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Re: *Official Football Manager Discussion Thread*

I still haven't really give 13 another proper try or got into it, a week or two back i started as united played a few games and for some reason just could not get into and loaded 12 back up.

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If I play this again I might do a lower league save and try and get a team all the way from the bottom to the top or play as the team closet to my Uni bristol rovers and make them a prem team.

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Re: *Official Football Manager Discussion Thread*

I love getting into the 2020s. Done on with numerous clubs, only Rangers this year though. The summer periods take a great deal of time, I don't mind it since finding new generated players is probably the biggest appeal for me.

Had a weird 2016/17 summer period, where I sold Guidetti & Carvajal (2 1/2 star current abillity players) off for a combined £23m, then selling Tiote & HBA for £26.5m, when they are both 4 star currents.

Followed by my director of football signing 8 under 18 year olds, all but 2 of them a defensive midfielder.

Team looks good, lots of backup options.

Krul; Anita, I. Martinez/S. Taylor, Zouma/Benatia, Santon; M'Villa, Cabaye, Garmash/2 regens; Kagawa, Countinho/Merkel, Cisse/Campbell. Throw in a couple of regens everywhere. Lots of rotation to do this year. Got to try win back the Premier League title. Lost it on the final day to Manchester City. Was a three horse race, with me and Manchester United having an equal record, even goal difference, on the 37th game. City were one point ahead and 7 higher on GD. They had Leicester to face, so, yeah. Lost it.
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Re: *Official Football Manager Discussion Thread*

Just finished 5th season with Carlisle United 8th in the prem, going pretty well

Twitter! @HarryRees_

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Re: *Official Football Manager Discussion Thread*

So my Aston Villa season went tits up, was 15th board weren't confident enough to give me more time kept being linked with being sacked even though we were through to the semi final of the CC albeit against United

I decided just before Christmas 2012 to quit because I was bored, that's how good my attention span is on this game

February 2013 rolls around and I've rejected offers from Sunderland, QPR and Spartak, I accept an offer from Wolfsburg who I figure may give me a bit of time to build, here is the table, results and transfers from the following summer

Finished: 8th
(No European football, will focus solely on youth)

I was kind of irritated I paid soo much for Ljajic but more annoyed Baros, Tiago and that other 34 year old bloke came in, which was pre-agreed to me joining, offered the old chap a mutual termination but he was having none of it, he's on £13k a week for a season, not sure what I can do?

Anyway the rest of the signings are fairly young, I sold Diego because he was £150k a week and he's always unhappy I swear, always has something to whine about so thought whatever, got £8 million and freed up the budget for a few additions, original budget was £12 million with the wage being £110k before Diego left

The Squad is huge, need to really sort it out quickly, going to be playing 4-2-3-1 and really I just wanted loan players to make up for fixture congestion so we'll see how Bruma / Coquelin get on

I'm relatively happy with the business so far even though Rafinha (20), Destro (22), Ljajic (21) and the two loanees aren't going to add much right away in the first 11 so it's a work in progress and those players all for the most part have good potential - may need a suggestion for a new DM though

Transfers thus far


vs Bayern (Last season just after taking over)

My awful stats for those that want a laugh

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Re: *Official Football Manager Discussion Thread*

i can't really believe diego is on 150k in real life. wolfsburg aren't THAT rich and stuff. im looking at signing him in my stoke game but he'd need to slash his wages. which never happens. already got holtby coming in, hernandez and evans are transfer listed so i'll try and pick them up. want to introduce some more creativity and depth to the team, while removing the deadweight around the edge of the squad who aren't good enough. jerome, walters, upson, delap, higganbotham, kightly, etherington all looking at being axed. not sure whether to make an offer for farfan either, but then i'd have pennant/weiss/farfan on the right.

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Re: *Official Football Manager Discussion Thread*

Started a game with Leverkusen which was one of my favourite saves on FM12 and one that i'd recommend if you want to do the Bundesliga and not use Bayern, Dortmund or Schalke.

The squad you start with is pretty decent and while you don't get much money (in fact the clubs finances have got worse and worse after just 6 months) you have enough to bring in 1 quality player so i bought Isco who's averaged 7.94 thus far. GOATing it.

Just finished the winter break, sitting pretty in 1st place. Haven't had a problem at all in the league except to Bayern and Dortmund. Was up 2-0 vs Bayern before they got ahead 3-2. Ended 3-3, sneaked a goal at the end. Dortmund i was again ahead 2-0, picked up a red card and lost 3-2

Lost in the 3rd round of the German Cup on penalties. Game sucked, missed a pen during the game and then missed 3 straight in the shootout.

Schurrle got injured for a chunk of the season but Sam came in and way pretty epic. Not sure why he was transfer listed at the start.


In: Isco (17.5 mil), Adryan (875k), Tagliafico (650k, coming end of season)

Out: Kohr (loan), Yeldell (250k), Casper (loan), Hasogai (1.8 mil), Freidich (1 mil), Schnitzler (loan)

Might sell off Hegeler so i can stop hearing about how shitty the clubs finances are. Anyway, team is looking like


Schwaab Reinartz Wollscheid Kadlec

Bender Rolfes

Augusto Isco Schurrle


4-2-3-1, fluid, control. Short passing, press more. Forget the other bits to the tactic.

Originally Posted by Jobbed_Out View Post
Has the match enginge been fixed yet or is it still fucked?
Originally Posted by Renegade™ View Post
nah it's still fucked. Don't bother. I haven't played in about a week now.
don't listen to Adam, he's just garbage. Match engine isn't causing any major problems at all.
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Re: *Official Football Manager Discussion Thread*

Engine's been giving me and my housemate hassle in our A League games. Danny Higginbotham shouldn't score 7 screamers a season, nor should Hilario come to collect a 40 yard free kick by chesting it down and completely missing leading to a goal. Amount of times he's cocked up a goal kick straight to the opposition is baffling as well.

Still 2nd with Wellington Phoenix though

has anyone done an online game? Housemate is bugging me to do one and wants to do a really obscure league which isnt totally trash. maybe korea.

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Re: *Official Football Manager Discussion Thread*

hilario situation seems about right.

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Re: *Official Football Manager Discussion Thread*

he's my record signing.

cost me £1. Pulls out some top saves when he's not cocking up the basics at least. Paul Ifill finally becoming a NZ citizen means I can sign a new OLD BRAZILLIAN striker to shoot me up the table. Only being allowed 4 subs is a right ballache.

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