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Re: *Official Football Manager Discussion Thread*

First game as United on this year's game and I've decided to give FMC a try at the same time too as I'm just too lazy this time around to bother with half the shit you need to do. It's certainly a lot quicker. I've also found somewhat of a bug as I'm able to swap Anderson and no cash whatsoever for Fellaini. No idea if this works for other club's players and Fellaini.

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Re: *Official Football Manager Discussion Thread*

i hated fmc. hated it. didnt have enough control.

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Re: *Official Football Manager Discussion Thread*

Decided going to do something I have never done and do a journeyman save and start of unemployed with sunday league as my experience.

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You're a mong.
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Re: *Official Football Manager Discussion Thread*

The only issue that bothers me with FMC is regarding how youngsters develop but I can't think of much else that this aspect of the game is missing that bothers me.

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Re: *Official Football Manager Discussion Thread*

I enjoyed FMC, took a train from my local town to London which is about 2 1/2 hours and I got past January

There are some restraints I don't like, for example only being allowed to enable 3 countries worth of divisions and the training is a bit limited but a lot of the stuff I do in the full mode is just tedious and whilst I can understand the game being a simulation of the real world a lot of people surely just don't have the time to answer every press conference question, talk to each player, set up tonnes of instructions etc
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Re: *Official Football Manager Discussion Thread*

Haven't used FMC at all, i've got the time to be bothered with the normal mode

Okay so 1 season down with Leverkusen. Won the league, got bundled out of the Cup in the 3rd round, and made the quarters of Europa. Isco bossed it but by the end of the year my highest rated player was Wollscheid who was amazing. Scored a few goals from CB as well which reminded me of past FM's with all the corner tactics but i don't bother with setting anything specific for them and a lot of them were from free kicks as well. He's almost a perfect CB;

Good heading, marking, tackling, influence, bravery, concentration, strength and jumping. Could be a bit quicker would be my only complaint.


In: Benatia (12.5 mil), Tagliafico, Destro (free), Siebert (8.5 mil), Lisi (6.5 mil)
Out: Castro (7.5 mil), Schwaab (7.5 mil), bunch of others out on frees.

Siebert is a regen CM from Ajax who looks epic. He's 17, high determination and work rate, high stamina, high passing, high first touch. Thinking about loaning him out for 6 months seeing as the only way i could get him to sign was with a clause that bumps him up to 28k per week after 10 games. He'll be worth it but i'd rather he get a few more games under his belt first.

Lisi is a young regen right back who hopefully develops nicely.

Surprised i got 7.5 mil for Castro. He's alright but he's down the line in every position he can play and played poorly last season. Hoping i can get Augusto to sign a new contract, going to be annoyed if he doesn't.

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Re: *Official Football Manager Discussion Thread*

Augusto was being a cunt about signing a new contract. Originally he wanted 85k a week, w/8.5k appearance fee which is about 20k more than the next person which i couldn't afford, then after 2 weeks he wanted 100k w/10k appearance fee so i sold him for 15.5 mil to Napoli (where the cunt went and signed a contract lower than what he was already on) and brought in Narsingh for 6.5 mil. So all up after this window i've got


In: Benatia (12.5 mil), Tagliafico, Destro (free), Siebert (8.5 mil), Lisi (6.5 mil), Narsingh (6.5 mil), Alioui (free)
Out: Castro (7.5 mil), Schwaab (7.5 mil), Augusto (15.5 mil), Pamic (45k/month loan)

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Re: *Official Football Manager Discussion Thread*

Tottenham Hotspur - 2024/2025

I've done it. I've taken Spurs to the promised land once again. For the first time since the 2017/2018 we have lifted the Premier League trophy and we did it in style, a team who's average age is only 24 years old, we did exceptionally well when it didn't start out to promising, when in previous years it looked like it was just a stroke of luck in the past, we did it.

It was a fresh start for us this season really. 38 year old Hugo Lloris finally moved on, 37 year old Mousa Dembele announced he would retire at the end of the season, 35 year olds Gareth Bale and Sandro were both deemed past their peak for the season, Jan Vertonghen retired in the summer. Lacazette who was vital in our Premier League winning seasons 7 years ago was sold, Carlos Cesar who was in his peak was sold to Dortmund for 30,000,000 due to wage struggles, 34 year old Kyle Walker who had served the club well was also sold, another one in Raheem Sterling was sold due to wage struggles also. This was it, finally, starting afresh.

We really didn't start the season well. 4 points from our first 4 games. A 2-2 draw to kick things off at Loftus Road, we then beat Liverpool 5-0 before losing back to back games to Manchester City 3-1 and Newcastle 2-0, both away. That is part of our game that has struggled over the past few years and quite clearly this season so far, away games.

Our next away game after those? Stoke away, we lost 1-0. Next away game after that? Reading. The result? Drew 1-1. I decided to make a change. I completely changed my training methods. I also decided to change the tactics all together. Risky? Perhaps, due to the fact that I probably should have done it in the summer but it was worth risking. Our first game after this? 3-2 home win against rivals Arsenal, our first away game since the tweak was away at Stamford Bridge, result? We won 0-1!!

After tweaking the tactic, we lost 2 more games all season. A few weeks later at Old Trafford which is not the easiest of places and one that annoyed me most was away at Arsenal despite dominating. Our defence got even more solid over the season breaking a clean sheet record of 10 consecutive games in all competitions without conceding and our goalkeeper is only 20 years of age.

That is the end of season form in the Premier League. 13 clean sheets in our last 15 league games was outstanding. Still very frustrated with that loss against Arsenal, but it doesn't matter, we finished top of the league whilst they finished in 6th place and will be playing in the lovely Europa League next year.

But that wasn't the only thing. We also had a superb season in the FA Cup. Strong start in the 3rd round with a 4-2 win over Norwich. We drew 0-0 with Leicester in the 4th Round before dismantling them in a 3-0 win that probably should have been a lot more. We beat Chelsea next 2-0 in the 5th round before humiliating West Bromwich Albion 5-0 in the 6th round.

North London Rivals come next in the FA Cup Semi Final. We was looking to get one over on them as this come a bout a month after they beat us in the league and we did, beating them 1-0 thanks to Sczezney scoring an own goal. Priceless. We met QPR in the final, funnily enough for the second year running and for the second year running we beat them 2-1 in the cup final. That's the double sealed.

But wait, there's more.

WE WON THE FUCKING CHAMPIONS LEAGUE. For the first time in 7 years we had lifted the Champions League trophy. We got to the final 6 years ago where we met Real Madrid in Germany and we ended up losing. Fast forward 6 years though and we are meeting Real Madrid in the Champions League final, in their own back yard, the Santiago Bernebeau.

We did very well in the group stages. Beat APOEL 2-0 and 6-0. We beat Shakhtar 6-1 and 2-0 and we drew with AC Milan twice, 1-1 and 0-0. We then beat Inter Milan 5-0 on aggregate in the First Knockout Round before knocking out Man Utd 4-2 on aggregate in the quarter finals. We met AC Milan once again and we beat them 5-4 on aggregate.

Then I met my foe, Jose Mourinho who for some reason has never took a liking to me. They took the lead too, in the 8th minute. I changed things about mid way through the second half and we equalised straight away. We left it late though scoring the winning goal, the TREBLE winning goal in the 82nd minute. What a game, what a moment, what a season.

Hopefully we can build on this as a team and continue to win things for the next few years before it is inevitably time to re-build my squad again. Damn what a year.
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Re: *Official Football Manager Discussion Thread*

Good luck with Benatia@Rush. Hes proven stable and solid after a while for my Newcastle side, but at times, has a absolute howler. I also paid roughly 12.5m for him, and if he was roughly 7m, he'd of been a proper good deal.

I linked a steam image before, and it was a bit too big. I'll just put in the link. 18 year old striker, cost me 35million, but I think he'll be worth it. Work on his first touch and he'll be a God.


I've got a beautiful midfielder (non-sexual), 19 years of age, played 2 times for Argentina already. Very well rounded, natural replacement for M'Vila. Don't have a screenie of him, yet though.

Got a different midfielder though. Cost me 6million, and I think hes almost a perfect match for a Serbian Xavi.


Ah, favourite part of the game is finding computer generated gems. Will be difficult to work him into the tactic, since I play a CM Support & Ball Winning Support in a triangle midfield. But, it shall be done. Hes got the 'Shoot from Distance' PPM, so time to get rid of that. Probably replace with arrive late, one/twos & killer balls often.
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Re: *Official Football Manager Discussion Thread*

He's been injured at the start of the year but i'm hoping he'll be solid. I have my eye on a regen CB from Porto who looks good, so depending on how he goes he might get sold to fund that in a year or 2.


Its remarkable how much Kiessling scores for someone who has atrocious technical stats. Finishing is 12, technique is 10, first touch 10, dribbling 9 yet last season he scored 32 goals, 13 assists in 45 games and this season he has 8 from 10. Just scored the winner in my 1-0 win against Madrid. Destro has 1 from 7 games as a comparison

edit: Benatia just cost me the game against City by passing it to Nasri on the edge of the box in the 90th minute. Could be crucial seeing as if i'd held onto the draw i would be on 7 points after 3 game, City & Madrid on 4 and Dinamo on 1. Now its 6, 6, 4, 1 which sucks

Makes it 2 games in a row i've thrown away a lead to drop points on really late goals.

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