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Re: *Official Football Manager Discussion Thread*

Originally Posted by JeebaK View Post
U like curries? Arent the british supposed to be typical beef eating and beer drinking fat idiotics? The last time i checked they were crying like a bitch about how asians are stealing their job.
the hell? There's no need for that here.

anyone that does this shit will be banned from the thread.

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Re: *Official Football Manager Discussion Thread*

Finished 6/5/1/1 in my seasons with Blackburn. Fun side, very good money for season 2 if you offload the 'golden' oldies also. Do they get Samba's transfer cash in the update, also?

Gone back to PSG, 2025 at the moment. Liverpool 18th in the Premier League after 26 games. Will be amusing to see if they get relegated, and if they come back very well. Gap between the top 2 French sides (PSG and Marseile) and the rest of Europe is starting to get a bit ridiculous. They destroyed Sevilla 6-0, I destroyed Chelsea 6-0. Even won 1-0 at home with a second string side. Sadly, can't see myself winning my 10th French Ligue 1 trophy this season. Marseile have lost 4 points in 28 games now. But, cup treble, here I come.
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Re: *Official Football Manager Discussion Thread*

In my Louth Town save I managed to get them up into the Blue Square North League having only failed to gain promotion once when I was in the Evo-Strick North Premier League and survived relegation the first season but before the second season I went in to Administration and lost preety much all my players and now half way through the season and I'm on -4 points and relegation inevitable

So i'm putting that save to one side for now and started up a "Journeyman" save and loaded the level 9 mod again, first season I started of as Whitehaven and got them promoted Northern League Division 2 and into the English North West Counties League were a I left them top of the league after 10 games before joining relegation-threatend Boston United in the Blue Square and saved them from going down and into a safe mid-table posistion and now just about to start season 3 still with Boston Utd but with a revamped side

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Re: *Official Football Manager Discussion Thread*

Originally Posted by Nige™ View Post
Chavs would probably be complaining about them stealing their child & housing benefits that they get for fuck all off the government.

Maybe if you actually lived over here you'd actually see that. I've never heard anyone complain about Asians stealing jobs; Eastern Europeans yes. The complaints about Asians, well I won't go into for obvious reasons.

On a Footy Manager related topic btw, not that awesome Fifa Manager game we've all heard about, the update's going well with Rovers. 2nd after 9 games, just one loss at West Brom.

Arsenal 3-0, City 1-1, Everton 4-2, Swansea 1-0

Newcastle 3-2, Chelsea 0-0, West Brom 0-2, Stoke 3-1, Norwich 2-2

My Rovers game before the update was pants but I'm going well so far with no real major signings.

The team I'm playing at the moment is:
Diogo - Dann - Givet - Olsson
Pedersen - N'Zonzi - Guti
Hoilett (AMR) - Vuckevic (AML)

Hoilett has 7, Rochina 4, Simon Cox & Dann 3, the near post set-piece beast. It won't be long before my young & talented description comes in from popular manager.

Class start to the season for you, haven't really checked hoilett on the update yet but judging from your game he seems quality.

I'm in need of new game myself apart from united have not really got one going on update, thinking journeyman career like danny boy mentioned but maybe not start as low down in the leagues, possibly start with a championship/league 1 side.

Or have a go with a prem team outside the "big boys" maybe Stoke, swansea, blackburn, bolton, newcastle, everton or fulham.
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Re: *Official Football Manager Discussion Thread*

Originally Posted by Desecrated View Post
Finished 6/5/1/1 in my seasons with Blackburn. Fun side, very good money for season 2 if you offload the 'golden' oldies also. Do they get Samba's transfer cash in the update, also?
Started with fuck all transfer budget and wage budget was -£10k. I wasn't having that after all the cutbacks we made so I edited it to £10m and wages at something like £50k. It was only fair.

The only signings I've made are:
Chris Gunter £3m
Simon Cox £2.5m
Adam Hammill £1.5m
Guti - Free
Carlos Diogo - Free
Jack Robinson - Loan
Sergio Roberto - Loan
Gerard Delofeu - Loan
Craig Dawson - Loan

I won't get the money like you did off the wage bill as those oldies bar Salgado & Grella have all gone. If I can finish high up the league I might get a good budget, but there are some decent youngsters coming through.
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Re: *Official Football Manager Discussion Thread*

Any of you guys know how to get the German national team playable with the real players and not the grey'd out fictional ones?

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Re: *Official Football Manager Discussion Thread*

You have to go delete the licence files. Run a search on your computer for fake.Lnc and delete it.

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Re: *Official Football Manager Discussion Thread*

Spoiler for screenshots:

Yeah, my team are thugs Don't even know why, didn't specifically tell them to tackle hard in the game or anything.

First time I'd ever been 3 men down in a game, two reds within 5 mins of each other and then an injury w/ ten mins to go was nervewracking to say the least, especially since I'd been on a 4 game losing streak going into this (whereas before i racked up 10 straight wins, talk about Jekyll and Hyde).

Blue square north is a challenging league to say the least. Games come very often and players fitness are fucked, especially when i have no youth team (or youth facilities ) Great early form has kept me first, but these injuries and suspensions probably won't help me trying to overturn my recent awful form. I'd still be happy to be in the playoffs by the end of the season though.

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Re: *Official Football Manager Discussion Thread*

Fuck this game makes me rage sometimes. Got a player who wants first team football, i said i'd loan him out which he was cool with. Two loan offers come in from Palermo and Marseille. Rejects both of them. I mean seriously wtf?
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Re: *Official Football Manager Discussion Thread*

Anybody knows how Wellbeck advances in the game? I've got him in the 13/14 season and he's scored 12 goals so far at United, but he's got a 2 and half potential rating. Is he any good after that point?

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