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Re: *Official Football Manager Discussion Thread*

I've got two FM games going, Houston Dynamo and Liverpool. Won the MLS cup as the Dynamo but got knocked out of the NCAL semi-finals by Chivas (Mexico, not USA). In my second MLS season I didn't lose a match until about halfway through the season. My record is pretty ridiculous as is my lead over the other clubs. Will Bruin (ST) and Bobby Boswell (DC) are constantly the highest rated players in the league. Pretty sure I'm taking the MLS cup and can't see me not winning the US cup as well. Thing that's annoying is I get so much out of my players that like half my team is constantly called up to international duty. Still not losing matches but I've had some close calls cause I've been playing with fucking reserve knobs who aren't fit to be back-ups let alone start. Hate the salary cap btw.

My Liverpool game had a rocky start until I grooved into the right formation/tactics. Now things are going well. Gerrard and Borini have been awesome and my defense hasn't given up a goal in like 4-5 league matches. Still haven't faced any of the top clubs though so we'll see.

The long-shots and giving up on breaks is funny btw. I'd like to think it's something that can be fixed by training (finishing perhaps?) but I guess not.

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Its Yer'sel
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Re: *Official Football Manager Discussion Thread*

I have a game on going with Man City, Santos and Rangers (extended database, where they start in Caledonian Div 5. Getting to the point where the "names" are getting to retirement ages and regens are fucking up my football knowledge

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Re: *Official Football Manager Discussion Thread*

Having one of my worst files for finding midfield regens. Absolutely nowt popping up. Going to have to settle for pure mediocrity.

Also having one of the worst seasons for fitness & injuries. Goretzka & Bender injured in the same game, Fischer injured the game after. A ACM regen injured for 3 months. Gotze getting overplayed and zero depth cover at left & right back. Having to play a winger as a Box to Box, a 18 year old Serbian with 1 star current ability against Dortmund as my DLP. Throw in Volland not scoring, my highest scoring player being my 3rd choice CM/2nd choice ACM.

But amongst all the problems, top of the league with a Super Cup, Euro Super Cup & Club World Championship. I did lose in the German Cup 3rd round to Stuttgart who had 0 shots the entire game though. 0.


Big contrasts from last seasons invincible league run. Lost 3 league games by the half year due to a second string midfield & wingers.
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Turn Out The Lights
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Re: *Official Football Manager Discussion Thread*

I have a pretty gun regen who is actually home grown. Normally i have to scour other clubs because i never produce any regens who are world class but this bloke it awesome. He's behind M'Vila and Romero atm but well ahead of the other CM/DMs i have. Also got 2 good regens for the AMC spot which is where i have Mata right now but thats okay seeing as they have plenty of time to develop. 1 was in the side last year, 1 i bought during the summer transfer window along with Mata + M'Vila.

this is the home grown guy.

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Re: *Official Football Manager Discussion Thread*

i got one not too dissimilar to that in my lyon save except he's 15 or 16 and has similar stats. loaned him out and a bottom ligue 1 team played him regularly as a cm. i'll get a screenshot when i can be bothered.

there he is.

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Re: *Official Football Manager Discussion Thread*

@Kiz, hate players with low bravery/aggression, especially in midfield. Great player but the mental stats seem a bit too and far between.
@Rush, I'd train him as a DLP. Teamwork would need to be better for someone working that deep but it'll come with age.

Opted to play a Sociedad file from scratch to test out a 4-5-1 I'm running. Should probably wait till I've run more games with it, with the first game being Barcelona however, much more compelled. Signed Nicklas Helenius to add up front. Rest of the team is stacked & minted. No summer database so I keep Illaramendi. 3-2 away victory in Barcelona. Zurutaza pulling out an incredible 2 goals & 1 assist. 3 key passes and won 90% of tackles too. Got to love Important Game players.
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Re: *Official Football Manager Discussion Thread*

Thinking of getting FM 2013 now I have my Windows computer back, and it's gone down so much in price.

Is it worth getting? I clocked about 100 hours on 12 and probably a bit more on 11, but I want to just get this and play it for an hour a night for a few weeks rather than get into it completely.

Bought it for the iPad though and didn't really enjoy it as much as I hoped, is that just because it's the iPad version and not the 2013 in itself?

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Re: *Official Football Manager Discussion Thread*

i don't use a deep lying playmaker really. He'll either be a BWM with that aggression, determination, work rate, positioning and defensive stats, or a Box to box, if i can get his dribbling up more.

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Re: *Official Football Manager Discussion Thread*

I like aggressive playmakers. They'll give that little bit extra for the team. But there is probably more to be gained from using them as a B2B with 'run with ball' slider on often.

Enjoying this Sociedad file. First season finished with getting 4th in the league. Secured it on the last day on the 87th minute while Atletico were 2-0 up against Real. Tense. Probably gone a bit overboard on spending cash and using installments, but team resembles;

GK: Claudio Bravo / Jan Oblak
RB: Sebastien Corchia (again)
CBs: Alderweireld / Inigo Martinez / Mateo Musacchio
LB: Florian Hartherz
DMs: Etienne Capoue / Asier Illarramendi
CMs: Andrea Poli / Ruben Pardo / David Zurutuza
RW: Xabi Prieto / Kevin Grosskreutz
LW: Antoine Griezmann / Carlos Vela
FW: Nicklas Helenius / Facundo Ferreyra.

Helenius and Prieto got 17 goals each last term. Don't think they'll be recapturing that form though, as Griezmann has already lit up the first 6 games of the season & the midfielders getting amongst the goals. Alderweireld has just been phenomenal though. I'd probably pin last seasons form against big teams down to him. Rock solid. Need to get more to work with the midfielders. Still too rough around the edges and very unimportant.
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Re: *Official Football Manager Discussion Thread*

That's quite the team with Sociedad. inigo and griezman are class.

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