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Re: General Gaming Discussion

More RPGs should be turn based! Its a dying art
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Re: General Gaming Discussion

this guy is awesome.
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Re: General Gaming Discussion

I've only played Wild Arms 5, maybe I should head back and try out the earlier ones once I'm done with the Arc The Lad series.

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The One Free Man
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Re: General Gaming Discussion

I've never really cared for JRPGs either. I've played a few of the Final Fantasy series, but I've never actually owned, or finished one. Probably my favourite JRPG is Skies of Arcadia, also Lost Odyssey was enjoyable.

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The Man
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Re: General Gaming Discussion

Thinking of getting Fallout 3 GOTY edition. Was thinking bout New Vegas but I enjoyed Fallout 3 so much more for some reason.

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Re: General Gaming Discussion

suikoden is my favourite JRPG, I think.

what a BABE
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Re: General Gaming Discussion

Good choice ^^^
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Breath of the Wild
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Re: General Gaming Discussion

Warren Spector said it was one of his favorite games ever.

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Re: General Gaming Discussion

Originally Posted by Sephiroth View Post
Warren Spector said it was one of his favorite games ever.
You watched that Replay video too? Man, watching them fumble around for 30 minutes trying to figure out how to use a mouse was painful.

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Re: General Gaming Discussion

JRPGs are my favorite genre, or subgenre. Next up would be WRPGs, followed by FIGHTING GAMES and Hack-n-Slash! RTS and TBS would be up there if I had a system to actually play 'em on.

Alright, lads. I NEED some help. I'm finally buying (or building) a PC. I have no idea what I'm doing. I have a buddy helping me, but even he's been a bit out of the loop. Now, I turn to you guys - my last (and maybe only) hope. I went to Compusa and I've been looking at Newegg. However, I'm impatient and would rather just buy the parts here instead of having 'em shipped. Right now, I have several games in mind to play, and will build around 'em (and for the future as well).

Shogun 2: Total War (Fall of the Samurai)
Recommended Specs:
Intel Core i5 processor (i5 680) or greater, or AMD equivalent
2 GB RAM (XP), 4 GB RAM (Vista / Windows7)
AMD Radeon HD 5000 and 6000 or Nvidia GT 240 series graphics cards or equivalent DirectX 11 compatible graphics card
1280 × 1024 minimum screen resolution
20 GB free hard disk space[1]

Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim
Recommended Specs:
Windows 7/Vista/XP PC (32 or 64 bit)
Processor: Quad-core Intel or AMD CPU
4GB System RAM
6GB free HDD space
DirectX 9.0c compatible NVIDIA or AMD ATI video card with 1GB of RAM (Nvidia GeForce GTX 260 or higher; ATI Radeon 4890 or higher).
DirectX compatible sound card
Internet access for Steam activation

I also have Dungeons and Dragons Classic Anthology (Baldur's Gate I & II, Planescape Torment, Icewind Dale I & II, and Temple of Elemental Evil) and Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic I and II PC Bundle Pack. I would not imagine either of these being taxing on a modern computer, so I'm not worried about these.

Future games I will probably play - Rome 2: Total War. That's it for now.

I will create a Steam account (since it's required for both games) once I actually have the computer. Now, my budget is $850 (w/tax). That's without accessories, such as a monitor, keyboard, mouse, and speakers. I'm only looking to spend no more than $60 combined on keyboard and mouse, $100 on the monitor, and $30 on speakers. As for the computer, I want to run both games on ultra or near ultra without breaking my bank. If I could go lower than $850, I will. That's why I'm asking you guys for help, since I'm a noob at building PCs. As far as FPS goes, I'm fine with 35-45 FPS. Resolution? No more than 1680x1050. HDD size? 250GB should suffice.

If possible, I want as much as 8GB DDR3 of ram (if that's correct). Those are cheap. What's stumping me is the motherboard, processor, and the graphics card. As for as processor goes, an 8-core would be nice. Graphics card? Direct X11 enabled, 1-2GB of memory, and powerful enough to play both Shogun 2 and Skyrim on ultra. The motherboard would also need to fit both the processor and graphics card. If there's anything else I missed, please let me know. Thanks.
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