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I preferred The Walking Dead's Season 1 11 47.83%
I preferred The Wolf Among Us's Season 1 9 39.13%
I honestly liked them both equally 3 13.04%
I honestly cannot decide which one I preferred 0 0%
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The Walking Dead S1 vs The Wolf Among Us S1

So since recently The Wolf Among Us just had it's finale released for it's 1st season, I'm curious what folks around here prefer as far as Season 1 for both games go. The Walking Dead with Lee or The Wolf Among Us with Bigby?

Personally I REALLY liked The Walking Dead, but holy shit did I LOVE The Wolf Among Us. The Walking Dead was amazing, but The Wolf Among Us was just something else. 10/10 experience with The Wolf Among Us, honestly ridiculously amazing experience.

So yeah, I preferred The Wolf Among Us's Season 1. What about you? What do you think?

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Re: The Walking Dead S1 vs The Wolf Among Us S1

I can't say I honestly loved them both equally.

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Re: The Walking Dead S1 vs The Wolf Among Us S1

Well I haven't played A wolf Among us episode 4 and 5 yet so I can't officially vote fairly. But I think I will probably have to go with Season 1 of the walking dead. That game was just so amazing and it definitely did something that isn't easy to do, surprise me. I usually can see things coming a lot of the time but when it came to TWD it definitely surprised me a lot. But I have to play the last two episodes of AWAU to say.
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Re: The Walking Dead S1 vs The Wolf Among Us S1

Im going to go with the Walking Dead. While I liked Wolf Among us a lot I really grew attached to some of the characters in walking dead. Clementine and Lee, mainly. Plus no ending like the walking dead has put me on the edge of tears literally.
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Re: The Walking Dead S1 vs The Wolf Among Us S1

Wolf Among Us for me, loved the story, the characters and the neo-noire vibe. The game was colourful and inviting. The only episode i didn't thoroughly enjoy was episode 2 because i felt it plodded the story along instead of the beautiful flow the rest of the episodes had.

Walking Dead series 1 was great the first time around, second, not so much. There's a lot of stop gaps during the first season such as the motel which make it a lot harder to enjoy as much. But the story and the relationship between Lee and Clem is beautifully done.

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Re: The Walking Dead S1 vs The Wolf Among Us S1

Definitely The Wolf Among Us, the one thing The Walking Dead had on The Wolf Among Us is that every episode in season one was perfection, episode three of The Wolf Among Us kind of dropped the quality of things a bit. But in terms of sheer overall joy and amazement it goes to The Wolf Among Us, the world just felt totally new and fresh compared to the been there, done that zombie drama shit.

Edit: I plan on getting the graphic novels for Fables soon due to the game as well.
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Re: The Walking Dead S1 vs The Wolf Among Us S1

The Walking Dead, that season 1 was just incredible, no other words describe it really.
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Re: The Walking Dead S1 vs The Wolf Among Us S1

I've only played 3 episodes of The Wolf Among Us but I already know that I like it more than TWD. TWD S1 was overall pretty boring tbh.
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Re: The Walking Dead S1 vs The Wolf Among Us S1

Having completed both games, I can say that I preferred The Walking Dead Season 1 over The Wolf Among Us, albeit not by much. Both series had me on the edge of my seat and gritting my teeth, but Walking Dead made me feel more emotion during its story, and brought me to tears several times as the events unfolded.

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Re: The Walking Dead S1 vs The Wolf Among Us S1

So far in the story overall I have to give it to Walking Dead. To think that a game with caliber on dialogue, characters and story would been the driving force of the game created to this extent? Well i honestly haven't been moved by a game like this this since Metal know games that actually make you relate to your characters on actual human level? Instead of making it into another boring zombie shooter they focused on stuff that matters. I also liked that they actually made the world a really harsh place with no anti T viruses to cure the bitten and that there is no where to escape the zombie hordes, no safe havens, no nothing which makes everything come of so semi realistic....throw the rules out of the window and you have walking dead.

Now as for Wolf Among us I really liked it too but I dunno all that Edge they gave to fairy tale characters...dunno if everything was so accurate. Still a good experience. Almost made me wish that I read the novels and whatnot to catch up with he background. It seems there is so much backstory that you aren't aware off just playing them. I still enjoyed it though.
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