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Sorry bout your damn luck
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Re: General Gaming Discussion

No, I don't fault him for it. We all have our opinions and he is entitled to his*.

*even if he is wrong

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Re: General Gaming Discussion

I'm not wrong, though. Everything I say about these games are true. It's a stylized version of peek a boo with a shitty story and generic characters.
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Kill The Bird
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Re: General Gaming Discussion

You're perfectly welcome to think that. I'm perfectly welcome to not really care about the generic characters or shitty storyline in favor of the gameplay, which I like. I also do not mind the cheesy and often juvenile machismo that the game oozes. Games are one medium where I believe storyline does not take precedence, unless it's a visual novel or adventure game.
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Re: General Gaming Discussion

The first Gears Of War was about the war between humans and Locust. Humans thought Locust lived underground, and came up on the surface to invade their planet. Humans then developed some type of bomb that they would deploy underground and destroy all the Locust tunnels. This failed, cos the bomb was too small. Then you killed Raam, and thought "yay I killed the big bad monster, now we are free!". But at the end of the game, you hear a womans voice saying "They do not know why we fight and we will succeed in the end or die trying" or something along those lines, then you see a big flying monster, leaving you with a cliffhanger ending.

Second game, the war still rages on. Now the humans have a new plan, they will try to flood all the tunnels underground with water to drown the Locust once and for all, even if that means they have to sink entire towns into the ground. This also, surprise, also fails, and now we have a new threat, something called Emulsion. Its basically some yellow goo that "infects" the Locust, turning them into even more hideous monsters. We then find out that, the reason why the Locust are trying to come to the surface, is to avoid the Emulsion that has "infected" their original homes. At the end of Gears 2, you kill a big "infected" monster, and sink your hometown into the ground. You then fly away in a chopper to find a new home/base.

Gears 3, I have yet to complete it, but so far, all I've done is kill some Emulsion monsters, then some ordinary Locust, then some infected humans. More to come!

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Originally Posted by Samoa Joe
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Re: General Gaming Discussion

Originally Posted by Walls View Post
I'm not wrong, though. Everything I say about these games are true. It's a stylized version of peek a boo with a shitty story and generic characters.
not like pee-a-boo at all. The cover system rocks!

eh characters are meant to be generic, not sure why youd want a deep and immersive story in gears

what a BABE
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Breath of the Wild
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Re: General Gaming Discussion

Dude, the game stars Bender Bending Rodriguez. Why wouldn't you like it? Stop hatin

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Re: General Gaming Discussion

Gears is distinctly average if I'm honest, but it isn't marketed to be an amazing game so it doesn't bother me. I can rent it, enjoy it for what it is, then never play it again.
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Re: General Gaming Discussion

I think for what's included in Gears 3 (10 hour campaign, 4 player co-op, online matchmaking, horde / beast mode) it's well worth the money

I'm beginning Act V and so far it's been pretty immense, the online play is also pretty damn smooth and I'm liking the maps - wish we had more games like this tbh


EA Sports latest hickey simulator, NHL 12, hit store shelves just over a week ago and already the title has posted impressive numbers. The latest entry set a record for the franchise with 27 million $ in sales (all figures in USD). In terms of units moved EA reports that over 450,000 games were sold across North America and Europe.

GJ EA. Great game so far

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Re: General Gaming Discussion

i never played gears 1, but i enjoyed the story in gears 2. will eventually get gears 3 (and 1).

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Re: General Gaming Discussion

Steam is doing a sale on a bunch of Saga games, including some dreamcast and megadrive/genesis games! Bought myself Crazy Taxi last night for 1.49 .
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