriating at times. When your playing a shit lower division team and they go into Barcelona mode. 30 pass moves from players with 59 ratings. Or dominating games online only to end up losing to their only fucking shot on target.

Or Call of Duty when someone nicks your care package.

Cena is crap.

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Re: Angriest you've ever gotten playing a videogame?

I was angry one time playing MW3,I was at 24 kills in a row and was close to getting a MOAB and I acted carelessly and ran in the open and got killed. Ive never had another game like that again.

Most recently was in Dark Souls. Game was hard but with hints and research it was alright but when I got to Crystal Cave I was pissed. They give you Prism Stones so you can make your way across the invisible path but I fucking used them all my first attempt. so I had no way of knowing where I could walk. What made the situation worse is yeah I kept dying over and over but I spawn at the bonfire and I always had to waste time and fight those Crystal enemies because I could be a mile away and theyll spot you and be after you. I literally spent an hour just trying to get to Seath.

Also one time pkaying Skyrim I discovered this cool ruin after spending minutes climbing the side of a mountain. I reach the top and tons of high level enemies. Kill the Dragon and the Dragon Priest and a Draugr shouts me off the cage and kills me. Im a idiot cuz I didnt save so im at the College and have to treck the mountain again. and next thing I know im blown off again to my death. 3rd time was the charm but was just so pissed I was acting stupid and didnt save accordinly.

Dead Space 2 on hardcore is currently turning me into the Hulk atm.

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Re: Angriest you've ever gotten playing a videogame?

When I was a kid I once threw my controller from the window on the second floor, but besides that I was always usually a pretty calm gamer.
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Re: Angriest you've ever gotten playing a videogame?

Break a contorler?

Keep in mind as a kid I did have "councilaing" for anger problems and not much has happen since, I was a brat\demon

WWE no mercy survivor match
1: getting a unlock able guy to come out only for him to eliminate you
2: find out Andee is 100 and have to unlock him, spent bout 12 hours once night during summer and finally did it, broke one controller then
3: broke one almost right after words when I found out you could get him by doing the WWF title as champ for far less hassle ecacpt the god damn handicap match, fuck that stuff.

Smackdown 1 & 2
Carrier mode, CC doing great, going places, get bored and start simulation, you see the other guys bars go down to a little bit of red, and you with full health, thats when you can start cussing as yours gose down SLOWLY and there is nothing you can do about it, you KNOW what will happen. and then bam you lose

ANY GAME WITH MY OLDER BROTHER in my defense it was more of him and me playing together then me having a temper toward games but there where like four or so broken then I could not play multilayer with him for years

There was one game where I broke a controller for JOY (It flew out of my hand as I jumped around like a maniac)
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Re: Angriest you've ever gotten playing a videogame?

Goldeneye used to piss me off because when I was in High School the big thing was to go over to someones house and play the multiplayer. Well I had some friends who all lived on the same block and for a time would basically play everyday and I ended up joining them a couple times and since I was the only one who didn't own an N64 game at that point they'd just kill me like the fucking noob repeatedly because they knew all the maps & spawn points. Thats probably why i've never got into the whole COD game multiplayer fad. Don't really like playing a game I causually enjoy and you have these fuckheads who do nothing but play the game all day.

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Re: Angriest you've ever gotten playing a videogame?

From a recent experience, I can say fuck the last part of the Executive Order mission of Black Ops on Veteran. Infinite waves of enemies are cancerous. Took me 4 hours to do that checkpoint.

I get easily frustrated if I die a lot in games. It's why I'm not sure I'll ever play Demon's & Dark Souls.
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Re: Angriest you've ever gotten playing a videogame?

Long ago I used to scream "OH COME ON, MAN" and either grip the controller real hard or whip it to the floor. This would be like around the time I was 6 7 or 8.

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