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Re: Old Games You Still Play

Pokemon Snap! I absolutely love that game. Cute, harmless fun. When I originally played, I could never get to Mew and devoted hours and hours to trying to make it. Now I pop it in just to remember the time I had as a kid.

WWE Raw 2. The CAW a sick, the season mode is hilarious. The random flirting and disappointment when a wrestler went to go fight another backstage and he wasn't there or went to steal something and there wasn't anything to steal. My brother and I had the best ladder matches.

Harvest Moon: Mineral Town or A Wonderful Life. Games are so freaking relaxing.

Pac-Man: The New Adventures.

The original Super Smash Bros. Just to see how far we've come in what... ten years?

And of course, Super Mario World!

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Re: Old Games You Still Play

Went back to Pokemon Snap earlier this year, such memories.
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Re: Old Games You Still Play

Some last generation gems or earlier that I still play now and then...

King of Colosseum II & Fire Pro Returns for PS2
The original Pokemon games for Gameboy/Gameboy Color
The first three Metal Gear Solids for PS1/PS2 get a usual annual play though
Oh and the Tekken series.
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Re: Old Games You Still Play

Originally Posted by Vic View Post
OoT, Majora's Mask, Super Mario 64, Castlevania 64, and a couple of others that aren't coming to mind right now.
Add in some Goldeneye, Pokemon and we are talking now.

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Re: Old Games You Still Play

Not so much these days but I did play lots of xcom some years back.

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Re: Old Games You Still Play

I own pretty much every system since NES....but I played Oblivion last week. That was pretty old.

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Re: Old Games You Still Play

I don't really play many as I always have a bunch of new games I need to go through. But if I'm playing on the PC, it's always an older game (cannae handle graphics) like Rollercoaster Tycoon, The Sims or Theme Hospital. Playing Splinter Cell HD trilogy atm though if that counts.
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Re: Old Games You Still Play

Animal Crossing for Gamecube, Mario Kart 64, and super Mario world!

Top Five!
5. Orton
4. Undertaker
3. Sheamus
2. CM Punk
1. Jeff Hardy
Not removing until
[x] Del Rio loses WWE title (NOC 9/18/2011)
[x] Mark Henry gets his ass kicked (Friday Night Smackdown 10/7/2011)
[X] CM Punk wins WWE Title again (Survivor Series 11/20/2011)
[] Morrison returns to the WWE
[x] Santino Marella loses US Title(Summerslam 8/19/2012)
[] Orton wins the WWE/World title
[x] Ziggler loses the US title (TLC 12/18/2011)
[] Kharma Returns to WWE
[x] Sheamus wins the world/WWE title (Wrestlemania 28 4/1/2012)
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Re: Old Games You Still Play

Pacman, Galaga, and Dig Dug. Been playing these three a lot since downloading Namco Museum on the PS3. Gotta love the old school arcade classics.

Then there is the old SNES. Super Mario All-Stars, Super Mario World, Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, Rock N Roll Racing, Donkey Kong Country to just name a few.

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Re: Old Games You Still Play

Always enjoyable to go back and play old games. Original Zelda always fun. Sometimes just good to go back through the old stuff. It is kind of sad when many of the newer games are a one and done while so many great old game hold better value.
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