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Gimme Ya Top 10 Badasses

heeeey WF, there's a ton of great characters in video games but i felt like dropping my top 10 favorite badasses of video games today. Limiting to one per series. feel free to chime in and drop yours.

just your personal favorites, or altogether if you want, i missed a lot of big games back in the day so mine may look a bit weird but its all good.

10. Frank West
Game(s): Dead Rising, Dead Rising 2: Off The Record

He's not the traditional gaming badass. Frank's a non-nonchalant photographer who can ravage his way through hordes of zombies all god damn day. Despite being so chill he always had the most character to him out of all the dead rising protag's. The series has some spectacular side bosses who can overshadow him but Frank West is still a cool headed ass shredder who stuck with me. Despite the fat jokes.

9. Lara Croft
Game(s): Tomb Raider series

One time for gender equality. While Lara can at times just be out to survive (see the reboot title a couple years back) she's a survivor. The lady's facing all types of wild shit, rolling rocks, cliffs, fucking arrows, wolves and what not. Gotta respect the longevity in ass kicking as well.

8. Jax Briggs
Game(s): Mortal Kombat II and up.

A Mortal Kombat character was inevitably obvious but I chose Jax for this! Scorp, Subs, Raiden, Shao Khan and the like are great but I went with Briggs instead. I mean, the guy has metal arms for christs sake. He just reeks of mayhem and WD40. Granted he kinda looked like a bitch back in MK9 when he got his real arms ripped off but regardless,...he was cool otherwise.

7. Alex
Game(s): River City Ransom

I can't even sum up the greatness here. Alex should technically be the side character of this game but no! Ryan's woman is kidnapped but his boy Alex steps in and basically saves the day. (Well you can be Ryan but Alex is first on the select screen and that displays dominance.] He can even beat a motherfucker, with another motherfucker. I can't even begin to speak on how he digests food (picture in the previous line)


6. Tommy Vercetti
Game(s): Grand Theft Auto: Vice City

If I was a drug Kingpin, I'd aspire to be Tommy Vercetti. Backstab your backstabbing boss, remove your opposition then live in his house, sell cocaine via ice cream trucks, what's not to love? His organization may be built of scumbag layers, traitors, flunkie mob boys, and guys who consistently refer to their friends as Mario, however he's a worth while leader to the madness. I don't "love" a lot of the later GTA protagonists...a lot of them develop the "i'm a killer but i'll whine like a bitch when i'm paid to kill" mentality and it's a bit of a drag but not Tommy boy.

5. Lo Wang
Game(s): Shadow Warrior (1997) and Remake (2013)

You may not know this fellow, and yes his name is a dick joke but he's a top tier bad ass in my book. He tears through demons, has an imitation Batcave dedicated to his comic obsession/fetish, and a devilish travelling companion, circa the sequel. Anyone who can just shred through Hell spawned creatures and provide some giggles along the way is welcome on my top ten.

Wang drop soap, you pick it up!
4. King
Game(s): Tekken Series

Technically there's two but, play along. Take one look at this machine. The tights, the fuckin' jaguar mask. The badassery speaks for itself. He should win all these tournaments, Tekken, Mortal Kombat, whatever goes on in Street Fighter, Pit Fighter (?) just run through everybody who breathes. He's the god damn King!

3. B.J. Blazkowicz
Game(s): Wolfenstein Series

Slowly developing more personality (and voice) as the series continued, BJ is a certified Nazi killing machine. He's out for the survival of the greater good at all costs. Granted his name has developed some skewed meaning and jokes via the internet but! that's not to discredit his work, who else could take on Mecha-Hitler? Besides King. Shout out to Doomguy. Still too bitter on Duke Nukem. We have our rough patches.

2. Agent 47
Game(s): Hitman Series
Almost didn't wanna do it, but won't deprive 47 of his spot. I vastly prefer Blood Money out of all the games (which could get him here alone), in spite of that 47 remains solid for me in the whole series. I got some nitpicks and grudges against some certain titles and aspects of other games he took part in, but his bald ass head, cloneliness, and professionalism in killing is too top notch for Pope to ignore.

1. "The Dragon of Dojima" Kazuma Kiryu
Game(s): Yakuza Series

Need I explain? Even if you're unaware of him, you can't deny this guy. Kazuma aka Kaz aka Kazzy aka Uncle Kaz is the pure definition of man. Chiseled out of Asian stone with the sweetest back tattoo, Kiryu's a beast in civilian clothing. His homeboy Mad Dog Majima was close to make it but Kazzy's unbeaten in levels of badassery. He's compassionate, responsible, caring and yet a savage when muthafuckas threaten his orphanage in Okinawa. Plus the sideburns, OH GOD THE SIDEBURNS. Never shave Kaz.

shout outs to all the works, Max Payne, Nathan Drake, Solid Snake and what not. I actually never got around to God of War somehow, i'll have to fix my way into that series in the future. Felt like being a bit weird with the list so I churned this out, join the fun.

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Re: Gimme Ya Top 10 Badasses




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Re: Gimme Ya Top 10 Badasses

Captain Falcon
PkMn Trainer Red
Master Chief
Yusuf Amir
Kanji Tatsumi
Gray Fox
King K Rool
Duke Nukem
Colonel Radec

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Re: Gimme Ya Top 10 Badasses

Solid Snake (Metal Gear Solid)
Samus Aran (Metroid)
Scorpion (Mortal Kombat)
Sagat (Street Fighter)
Hwoarang (Tekken)
Axel (Streets Of Rage)
Axel (Twisted Metal))
Jago (Killer Instinct)
Kage Maru (Virtua Fighter)
Razorfane (The Unholy War)

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Re: Gimme Ya Top 10 Badasses

don pianta babyyyyyyy

runners up because they very obviously cannot be first are Sabin, Strider Hiryu, Alucard, Shnake, Face McShooty, the cowboy from Live A Live, Majora, the guy from KOF who beats his head on a ball and chain, and the puffy-faced, five year old looking male Alyson Hannigan I made in Demon's Souls.

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Re: Gimme Ya Top 10 Badasses

Gordon Freeman >>> ALL!

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Re: Gimme Ya Top 10 Badasses

Doom guy
Duke Nukem
Caleb from Blood
Rayne from Bloodrayne
Genjuro from Samurai Showdown
Shiva from Streets of Rage 2 and 3
Urdnot Wrex from the Mass Effect franchise
The Nameless One from Planescape: Torment
Shao Khan, Scorpion and Ermac from Mortal Kombat

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Re: Gimme Ya Top 10 Badasses

Why that quirky looking robot you ask? Oh, nothing major, except that he was an instrumental part in helping save video gaming from exticintion after the Crash of '83.

Thank You Based R.O.B. :'D
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Re: Gimme Ya Top 10 Badasses

Ryu owns them all.
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Re: Gimme Ya Top 10 Badasses

-Solid Snake. (Metal Gear Series.)
-Ryu. (Street Fighter Series.)
-Jin Kazama. (Tekken Series.)
-Nathan Drake. (Uncharted Series.)
-Ezio Auditore da Firenze. (Assassin's Creed Series.)
-Scorpion. (Mortal Kombat Series.) (Sorry my dear Sub-Zero <3.)
-Ryu Hayabusa. (Ninja Gaiden/Dead Or Alive Series.)
-Max Payne. (Max Payne Series.)
-Commander Shepard. (Mass Effect Series.)
-Sonic. (Sonic The Hedgehog Series.)
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