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Could you book TNA better than TNA?

Just was wondering as everybody tries to rip the product by ripping who is doing creative. If you were the man on top of the food chain would you be able to do better than the current guys? Many people think it's easy or that TNA is trying to suck, when they are trying to make entertaining telivision.
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Re: Could you book TNA better than TNA?

It's a learned skill for sure. Not everyone can do it. There's a million things to think about. For one, you can't always book what you want. Some people won't go for it, the wrestlers, the company, the TV execs. People get injured.

You have to book a few for yourself and a few for "Them." This is something all artist struggle with. What's your audience? Your audience might like things that you don't. How much should you cater to the public and how much of your booking should be based on your own self expression?

I like to think I'd be good at it. I understand story structure, I'm not dogmatic about the roles of pro wrestlers. I would love to play on old cliches. And more than anything, I would constantly be starting new angles and wrapping up old ones. I'd look at every month as a new chapter. Very few feuds would last more than one PPV.

But there's no way to tell, in the end. Except to get involved with the wrestling industry. I plan to start my own promotion at a later point in my life. But until then, it's fun to talk about.

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Re: Could you book TNA better than TNA?

For those that believe they can bless your hearts.
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Re: Could you book TNA better than TNA?




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Re: Could you book TNA better than TNA?

Not enough Sex for a Non-PG show.

Not differentiated from WWE.

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No, and that goes to about 95% of this forum too. Yeah i have read some pretty good ideas her, i've put in my 2 cents as well but thats about it

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Re: Could you book TNA better than TNA?

A retarded monkey could book better than tna.

That being said, as long as lagana is involved I have hope.
in a funny story court Bauer and gabe sapolsky were both recommended to tna in the past and tna passed on both of them.

Oh what could have been.

I'm still counting on you Dave, save us.
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Dog Shit > Impact Wrestling
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Re: Could you book TNA better than TNA?

Most of this site could.

How do you think bookers learn how to book ?, it's wrestling not rocket science.

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Re: Could you book TNA better than TNA?

Most of this site would flame out in 2 months tops. Having 2 good ideas doesn't mean you can write a television show for a career or manage the personalities that come with every business and profession. Stick to the Be the Booker section and the daily "29 changes TNA should make" thread.

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Re: Could you book TNA better than TNA?

No and that goes for most people on here. There is so many things bookers have to deal with and to be honest most people would have a nervous breakdown. You have to deal with egos of wrestlers, injuries, releases, and higher ups all screwing with your ideas. Also it is easy to have a good idea but to be able to use it and make it work is a completely different thing. Also being able to have longevity is hard as well. Most people would have writers block within weeks.

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